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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


Category 2: Dreamscapes

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  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Sleepcatcher
  3. Syllogy XII: Sleepwalker

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Phil John Kneis:


Eichwalde, March 24th, 2001 - P#151

Some dreams
I just need some dreams,
So please, do catch'em for me,
Catch some nice dreams for me.
The sleep they shalt guide
And hope to incite
And filling the heart
With you for a start
And taking me where
I'd never than fared
And never so dared -
Oh, dreams, just go on
Forever entice me
For ever invite me
And night, dearest feller,
And night, sweet seduction,
Go on, start your myst'ry,
Go on, let the sleep sip in
And pleasure portray
With horror so shaking
The world we now enter
A diff'rent one be -
A better, perhaps,
But diff'rent'd be splendid

And down through the canyons
The water now flowing
The answers within
Now carrying
And so, goes it on,
I plea you,
Leave the evil spirits far outside.
Good ones, access grant now quickly -
All's so dreamy, strange an asking,
Sight so blurred intentiously,
Do the last thing, purify the body now,
Right in time, and hurry now in
As the sleep own minions now calls
And through longest corridors now marching
Draw you in, into this plot,
Read not! Really? Follow THEM
Let your vision lose its forms,
Follow lines from up till down
March with them - who - march and join them
Marching right into the sleep
Sleep's abyss and sleepy hollow

Hollow all down here - and stark,
Fragments just come back,
To sight, once,
Memories which incomplete,
Stating all that what remains
As a joke, and crazy-talk
From dreams deep down
Unconscious things they
March their way and make
Your future now so clear -
So clear in most obscurity
A clearness of dichotomy
And all so learnt
Oh, what the ... -
Just don't give a damn
Let's just join in
Join in this crazy train
Following the rotten road to sleep
And dreaming there
Our lives we dream.

Ain't walking now
Just falling t'wards an aim
Just need directions, in-between,
The flight sets in
And takes me there
Safely, lines blurred,
And melting all
Vision lost
Around it all
Take a breath
Just do it
Oh my
I'm fading away
And it all
Is going into me myself

March 24th, 2001

Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, April 7th, 2001 - P#152

So wait now and stay
A moment just grant here
And thoughts let seep in
And all that's now coming
Now flowing inside you
And caught in this limbo
Of dreams to commence
Of sleep, now so dared for,
And work leave behind
Don't think about this
Don't think about that
And all of these things
ta pragmata oudena eisin
No sense there is - no sense there'll be
The paper here, just grasp it now
And watch the ballpen slide accross it
Just watch its path, and watch the script
The manu-script, by hand here made,
The head, the eyes, now down just put,
Down, to the bottom of this page
Do you see it? It's like Star Wars credits,
Only running t'wards you
And all it'll get even stranger
Whenst out of focus letst your eyes
No sense this scribbeling now make -
And all I did here, was just wait -
Just wait for sleep now
To set in
And now it comes -
Comes it not?
Dream-catcher, work!
And this, finally,
Will be,
Must be,
The End,

April 7th, 2001

Phil John Kneis:

Eichwalde / Zeuthen / Berlin, May 10th, 2001 - June 19th, 2001 - P#154

also available: a print-optimized version (PDF, 137 KB)

Rated R




And all now in quiet
And calm just now all
And quiet and calm
And calmness descending
And falling now down
In slowest a moving
The shapes now it covers
And holds them and bears them
And leads them to sleep
And leads them to simmer
And lull them to death
And morphia like
The sleep just sets in
And double-talk all
And double my sight
And double, not drunken,
And dark now and weak
And all just now goes
And I am away.



Brightest daylight all so burning
Blood once silent now so turning
Down the raving lane of asking
Down the street which knows no end -
Down this path of if and whether
Down this alley of the flesh
All it now for highest answer,
Highest cause, now suffocates
All the questions posed out loudly
Burning bright in brightest glare
White this all, a white of screaming
Screming loud and just get heard -
Just get hurt and not look back now
All this light just should expose -
And should uncover what's below it
B'low it all and blow it off.

All the asking now gets lost
All too obvious a yearning,
All too unallowed this course -
All the screaming now so heard
All the poking 'round so seen -
Nothing here gets done in fact,
All too bright
And all so fake inside it all -
Just so clashs it, burns it out -
Turns to dust, this child of dark.

