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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


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This group constitutes the continuation of group 8 and group 10 in structure and thought, aiming more into a religious direction.

Constructions is somewhat a post-structuralist and post-individualist answer to Whitman's 'Song of Myself' from Leaves of Grass (which starts "I celebrate myself, and sing myself / And what I assume, you shall assume"). It is, however, much shorter that Whitman's.

"Confessio" also intents to bring closure to the trilogy of groups 8, 10 and 11, as well as to the entirety of Phase Two, with Group 12 somehow standing as a retarding element before the next phase.

Closure is also a step aback to a style then already discarded, written in a time where Phase Three has already been quite alive, written after Klimax even. Thus it also stands in a line with Broke Down and The End, creating a clean slate for the beginning of 2001, ending Phase Two, which till then had still remained open. That was also the time where I decided to discard all pending German projects from the first two phases, and closing those groups which - till then - had still stayed open. 2001 had to start with something new, with Group 16. (For that, see also the remarks on Group 15).

March 31st / April 26th, 1999 / June 21st 2001

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 11: Confessio
9 English poems, 1999-2000

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 11.3 - Fights
14310.30G11 Confessio     C3 Fights 3 Closure 12/30/00 812
99 9.09G11 Confessio     C3 Fights 2 No Way Out 05/03/99 149
98 9.08G11 Confessio     C3 Fights 1 Vanity 04/29/99 94
up Category 11.2 - Words
11610.03G11 Confessio     C2 Words 3 Sublimity 02/12/00 771
14210.29G11 Confessio     C2 Words 2 Wait 12/30/00 76
11510.02G11 Confessio     C2 Words 1 In All My Dreams 01/27/00 331
up Category 11.1 - Views
95 9.05G11 Confessio     C1 Views 3 Transitions 03/20/99 869
97 9.07G11 Confessio     C1 Views 2 Constructions 04/26/99 106
93 9.03G11 Confessio     C1 Views 1 Battlefields 03/15/99 150

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