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continuation: 2000

Chronology 1999

up December 1999
12/31/1999Poem 13.3.1: Millennia
12/31/1999Poem 13.1.3: Centum
12/31/1999Diary entry #69 - Y2K
12/30/1999Movie Reviews #96: The Blair Witch Project
12/30/1999Movie Reviews #95: Random Hearts
12/30/1999Movie Reviews #94: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
12/30/1999Movie Reviews #93: The Thirteenth Floor
12/29/ newsletter - edition #2
12/28/1999Movie Reviews #92: The Straight Story
12/27/1999History Papers, Page 4: Slavery
12/27/1999New Layout (V 9.1, cont.) Pictures section page indexes
12/26/1999New Layout (cont.) general overhaul pt II - Pictures section (see 12/25/99)
12/25/1999New Layout (cont.) general overhaul pt I (except pictures section)- Subsequent Pages Navigation moved into right sidebar / new background / 600 width
12/19/1999Movie Reviews #91: The World is Not Enough (Bond #19)
12/11/1999New Layout (cont.) TV Shows Discussion refit / tv show reviews split up
12/07/1999New Layout (cont.) main page refit
12/05/1999New Layout (cont.) Links pages refit (split up into different pages)
12/04/1999New Layout (cont.) Pictures section start page refit
12/04/1999New Layout (cont.) Forum section refit (new start page)
12/04/1999New Layout (cont.) Diary section refit (new start page, indexes & foreword split up)
12/04/1999New Layout (cont.) Essays & Papers: aka title (faces of the unexplained) removed
12/04/1999New Layout (cont.) Info section start page refit
12/01/1999General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 5

up November 1999
11/30/1999Reflections on my Poems, Part 12 (final)
11/28/1999Discussion: Star Trek: Star Trek Races, Part 10, Part 12, Intro and Conclusion
11/28/1999Reflections on my Poems, Part 11
11/28/1999PJK logos as signatures
11/27/1999List of Poems
11/27/1999Poems Chronology, Poem Groups refit
11/24/1999About Myself (formerly Introduction & Personal Profile)
11/24/1999Introduction (formerly Introduction & Personal Profile)
11/23/1999Reflections on my Poems, Part 10
11/23/1999Forum/Newsletter section refit
11/23/1999Poems Index refit
11/23/1999New Layout (cont.), 'What's Related' boxes for poems/pictures/forum
11/20/1999New Layout (cont.), 'What's Related' boxes for essays/reviews/diary/info
11/17/1999Poem 14.2.1: When I Look At You
11/16/1999Movie Reviews #90: Fight Club
11/12/1999Study Papers refit
11/11/1999American Studies Papers, Page 11: Burke / Sublime, Appendix
11/10/1999American Studies Papers, Page 11: Burke / Sublime
11/10/1999Diary entry #68 - Never
11/09/1999Diary entry #67 - Ten Years of Freedom
11/09/1999Diary entry #66 - About the Redesign (V 9.0) / Site Census #1
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #89: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #88: Runaway Bride
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #87: Message in a Bottle
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #86: A Midsummer Night's Dream
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #85: She's All That
11/09/1999Movie Reviews #84: Cruel Intentions
11/09/1999New Layout (cont.), fixing some problems
11/09/1999New Layout (cont.), fixing some problems
11/07/1999New Layout (Version 9.0)
11/02/1999American Studies Papers, Page 10: Perceptions of Germany

up October 1999
10/24/1999New Entrance page, contents page refit, Site Map included into index page (Version 8.2)
10/22/1999Movie Reviews #83: The Haunting
10/22/1999Movie Reviews #82: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
10/22/1999General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 4
10/21/1999Movie Reviews structural refit
10/07/1999Entrance page refit, tv shows discussion refit (Version 8.1)
10/07/1999Quick Site Feedback form
10/05/1999episode reviews: The X-Files 6x01-6x03, 6x11-6x12
10/01/1999Quotes updated
10/01/1999Site Chronology split by years
10/01/1999subsequent pages navigation refit