And the cause another seeming
And the cause now silent screaming -
All the answers lost to blood
Highest words in lowest meaning -
All the beauty here gets burned
All sublimity outgunned -
And the truth by light so blinded
Sharpest edges just confuse
Light and Dark and Shadows all
Just to nothingness succumb.

// //
Destruction's white
And white of asking
White of death and white of terror
White the eye that opens wide
White the face of darkest might
White of snow that covers death -
White of days which now crushed down.

// / //
White a noise now here descending
All in whitest screams now bending
Turning all to bleakest havoc
White a menace now here pounding
White a test that pass you won't
That pass you shan't
And whiteness lost
To colors full
And colors bright -
And white an empire gets lost
White a kingdom to decay
White a death-inducing spell
White of death and white of lies
White a noise that's lost now soon
All the colors to succumb
All the faces to confuse
All now melts
All blood is one.

/// ///
All in sleep now cast upon us
All in dreams now to appear
All the boundaries now lost
All the sleep now lulls to calm
All the sleep now makes here see
All in sleep here walk together
Dreams are sights of truth deep down
Dreams deep down all white consume
And drown all noise
In soothing tones
And make the stuff outside just go
And white an overflow of senses
Not to breach
And break just down
Broke it down in dreams so past
Broken down again it be
All the colors now break in
All the brightness that's so fake
All the skinny surface break
All it now to truth return
All it now
Shall fade to black.


The silence now
Slows down it all
And in its grasp
The speed all lost
And all now quiet,
Rest it here -
Rest you here -
And like a graveyard's silence
Or prophecy
Or just a picture now
That stirs
That may just see
Not fate
Not consequence
Not what's to come
And slowly all
Is set here still
And not a movement made
No turn
And not a finger moved
And now
In this silence
In this stillness
In this slowness
To find
A final time.



Black of night
And black of space
And blackest face
That holds the stars
And guides the sunlight
Guides the light
And darkest space now
Seen in dreams
And darkest blackness
Soothing so
And lulls you in
And holds you tight
So caringly
And space a carrier of all
And dreams in space will see their call
And space a future
Future black
And future bright
And both united
Form the matter
Matter seen
And matter hidden
Matter known
And matter dark
Now unforbidden.

And all so cleverly then schemed
And all by eulogies so themed
And all in discourse, speech, all set
And all in shadow's race now seen
And fast a race
Destroys the stillness
Of this game
And moves now forward
Blackest night
And brightest stars
The scheme in here
And black with white
And white with black
Is now just one
There is no light
Without the darkness
Darkness then
Needs light as contrast
Thus within
It's all the same
And all connected
All constructed
White is black
And black is white
And all is grey
And Maya just.

In all its scope
And all its asking
All its quest -
The white of stars
A single state
And isolate
And lonely so
Immersed in black
And bleakest space
Connected thus
Through nothingness,
And holds the matter
Deep within
And positive
With negative
Is neutral just
And light creates
Is to create
Creating then
Annihilates -
Newest space
And newest race
Is set to start.

// //
And further now
The game us takes
And newest places
Newest scope
And newest targets
Soon now seen
And fiction science to become
And science fiction is outdone
And culture's fictions
Soon defied
And need new answers
Need new colors
Need a splitting
Of the light
And rainbow's colors like
Then all
In future's grasp
The game to call
The bank to show
And bluff at death
And cheat her out -
And man's a mage who wins it all
If not then falls he to his call
A call of fiction
Call of dreams

// / //
And call for everything, it seems -
But hidden here
The truth inside
A different sight
And equalizer altogether
Brings us death -
And brings us life
Beginnings then
Anew are seen
Beginnings here
A different scheme
And what once true so seen
Just then
Phase one just been,
And what was seen
A truth within
All mixed with fakes -
And new now all
To be

/// ///
And black of night
Has caught again
And caught us all
In sleep so stark
And sleep so weak
And sleep so strong
And dreams inside -
And dreams deep down
The race reveal
The race create
The race define -
And fiction soon
Too real to be
And fears and fantasies take over
Fundamental wishes seen
And wish-belief
Becomes religion
And fear-belief
Itself the pit
Religious zeal
Destroys it all:
A fiercest killer,
Strikes all down
And kills the life
Of all involved.

