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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


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  1. Exuberatio
  2. Exitium
  3. Expiatio

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This group started as a continuation of Group 11 in certain lines of thought. The premise, however, has shifted drastically since then, in terms of both content and form.

Till then, my English poems had been rather short, as a result, somehow, of insecurity, and already established writing traditions of my own. But for my 100th poem, not without reason called Centum, that had to change. Such a number has to stand out, has to make a difference. Thus I adopted the structure already established for my two syllogies in Category 9.2 (the term "syllogies" - of course - not yet being established): A five-part structure, plus a prologue and an epilogue. Thematically, this poem would constitute an even more drastic change: The introduction of Asian religious elements, mainly coming from Hinduism and Buddhism. This has been an even bigger step, a departure from the Christian-only creed, as visible most drastically in Group 4.

Thus the group-closer Requiem, following the same structure, was given a different basis, and it could then stand in contrast to the opposing end, Centum, thereby, through this opposition, aiming for a seeking the middle path, for a union of thought, for a compromise between two religious strands of mine.

Yet the more important of the three syllogies in this group is the one in the middle, it is the trend-setter for the entire concept of Phase Three, which had been invented in the aftermath especially of this poem, Breakdown, spawning also two "sequels" or rather continuations, or even conjugations in this case, Broke down and Broken down.

May 31st, 1999 / June 21st, 2001

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 13: Circumscriptio
9 English poems, 1999-2000

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 13.3 - Expiatio
11410.01G13 Circumscriptio     C3 Expiatio 3 S6: Requiem 01/20/00 4695
14110.28G13 Circumscriptio     C3 Expiatio 2 White 12/30/00 110
113 9.23G13 Circumscriptio     C3 Expiatio 1 Millennia 12/31/99 98
up Category 13.2 - Exitium
104 9.14G13 Circumscriptio     C2 Exitium 3 S5: Breakdown 07/13/99 1100
107 9.17G13 Circumscriptio     C2 Exitium 2 Evasions 08/01/99 91
106 9.16G13 Circumscriptio     C2 Exitium 1 No Way In 08/01/99 157
up Category 13.1 - Exuberatio
100 9.10G13 Circumscriptio     C1 Exuberatio 3 S4: Centum 09/11/99 3527
105 9.15G13 Circumscriptio     C1 Exuberatio 2 Sunset 08/01/99 174
101 9.11G13 Circumscriptio     C1 Exuberatio 1 Changing Skies 04/01/99 91

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