up September 1999
09/30/1999Diary entry #65 - Communist China
09/30/1999Diary entry #64 - Dot Com Domains
09/30/1999Diary entry #63 - Good/Bad Weather
09/28/1999Quotes updated
09/27/1999Quotes updated
09/27/1999General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 3
09/26/1999Quotes updated
09/24/1999episode guide/reviews / chain of events X-Files re-arranged
09/24/1999Movie Reviews #81: Dune
09/21/1999this site was awarded the DRH Design Honor for 1999 Award
09/20/1999Diary entry #62 - Homosexuality & Discrimination
09/20/1999Diary entry #61 - Loss
09/20/1999Pictures - pt. 3: Europe (12 pages)
09/20/1999Picture Gallery navigation refit
09/19/1999Remarks on HTML, Special Characters
09/18/1999Quotes & Jokes updated
09/18/1999Movie Reviews #80: The Thomas Crown Affair
09/18/1999Movie Reviews #79: Eyes Wide Shut
09/14/1999Movie Reviews #78: The 13th Warrior
09/14/1999Reflections on my Poems, Part 9
09/14/1999Movie Reviews #77: Saving Private Ryan
09/13/1999Quotes & Jokes updated
09/10/1999Quotes updated
09/10/1999Poem 14.1.4: Backside Apertures
09/10/1999Poem 14.1.3: Shades of Darkness
09/10/1999Poem 14.1.2: It's Broken
09/10/1999Poem 14.1.1: Entr'acte
09/05/1999this site was awarded the Creative Award

up August 1999
08/31/1999this site was awarded the EmeraldIsle Silver Award
08/28/1999Reflections on my Poems, Parts 7+8
08/27/1999Guided Tour
08/27/1999Quotes & Fun Stuff
08/27/1999Home / Main Contents Page refit
08/27/1999this site was awarded the Award of Excellence
08/26/1999Movie Reviews #76: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
08/26/1999Movie Reviews #75: Wild At Heart
08/25/1999Movie Reviews #74: The Elephant Man
08/25/1999Movie Reviews #73: Lost Highway
08/25/1999Discussion: Twin Peaks & David Lynch: Beyond the Obvious, pt. 7
08/25/1999Discussion: Selected Bibliography refitting
08/23/1999Movie Reviews #72: Blue Velvet
08/22/1999Movie Reviews #71: Edtv
08/17/1999American Studies Papers, Page 9: Pynchon. "Entropy" (Handout)
08/17/ newsletter - edition #1
08/17/1999discussion forum - message #1
08/17/1999Movie Reviews #70: The Matrix
08/14/1999Poems Navigation refit
08/12/1999Movie Reviews #69: Godzilla
08/09/1999Movie Reviews #68: I Know What You Did Last Summer
08/09/1999Movie Reviews #62-67: Halloween I-V, H20
08/09/1999graphical redesign - headers (Version 8.1)
08/05/1999Diary entry #60 - Requiem for a Cat
08/02/ newsletter & discussion forum started (ended 09/21/00)
08/02/1999Poem 13.2.2: Evasions
08/02/1999Poem 13.2.1: No Way In
08/02/1999Poem 13.1.2: Sunset
08/02/1999New title image (to change regularly)

up July 1999
07/29/1999Movie Reviews #61: Primary Colors
07/29/1999Movie Reviews #60: Wag the Dog
07/29/1999Movie Reviews (#29): Star Trek Insurrection (quotes)
07/28/1999complete redesign (Version 8.0)
07/19/1999Poem 13.2.3: Breakdown
07/12/1999Pictures - pt. 3: Europe / Stockholm
07/12/1999Poem 12.2.2: Cuando Te Miro'
07/12/1999Reflections on my Poems, Interlude
07/11/1999General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 2
07/09/1999American Studies Papers, Page 8: Malamud. The Assistant (Handout)
07/07/1999General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 1
07/06/1999entry page redesigned + plain black background now (Version 7.7)
07/06/1999page menus redesigned (Version 7.6)
07/04/1999this site was awarded the WarrenD Online Award
07/03/1999search engine for this site
07/03/1999Reflections on my Poems, pt. 6
07/02/1999Diary entry #59 - Goodbye GeoCities
07/02/1999GeoCities part of this site deleted / thus feedback form removed - please use my XOOM guestbook from now on
07/02/1999graphical essays index
07/01/1999Diary entry #58 - Childhood / Middle Ages / Rome