/// / ///
And man's a killer
Darkest beast
Enslaves it all
Exploits the fiction
Makes it true
And forces all
Into their scheme -
And nature's lost
And nature's his
His nature's lost
His nature's gone
And cedes to fiction of the mind
And fiction cold and bright like steel
And plastic all
So fragile this
And artifices here so built
But nature still
Predates it all
And predatory just like man
Primeval force
Will set it free
Prime evil here
Destroyed will be.

//// ////
And resurrected
Once again
And man's a hero
Sublime a creature
Thus all is one
And different surfaces
Don't hold
And man's a creature of the mind
The darkest burden
Brightest gift
But all now sleeps
And all's in stasis
Movement's lost
And still the silence
Still this thought
And motioned pictures of the mind
And motioned dreams
And babble-talk
Just like a bubble
Breaks it down
And light it breaks
To colors all
And speed just then
Is soon to rise
And entropy
Increased again.


Slowly walking
Down the lane
Down the land of madness almost
Down the lane of broken wishes
Broken words
And promises
Broken past in present's scope
Broken dreams
Just now returning
Broken everything that lived
Broken all
That built forever -
Last forever
Nothing will
Nothing here to matter bound
Slowly moving
Answers pounding
Answers asking
To arrive
And end this quest
For dreams so new.



Velvet curtain opens wide
Blue a velvet, draws now open
Brightest screen behind so hidden
Brightest blue in brightest light
Flickers up, and flickers down,
Blue, erratic, lightning-like
Strikes it down and lights it all
Bluely tainted,
Blue it feels,
Feeling blue inside just so
All the lights but left me so
All the thoughts are lost in space
Lost in time
And lost to dreams
Dreamy, go I to the place
Place of sorrows deepest all
Deepest water, made of tears,
Tears deep down then searching so
Tears deep down are
What I find.

Feel it all around you so
Water coming from all edges
Water taking back your breath
Motion's lost to standing still
May you spin or may you stand -
Not a place to go, it's night
Daylight not the surface showing
Dark it all around you now
Swim you may and dive and fly
Rise or float or sink just now -
Motion here not relevant
Motion's so but last an option
Final consequence don't count
All inverted
All perverted
All in deepest blue
So lost.

Deepest water
Deepest darkness
Deepest pit you're moving in
Walk like lost
In sleep you now
Sleep a drowning force, sedating,
Deepest pit then pushed you in
Nothing here of true a calling
Nothing here deserves a name
Shadows just
And bits and pieces
All so filled
With question marks
Just pretentions
Hollow shapes
And hollow quest -
For all's too big
Too deep
Too strong
And ridiculed by this
You are.

// //
Just a question in the night
Fellow worlds not found, stay hidden
Blue this surface, blue of water
Blue of hopes that now destroyed -
Blue is all I see right here
Not the sky, unclouded, clear,
Not a pond in brightest lighting
Not the sea with open air
Not the color of her eyes
Just the color of the curtain
As it now
Must close again
All a play it was, pretentious,
Just preposterous a game
Thought it big
And heavy-minded
But so empty all just so
Nice a view
And nice a picture
But the truth
I won't find here.


Speed so slow once
Faster so
Images so wildly pounding
Images too fake now sounding
And in all coincidence
Silence lost
And not returns it
Not the slightest turn then making
Not the slightest voice gets heard -
All here smashed, destroyed, inverted
All in darkest moods so floating
Not a sound
No hope remains
Moderation has no use
This never'll be
This never was -
Live or die
Or win or lose -
Nothing else
Will hold here true.



Trees once lonely, naked, dying
Here so teeming now with life
Twigs and branches leaves now carry
Green a world here has unfolded
Green a sea of leaves of grass
Green oasis in this desert
Deserts but run deep within
Desert ground below this all
Cold a stone, and sand its children
Carries all which runs above
Green a surface, black the soil -
Green and blue and white - outside,
From the outside looking in,
Glowing window in the darkness
Bright a spot so lost in all -
So hard a word
So wrong a question
Posed to size.

