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Foro 16

welcome. this site is my diary. nothing else. stuff I do through the passing of time, sorted chronologically. different kinds of stuff sorted also by genre and material. different ways I do things with stuff demanding yet other sorting aides. still, it all remains chronological, attempting to create an image that may tell something about my life. tell who? me, first and for all. diaries are written with the writer being the very first reader. an outside reader is just that: an outsider. go away. this is my text, don't look. yes, thank you, thanks for your distance ... on the other hand, well, but I'm very shy, please understand. I don't take rejection very well, I'm even in a group of such people, you may know them, it's, well, everybody. although, I do like criticism, it means somebody cares to try to think or feel about it. so maybe come closer then, again, but please, how should I address you? please, dear reader, watcher, understand that if you want to know an old persona of mine, look in the past, for a present persona, search the present, and for the real person, look between the lines, though you probably will find only memes again. good luck.

November 2nd, 2005

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