up June 1999
06/30/1999History Papers, Page 4: Slavery (Handout)
06/27/1999Music Reviews: Hector Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique
06/24/1999Links Page redesigned
06/23/1999Movie Reviews #59: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
06/22/1999Movie Reviews #58: The Shining
06/22/1999Movie Reviews (#31): Meet Joe Black (quotes/refit)
06/19/1999Diary entry # 57 - The Dalai Lama
06/17/1999Diary entry # 56 - Commemorating Millennium
06/17/1999Diary entry # 55 - Commemorating DeForest Kelley
06/17/1999Diary entry # 54 - Writer's Block
06/13/1999Poems Intro / /
06/13/1999Reflections on my Poems, pt. 5
06/12/1999Movie Reviews #57: Disturbing Behavior
06/11/1999Entry Page redesigned (still Version 7.5)
06/08/1999Poem 12.2.1: 'Errando'
06/07/1999Graphical & structural refitting: Entry Pages (Entry, Home/Main Contents, faces of the unexplained, Info, Reviews), site motto visible at each page. Navigation refining: Location Indicators, Quick Site Navigation rearranged, Site Index: Contents rearranged (Version 7.5)
06/07/1999New Site Introduction
06/07/1999Spanish Pages
06/04/1999Reflections on my Poems, pt. 4

up May 1999
05/31/1999Movie Reviews #56: Entrapment
05/31/1999Poem 13.1.1: 'Changing Skies'
05/31/1999Poem Group 13 started
05/30/1999Diary entry # 53 - Perfection
05/28/1999Reflections on my Poems, pts. 1-3
05/27/1999TV Show Reviews: The Visitor
05/27/1999TV Show Reviews: JAG
05/27/1999TV Show Reviews: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
05/27/1999Discussion: The X-Files: Page 1: X-Plots refitting
05/27/1999TV Show Reviews refitting (still Version 7.4)
05/26/1999Admission to the World of Science Fiction Webring
05/24/1999Episode Guide The Visitor
05/24/1999Episode Guide J.A.G.
05/24/1999Episode Guide Crusade
05/24/1999Episode Guide Buffy the Vampire Slayer
05/24/1999Episode Guides complete refitting (Version 7.4)
05/21/1999Movie Reviews #55: Eraserhead
05/21/1999Movie Reviews #54: Scream 2
05/21/1999Movie Reviews - links to respective IMDb pages
05/21/1999Movie Reviews #53: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
05/21/1999Movie Reviews #52: Patch Adams
05/16/1999New Site Motto: "approaching the unexplained"
05/16/1999Graphical Refitting: Entry Pages Navigation (Version 7.3)
05/17/1999Diary entry # 52 - Depressive Moods
05/17/1999Diary entry # 51 - After the Rain
05/17/1999Diary entry # 50 - Politeness
05/17/1999Diary entry # 49 - Language Courses
05/17/1999Diary entry # 48 - Enthusiasm
05/17/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 12 (final)
05/16/1999General Refitting: Page Headers (Version 7.2)
05/15/1999Admission to the Sociology Webring
05/15/1999Links Page redesigned
05/13/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 11
05/08/1999Pictures page - complete redesign
05/06/1999Diary entry # 47 - Fear / Horror Movies
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #51: Documentaries: The Living Sea (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #50: Documentaries: Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #49: Documentaries: Everest (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #48: Documentaries: Encounters in the Third Dimension (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #47: Documentaries: Blue Planet (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #46: Documentaries: Amazon (IMAX)
05/06/1999Movie Reviews #45: Documentaries: Africa: The Serengeti (IMAX)
05/05/1999Poem 11.3.2: 'No Way Out'
05/04/1999Admission to the Philosophy Webring
05/03/1999Study Papers: Am.St., p.8: Fantasies of the Child (moved to diary 07/01/1999)
05/03/1999Study Papers: refitting
05/01/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 10
05/01/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 9