Wild, imposing,
All's a minion of life
All's subjected to its beauty
All in its own cruelty held
All's just serving life's machine
All's a feeder to be fed
All's a breeder to be bred
All's a seer to be seen
All's a sleeper to awaken -
All's of energy to charge
All's of might and dark just same -
Not the words here point to meaning
Meaning points right back to them
Not a sense
And not a question
Discourse just
And speech it all
And my self and I and me
Just so broken down by talking
Not a source they find here ever
Just around them

ta - ta - ta - ta
Goes the sound
Goes the sound of music drumming
Music drumming in my ears
Music sounding from the past
Past a work that's been recorded
Past a life
So present now
Past achievement
Here so vivid
Here so living
Here so burning
Down to all
And the truth to tell, where is it?
Time's so lost, and tense no use
Time's no use in sleep at all
Future's shadows shape the present
Present lives
By past a pounding
Guided just
Each day anew.

// //
Like a flame that's burning out
Like a sound that's fading so
Like the colors of the sky
Going away
Just at dusk
Fade to black
And won't return -
And dawn's a witness to distress
What's between, just nothingness -
Just a sleep that's dreamt each night?
Just a dream-world to collide?
Just a mystery that's none?
Green the fields to see out there
Green the planet's surface so
Green the blood - perhaps - somewhere
Green of people
Soylent green
Soylent green is people?

// / //
Time's fed up with things, I feel it,
Time's a thing that's running out
Never ever will it cease
Either run
Or not at all -
Just a running down the line
Or just nothing quite a concept
Faster, slower, doesn't matter
How to count it - oh, come on!
Through the ages, myths so woven
And millennia so past -
And millennia so passed -
All's just plot
And all's just ploy
All's a fiction - truth or lie,
Should I care?
Written down, or spoken, gone,
't'needs a voice to tell a thing -
Voices then
With liars come.

/// ///
Liars all - and truth they tell
Liars as they see their own
See their truth
And need perspective -
Truth it all in sleep-like trance
Truth's a light that comes in shades
Truth's a shadow-world,
A dungeon,
Down the valley of the dead,
Down the alley of the wounded,
Down the streets of walking zombies -
Find a man me that's alive!
Find a man who's just his own,
Find a man who's not a spectacle, a lense,
Find a man - or woman, 'f course, -
Find a wo/man to begin with
But you won't, you can't, you shan't -
All's a copy of a copy
No originals

/// / ///
Covered once by green the grass so
Graveyards everywhere you stand
Graves of past, of present, future,
Graves of human, creature, plant,
Graves around you, all so deep,
Earth's a graveyard to begin with -
Full of ghastly, odd reflections
Ghosts from ages past now haunt you
Ghosts from other places, too, most likely,
All's now carried to within
All's united now in death -
Life from death in tightest union
Now to surge
And now to try
Now to take it's course - again -
Green the fields
To grow upon.

//// ////
Texts so old you can't imagine
Textures old and new at once
Strange a thing and known as much
Not a thing will stay just sane
Not a thing will stay the same
Not a thing will alter ever -
And beyond what known, just see,
To the stars
And to the planets
Just might find you there what's dreamt of
Little men so gray or green, or big, to start with,
Alien - what word is this?
All's so known
And nothing new
And in all our enterprises
All just found are new disguises -
Strange a making
Strange my ass
Just the other
The opposing other
An alien nation
We may just be
In dreams
In the dark
Past our graves
All the green meadows
Turning to blood.


Sleep so daringly confided
Dreams confronted, yet in vain
Symbols fade
And signs in faking
a aa i and A B C [1]
Nothing here
Signifiers now just dead
Breaks it down
Inside my mind
Dreams the battlefield to watch
Sleep the time
And walk we here
Sleep the place
And walk we must
Sleep the mode
And all concerned
And all involved
Just share this dream
And maya - illusion all
And not a clue
And not a hope
Will here remain
And green a surface
Won't now fool you:
Life is just another game
Another ploy
The plot of all -
And see it now,
And here it now:
For done
Is all.

