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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


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  1. Shapes
  2. Assumptions
  3. Conclusions

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Group 10 is sort of the continuation of group 8, thereby following in structure as well as in overall thematics the same premises. Each category consists of two shorter and one larger poem, the three larger poems of this group closely connected to each other and forming a kind of storyline.

Category 10.3 not only concludes group 10, but also brings conclusion to the line of thoughts started with group 8. Both groups so belong together in a way; the line of thought being carried over each time in the third poem; thus Fade to Black delivers sort of a conclusion to Fire Walks With Me.

Small Moves is a theme I have picked up from the terrific movie 'Contact', and which I quoted in Fade to Black, as this was actually written before Small Moves. Fragility picks up themes established in Fire Walks With Me and category 2.1, Dubitatio. Fade to Black then is the culmination of all said in groups 8 and 10, wrapping up themes from both groups, especially from group 10.

March 23rd/31st, 1999

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 10: Disputatio
9 English poems, 1997-1999

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 10.3 - Conclusions
72 7.34G10 Disputatio     C3 Conclusions 3 Fade to Black 08/06/97 832
76 7.38G10 Disputatio     C3 Conclusions 2 Fragility 10/12/97 230
94 9.04G10 Disputatio     C3 Conclusions 1 Small Moves 03/20/99 137
up Category 10.2 - Assumptions
80 7.42G10 Disputatio     C2 Assumptns.3 Neverwhere 12/29/97 807
82 8.02G10 Disputatio     C2 Assumptns.2 Hell of Man 02/06/98 253
71 7.33G10 Disputatio     C2 Assumptns.1 Zero Thought 08/04/97 324
up Category 10.1 - Shapes
77 7.39G10 Disputatio     C1 Shapes 3 Out of Mind 10/19/97 866
70 7.32G10 Disputatio     C1 Shapes 2 Places 07/31/97 328
69 7.31G10 Disputatio     C1 Shapes 1 Masks 07/28/97 268

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