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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


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  1. Haesitatio
  2. Inclinatio
  3. Declinatio

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Group 15 is mainly the disturbing aftermath to Group 14, the shock of change and the impact of Klimax being clearly visible. It is also a close continuation and sister to its predecessor, with Fuga and Klimax having been written partly simultaneously, and Broke Down originally being intended as the category closer for category 14.2.

The love poetry constituting the bulk of non-syllogy material in this group has now lost its positive outlook, describing the feeling of being hurt, of being left alone, discarded, trying to cope with the loss, and looking for analysis and redefinition. Broke Down is the epitome of that in this group.

Fuga stands out as my first attempt modeled very closely after a literary precursor, a short story by Joyce Carol Oates. It thus follows an own logic, less influenced by the development in the love poetry, but also drawing from the discourse of the sublime carried out in Klimax.

The End is not just the end of that group, nor of the love poetry line, but much more a cleaning the slate for the new year, for the new millennium (in a mathematical sense). Phases One and Two are being closed shortly before the end of the year, older projects either terminated or finished, so that after The End can come The Beginning.

September 5th, 2000 / June 21st, 2001

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 15: Obfuscatio
10 English poems, 2000

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 15.3 - Declinatio
14510.32G15 Obfuscatio     C3 Declinatio 3 S10: The End 12/31/00 1137
14410.31G15 Obfuscatio     C3 Declinatio 2 See 12/31/00 98
14010.27G15 Obfuscatio     C3 Declinatio 1 That Voice 12/29/00 71
up Category 15.2 - Inclinatio
13510.22G15 Obfuscatio     C2 Inclinatio 4 S9: Broke Down 12/27/00 1232
13910.26G15 Obfuscatio     C2 Inclinatio 3 All My Thoughts 11/22/00 54
13810.25G15 Obfuscatio     C2 Inclinatio 2 Limbo 11/20/00 78
13710.24G15 Obfuscatio     C2 Inclinatio 1 How Can It Be 10/25/00 95
up Category 15.1 - Haesitatio
13010.17G15 Obfuscatio     C1 Haesitatio 3 S8: Fuga 12/27/00 3130
13410.21G15 Obfuscatio     C1 Haesitatio 2 Fake 09/13/00 79
13110.18G15 Obfuscatio     C1 Haesitatio 1 Gone 09/05/00 72

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