ta ta
taa taa
tay tay
raam raam
Mind the music
Mind the rhythm
Mind the flow of things
It all
ta ta taa ram
ta ta taa raam
ta ta taa taa
ta ta tay tay
taa tay fa cet
ta ta taa et
om nis per tur
ban tes taa taa
ta ta ta ta taa ta ca - and
tunc ta ta et nunc ta ta
in ul ti ma ta ho ra ta
tê - the ho ram nunc ta ta ta vi de
ho ram su per am nunc sur get
taa taa tay ta ta
non ta hic ta sen ta su ta ap ta pa ta ren ta te ta
pantes - all ta ta n'all your
Deeds now ta ta ta ta scre - e - em now!
Give just ta ta e ta e ta eam
And all this
Et a ni ma
kai pant de nun - and all but now
taa taa taa taa
taa taa ta ta ta ta
All a pro cess here now like then
No thing here ex pec tay d seem ing
All in T.W.I.N.E.d with maa dness so
symbols lost and shatter down now
Bleak this haze of in- bet ween
Green of life that now seems lost
Black of night and darkness coming
White of day and light so burning
Blue of solitude and calm
Red of blood, a blood now turning

maya - illusion all and is to be
karman - deed, karma never we shall flee
dharma - the law, duty, way of life all around us so
ta ta taa raam
raamah - Rama - raajyam - kingdom

Dreams here dreamt
A place us showing
Talking faces
Talking stones
Talking bed
And want us knowing
Deepest darkness to begin
Deepest dark, urge, dreaming, kin
Deepest flow in shallow'st water
Overturns the channels known
Overflows the gorges all
Just the music
Will remain
Music here
Of might just seeming
And no daylight here
Let in
And ta ta all
Which made sense then
Letters, syllables just trash
And can't constrain
What's not in them
There never was
And never'll be.

Hear the music now that's playing
Playing here of times so far
Places far and heroes rising
Desert world
Deserted all
The Green has gone
And sounds consume
It all around
Of dunes a sound
A sound of darkness
Sound of light
Of comprehension here so lost. [2]

taa taa ta taa-aa
Now, all's in past
Now all's just gone
Now, all's in pain
Now, all's in stun -
Phantoms are we
Phantoms we all
Nothing here stays
Dunes just of dust
Now it begins
Now it must end
End here with all
End here and live -
Death's end is near
Death's end I fear
Death is so calm
Calm so and safe
All it so known
Death final step
Nothing - that's easy -
Something - but what?
Fear you, small mind,
Fear you what's there -
Fear not - you'll live
Dreams will now come
Dreams will then find you
Dreams will suffice -
Dreams all consume here
Dreams see you rise -
All's now so dark
All's now so bright
Signs do not matter
Signs are all fake
Trust not the words
Trust not the text
Trust just your heart
Trust just your feeling
Trust then this end
Trust will it stop
Trust will it make
Make till you drop -
See you not, dear,
See you the flames
Flames from above
Flames from beyond
Morphia is out
Sleep will subside
See you once more
See through your fight
And now go on
Go through the gate -
Fate now awaits
Love now to seek
karman - deed, karma will tell
Levels to seek
Levels to play
Till in The End
All then stands still
Transcend you just might
And end then this plight
This sleep-walking mare.



Death now speaking through this mask
Through this mask of burning crimson
Crimson red and bright like fire
Burning down like blood inside
Burning deep in all my senses
Burning, killing all alive,
Red this blood - and death its name
Game's now set - and all now pounding
Red the color for this fight
Battlefields it is we see
Battlefields our deeds have told
Through the ages, through the regions
All's just blood and bone and weapons
War's a game that needs no training
Needs no guns and heavy arms -
War's a mind-set, war's a plot,
War's in thinking, not in acts -
Us and them - and I and you -
Blood will pour -
Not mine, of course.

Present, past and future one,
Things don't change, don't alter ever -
Persons agents not, just objects,
Time stands still while things go on
Single place holds all events
All subsumed in instant place
Celtics, Saxons, Romans meet,
Add then English, French and Vikings -
Battlefields then mix, collide,
All then natives both and gringos
Ghosts of past will always stay
Fill the field
The field of dreams
The fields of fire
Dreamscapes all
And sleepy past
Past so dream-like, all selective
Fiction all - and real an aspect
Real the mind which wrote it all?
Real the general of past?
Real the empire back then?
Real the writer then? Oh, please!
"Real"'s a word so full of lies,
So full of hopes and false pretentions,
Full of masks all built in speech.

Red the rivers full of blood
Red the earth so touched with life
Red the tears this sight incites
Red of blood, a single color,
Single entity this is -
Color's red, not white, not black,
Carries life by every pulse
Carries all we've learned to cherish
Carries all humanity
And our soul, this strangest gift,
All through it now pounds and sings
Has it not now traveled far,
Has it not now reached an end,
And hopefully, will rise to higher,
Yet unknown a state next time -
Precious soul, and precious body,
Precious union quite so perfect -
Both are one
And neither, different -
Separated, body's dead,
Separated, soul's so lost
Lost to forces not quite known
Lost to forces high transcendent
Quite unseen
And altering.

