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The Essays & Papers section consists of papers written for my studies, in the subjects of History and American Studies, and of essays, some of them produced in connection with my subjects of study, some having only a loose, if any, connection to these subjects. It is thus a rather mixed section, only loosely fitting into the general topic of this site, which is, to approach the "unexplained" - as introduced in the Prologue posted below.

November 2nd, 1998 / April 5th, 2001


The unexplained. A concept that would make us all feel very different about it, that would some of us make embrace it, some of us don't care, some of us fear it. A concept so near and far towards reality, a concept so filled with emotions, with people having been trying to define those emotions for millennia, trying to define as well the un-explained as well as their emotions towards it; a concept filled mostly with tears of despair. Well, I guess that's why it is still unexplained.

Can one define what by its very definition cannot be defined? Yes, in a way. One can define it, but only in the way that one can try to explore the borders of this realm of uncertainty. But this de-finition, this attempt to actually grasp it, will remain fruitless - for each answer will reveal new questions. Otherwise, how would it be possible for us, with all our technology, that we still have no 'scientific' answers to problems our ancestors dealt with some centuries and millennia ago?

Is it a matter of resignation to simply accept the idea that we are not supposed to know everything? Yes, if our answer meant that we would stop searching. No, if we continued our search. But we have to accept that not everything will be within our ability to grasp it, in fact we have to develop models to help us understand. This is what science has been about since the very beginning: To find the means to reduce a complex concept to a more simple idea we can deal with. The basis for that kind of science is most often called mathematics, the realm of logic and cause-and-effect.

But then there is not only science. The search for answers, the search for the truth, is not possible without believing in the very existence of a 'truth'. One needs faith to be able to go on this search, faith that would be like a source of energy, like a reason to live. For what would be a life if one had no comprehension of the possibilities on the way? We have to find this reason very soon in our lives - and blessed are those who have found it. This reason might change, might even become larger, but this faith is our fuel, our psychological and philosophical fuel that tells us to continue to live. But the reason has to be justifiable, there is no reason behind crime, but there is reason behind compassion.

This is not a question of actually believing in Roswell-aliens, this is about the very possibility, about basic belief in something that can't be grasped with science. Of course there are things that remain unexplained, remain unexplained by some people because they do not want to say the truth, do not want to accept the truth, even if they know it, and who lie on purpose because of their own profit or agenda. This kind of stuff is not the unexplained that I want to write about. This is a kind of search in itself; a voyage to the stars, a look into the faces of the unexplained. This voyage will be accompanied by science fiction, as science fiction is a common way to pursue this search. Let us explore the final frontiers...

June 13th, 1998

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