up April 1999
04/30/1999Diary entry # 46 - Morning Sun
04/30/1999Diary entry # 45 - Evening Sun
04/30/1999Poem 11.3.1: 'Vanity'
04/28/1999Admission to the Community Writers International Webring
04/26/1999Title Page redesigned / Webrings Page
04/26/1999Finally! This site's domain name is working:
04/26/1999Poem 11.1.2: 'Constructions'
04/26/1999Movie Reviews #44: Big
04/26/1999Movie Reviews #43: A Civil Action
04/25/1999Movie Reviews #42: The Faculty
04/25/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 8
04/24/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, pt. 7
04/20/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Interlude
04/20/1999Movie Reviews: 1998 Top Ten
04/20/1999Movie Reviews #41: Little Man Tate
04/18/1999graphical refitting: navigation pictures (Version 7.1)
04/17/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 12 (final)
04/17/1999Diary entry # 44 - Remembrances: Books, TV, Movies / Dubbing
04/17/1999Diary entry # 43 - Spiders
04/17/1999Diary entry # 42 - Dreams / Reality
04/17/1999Diary entry # 41 - Trying to Sleep / Clearing One's Head
04/17/1999Diary entry # 40 - Driving / Speeding / Thinking
04/17/1999Links Page update
04/16/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 11
04/16/1999Poem Groups
04/14/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 10
04/13/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 9
04/12/1999Diary entry # 39 - Stalinism / Strike Against Yugoslavia, pt. II
04/12/1999Poems G01: Progressio (complete)
04/12/1999Poems G02: Transitio (complete)
04/12/1999Poems G03: Consideratio (complete)
04/10/1999Poems G04: Laudatio (complete)
04/10/1999Poems G05: Descriptio (5.1.1-5.1.2, 5.2.1-5.2.4)
04/10/1999Poems G06: Confictio (complete)
04/09/1999Poems G09: Rogatio (complete)
04/08/1999Diary entry # 38 - IMAX / Everest / Nature
04/08/1999Diary entry # 37 - Rain / Nature
04/08/1999Movie Reviews #40: 8mm
04/07/1999Movie Reviews #39: Arlington Road
04/07/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 8
04/07/1999This site is now a member of the Spiderdance Activity Network
04/05/1999Poems Chronology
04/04/1999Poems Group 7: Mutatio (complete)
04/04/1999Diary entry # 36 - Chocolate Easter Bunnies
04/02/1999Poèmes Groupe 12: Exploratio (12.1.1)
04/02/1999Poems Group 11: Confessio (11.1.1 and 11.1.3)
04/02/1999Poems Group 10: Disputatio (complete)
04/02/1999Poems Group 8: Veritatio (complete)
04/02/1999Poems Introduction
04/02/1999Pages Françaises
04/01/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 7
04/01/1999History Papers, Page 3: Nazism/Stalinism

