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  phase 1: ex archês


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Phase One is the beginning of my writing poems, it is the phase of oversized topics and blurred beginnings, yet also the beginning of finding fixed and steady forms and continuity. There is experimenting in the beginning, experimenting with not much in behind, it is not back to the roots but creating the roots. Mostly consisting of German poems, this group contains both my earliest and some later poems, being less humble but perhaps equally revealing. The color is green, the green of nature and life.

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Phase One - Ex Archês: In the Beginning (59 poems, 48 German and 11 English)
Group 1: Progressio
nature, ecology, progress
11 German poems, 1991-1997
Group 2: Transitio
death, good & evil, religion
15 German poems, 1995-1997
Group 3: Consideratio
freedom, thinking, asking
11 English poems, 1996-1997
Group 4: Laudatio
religion (Biblical topics)
9 German poems, 1996-1998
Group 5: Descriptio
nature, perception
6 German poems, 1993-1997
Group 6: Confictio
thinking, religion
7 German poems, 1997-1998

Transitional Poems between Phases One and Two:

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
53 7.15G08 Veritatio     C1 Fire 1 The Bridges That Burn04/07/97 104
72 7.34G10 Disputatio     C3 Conclusions 3 Fade to Black 08/06/97 832
75 7.37G09 Rogatio C2 Versatio 1 S2: Maskenball 10/05/97 1819
79 7.41G09 Rogatio C2 Versatio 2 S3: Species Fallax 12/22/97 2541
81 8.01G06 Confictio C2 Iudicium 2 Neubeginn 01/04/98 156

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