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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


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Phase Three is both the epitome of what Phase Two is about, as well as it is its negator: Stability meets chaos and smooth forms meet the breakdown of all self-imposed rules and restrictions, topics will widen and include new areas. This is a phase of experimenting again, but this time with roots already established, with a background already created. It is a phase of contrasts and oppositions, but also of negotiating between extreme ends. The color is red, a bloody and unnerving red.

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Phase Three - Chaos kai Nomos: Chaos and Order (91 poems, 90 En., 1 Fr.)
Group 13: Circumscriptio
reality, religion, insanity
9 English poems, 1999-2000
Group 14: Fluctuatio
emotionality, reality, conventions
20 English poems, 1999-2000
Group 15: Obfuscatio
sublimity, terror, horror
10 English poems, 2000
Group 16: Locutio
emotionality, insanity, infatuation
11 English poems, 2001
Group 17: Meditatio
emotionality, insanity, spirituality
17 English poems, 2001-
Group 18: Dimissio
insanity, spirituality, finality
24 English/French poems, 2001-2002

Transitional Poems between Phases Three and Four:

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
16911.24G17 Meditatio     C2 Definition 8 S15: Masquerade 12/31/01 3043
16211.17G17 Meditatio     C2 Definition 1 Sum 09/19/01 131
15911.14G19 Pranah Pranah     C1 Encounters 1 Streak 07/30/01 150
15611.11G16 Locutio     C3 Miens 3 S13: Peripety 09/08/01 1200
15411.09G16 Locutio     C2 Dreamscapes 3 S12: Sleepwalker 06/19/01 4449
15311.08G16 Locutio     C3 Miens 1 Near and Far 04/26/01 188
14611.01G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 1 The Beginning 01/01/01 78

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