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The Frontier: Models and Constructions
Post-Structuralism: Constructions *
US Slavery: Konstruktion und Dekonstruktion der Sklaverei *
Seminar Handouts:
Emerson. "The American Scholar"
Essays: General Discussion
1. Extraterrestrial Life. SF Scenarios and UFOs.
2. The Fabric of Reality. Physics and Post-structuralism.
3. Intertwined. Deconstruction and Fiction.
4. Telos and Essence. Deconstruction and Fate.
5. Masks and Judgement. Deconstruction and Chaos.
6. The Fabric of Reality Revisited. Perception and Transcendence.
7. The Truman Show Discussed. Ethics and Reality.
8. Webs of Deception. Constructions and Ideology.
Essays: Popular Culture
Dark Matters. Good and Evil, Prophecies and Fate.
Star Trek Races. Thoughts on Star Trek's Aliens.
Diary Entries:
see Topical Thread "Random Thoughts"

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