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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


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  1. Initiations
  2. Dreamscapes
  3. Miens

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After The End, this group starts with something new, a new beginning - which lasts but for one poem only. Shortly after, the ridiculousness of that hope is revealed, and the discourse falls back into what's left from the past, leading to Broken Down, revealing the supposed change as an illusion.

The escape seen in sleep and dreams following that outburst will then - finally - culminate in something new, leaving behind the ghosts of the past for now. Sleepwalker very closely follows Centum, thus returning to the beginning of Phase Three, and, with Sleepwalker, invoking a sense of something else indeed, already leading over to Group 19 and The Woods.

January 1st, 2001 / June 21st, 2001

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 16: Locutio
11 English poems, 2001

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 16.3 - Miens
15611.11G16 Locutio     C3 Miens 3 S13: Peripety 09/08/01 1200
15511.10G16 Locutio     C3 Miens 2 Close 06/22/01 258
15311.08G16 Locutio     C3 Miens 1 Near and Far 04/26/01 188
up Category 16.2 - Dreamscapes
15411.09G16 Locutio     C2 Dreamscapes 3 S12: Sleepwalker 06/19/01 4449
15211.07G16 Locutio     C2 Dreamscapes 2 Sleepcatcher 04/07/01 180
15111.06G16 Locutio     C2 Dreamscapes 1 Dreamcatcher 03/24/01 368
up Category 16.1 - Initiations
15011.05G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 5 S11: Broken Down 05/02/01 4087
14911.04G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 4 Shut It Off 01/31/01 119
14811.03G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 3 Trapped in Time 01/21/01 170
14711.02G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 2 So Now Then 01/17/01 134
14611.01G16 Locutio     C1 Initiations 1 The Beginning 01/01/01 78

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