up March 1999
03/26/1999Diary entry # 35 - Violence / Strike Against Yugoslavia
03/26/1999Diary entry # 34 - New Layout
03/25/1999complete refitting and restructuring (Version 7.0), new title:
03/22/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Interlude
03/19/1999Diary entry # 33 - Death Penalty
03/19/1999Diary entry # 32 - Over-Population
03/16/1999Diary entry # 31 - Writing/Internet/Money
03/16/1999Diary entry # 30 - To Lean Back and Relax
03/16/1999Diary entry # 29 - Not Setting the Alarm Clock / Leisure Time
03/15/1999Movie Reviews #38: Pulp Fiction
03/15/1999Movie Reviews #37: Payback
03/14/1999Music Reviews: Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schönberg, Les Misérables
03/13/1999Diary entry # 28 - Funeral/Religion/Navajo/Cemeteries/Death
03/13/1999Movie Reviews #36: The Shawshank Redemption
03/13/1999Movie Reviews #35: Pleasantville
03/13/1999Movie Reviews #34: Shakespeare in Love
03/12/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 6
03/10/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 5
03/10/1999Diary Chronology / Diary Keyword Index
03/10/1999Diary entry # 27 - Purgatory
03/09/1999Site Map redesigned
03/09/1999Diary entry # 26 - Nature
03/09/1999Links page redesigned
03/09/1999Graphical refitting: Title (Version 6.2)
03/08/1999Diary entry # 25 - Tiredness / Our Cat / Emotionality
03/08/1999Graphical refitting: Title (Version 6.1)
03/07/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 4
03/06/1999American Studies Papers, Page 7: The Frontier
03/06/1999Graphical refitting: Navigation (Version 6.0)
03/01/1999Diary entry # 24 - Selective Remembrances, Emotionality
03/01/1999Diary entry # 23 - Best Before...

up February 1999
02/28/1999Movie Reviews #33: American History X
02/27/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 3
02/26/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 2
02/25/1999Diary entry # 22 - Life
02/25/1999Diary entry # 21 - Death
02/24/1999Discussion: Babylon 5: Myths and Fiction, Part 1
02/20/1999Diary entry # 20 - Pressures / Politics / Individuality
02/20/1999New title image, regularly to be changed (Version 5.2)
02/18/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Parts 11-12 (final)
02/18/1999Diary entry # 19 - The Snow Must Go On
02/17/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Parts 9-10
02/17/1999History Papers, Page 3: NS/Stalinism (Handout)
02/16/1999Movie Reviews #32: Urban Legend
02/11/1999Site Index refit
02/10/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Parts 14-16 (final)
02/10/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Parts 7-8
02/08/1999Diary entry # 18 - Basic Instinct Soundtrack
02/08/1999Diary entry # 17 - Potential of the Diary
02/08/1999Diary entry # 16 - Color of the Sky
02/08/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Part 6 + Interlude
02/07/1999Show Reviews: Early Edition
02/07/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Parts 4-5
02/04/1999General Discussion: The Truman Show Discussed, Part 3
02/04/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Part 13
02/03/1999Diary entry # 15 - Night Sky / Nature
02/03/1999American Studies Papers, Page 6: Uncle Tom's Cabin
02/02/1999Diary entry # 14 - Studying / Productivity
02/02/1999Diary entry # 13 - Handheld PCs

up January 1999
01/30/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Parts 10-12
01/29/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Part 9
01/27/1999Graphical refitting: Title Image (Version 5.1)
01/26/1999Movie Reviews #31: Meet Joe Black
01/26/1999Diary entry # 12 - A Perfect Moment / Meet Joe Black
01/26/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Part 6
01/26/1999Reciprocal links within Movie Ratings & About Myself
01/25/1999Movie Reviews #30: The Siege
01/25/1999Movie Review pages redesigned
01/24/1999Diary entry # 11 - Empty Screen
01/19/1999Diary entry # 10 - Purposes
01/19/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Part 5
01/17/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Parts 7-8
01/16/1999Graphical refitting (Version 5.0)
01/12/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Part 4
01/12/1999Diary entry # 9 - Snow
01/11/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Part 3
01/10/1999General Discussion: Miscellaneous Essays, Parts 9
01/09/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Parts 4-6
01/08/1999Diary entry # 8 - Site Birthday
01/08/1999Site Map
01/08/1999Episode Guide: Early Edition
01/07/1999Remarks on HTML, Tutorials, Parts 1-3
01/07/1999German Pages
01/05/1999General Discussion: The Fabric of Reality Revisited, Part 2
01/04/1999Admission to the FBI Webring
01/03/1999Discussion: Star Trek: Misc. ST Articles, Part 4
01/01/1999Movie Reviews #29: Star Trek Insurrection
01/01/1999Diary entry # 7 - A New Year

continuation: 1998

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