// //
And dream-like all now seen in hind-sight
Dream-like past and sleepy almost
Past a tense of made beginnings,
Past a tense of truth constructed
Past like future distant so
Moving now
Just like in fog
Clear we see what near and known
Distant other so obscured
May we look now back or forth -
Doesn't matter, need not care -
Moving now, that's what we must,
That's what just happens, has to be,
The knowledge thought once to be kept
Will flee our hands and empty them -
And time's all lost, and all's the same -
The same in all its fiction-ness
The same in all we do not see -
And now we walk
In dreams to come
And sleep-like trance
And walking sleep
In sleep so walking

// / //
And dreams deep down a mystery
And dreams deep down quite all we see -
N'all dreams the truth so hidden all,
So masterly, and gracefully,
What now so hidden, backlash may,
What now unseen, may come then back
Return to might
Just might return
And haunt once more
The blood just dried
The peace retained
The answers gained - in wish-belief
And faith's the hardest thing to keep,
Not even mean I piousness,
Not even "ortho"-doxy's grasp -
Just faith, a spirit-sense and knowing,
Holding on to things seen true,
Holding on to wishful longing
Yearning so
For things to stay
The same somehow
In proven paths
Believed just quite.

/// ///
Time's a slayer all so dark
Time's a slayer of the ages
Slaying hopes and dreams and places
Slaying relevance of now
Slaying death and birth at all -
Time's own scope the walk determines
Time's own scope the single crushes
Time's own scope just doesn't care
And can't - and won't - and never has
And maya - illusion all here so to seem
Illusion, powerful, and strongest -
A dream will stay
Destroyers we
In sleep-like trance
And builders we
Just equally
Illusion fuels us
Makes believe us all along
Makes believe us what defines us
Makes believe the world as such
Break the dream - then dead you are
Sleep's the state, unconscious almost,
Sleeping, keep ignoring all,
Make false facts in talking so
Make assumptions all you want -
Context all and text and speech
Essence, soul, so everywhere
And lies in all
Just one, transcendent,
Tiny parts a whole here forming
Walk together
In their sleep
Walk the ages
Walk through blood
Waltz the universe
The living
Sleep reveals its double-talk
Dreams deep down
Are just beginning.


What so seen in dreams deep down
Hidden stay and covered mostly
Trance-like all reality
What so seen
Both over now
And will continue
And wake you might to harsh a thought-world
Harsh a bleakness
Colors fade in sleep so well
Speed so lost - and all, is none
And all what remains
Just chaos here so
And sense is a shadow
You never should seek
And never presume
And poems that were
The thoughts of the past
The poem at hand
Now present, soon gone
The poems to come
Will past soon become
And time, passing all,
Outlives our lives
And ridicules all
And isn't at all -
And calmness returns
And haze now adjourns
The sleepwalker now
Be put into place
And discourse unfolded
Enfolded again
And put back to sleep
To dreams deep down.


Yin and Yang

June 19th, 2001

Endnotes for this Category


[1] Vivace: Remarks on the Devanagari/Sanskrit letters. The transliteration is added to each syllable/word as a commentary, it can be read while pointing on it. With some exceptions, all sanskrit syllables used here are just used as musical elements, without a literal sense.
The syllables used are the following:
ta - "ta", taa - "taa", tay - "tay", raam - "raam", maa - "maa", naa - "naa",
And the initial letters of the alphabet:
a - short "a", aa - long "aa", i - short "i",
The words used are the following:
ca - and - "ca [cha]" (and, enclit.)
maya - illusion - "maya" (illusion),
karman - deed, karma - "karman" (deed, karma),
dharma - right path/rule - "dharma" (the law, duty, way of life)
raamah - Rama - "Rama" (7th incarnation of Vishnu),
raajyam - kingdom - "raajyam" (kingdom, reign)
And my signature:
philjohn - that's "Phil John Kneis" rendered in Devanagari.

[2] The following stanza follows the rhythm and music of Toto's Theme for David Lynch's 'Dune', track 2 on the soundtrack album. You may listen to a sound clip via the respective page at

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