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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


Category 3: Conclusions

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  1. Small Moves
  2. Fragility
  3. Ennealogy VI: Fade to Black

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Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, March 20th, 1999 - P#94

Outside darkness to be told,
Inside brightness to unfold,
Locked behind the darkest thoughts -
Driving us on darkest roads.

Outside brightness waits for us,
Stark in starkest contrast thus -
Contrast speaking in itself,
Contradictions in behalf.

Speak against or speak it for -
All the senses then just tore,
Tore apart them, far away,
See them vanish, go astray.

Wanna fix it? Just go on!
What you'll instantly have won,
Lose you will the coming day -
Nothing easy but will stay!

Moves so great you dream of them,
See them solve what you not can -
They are not existent though -
Nowhere will they lead you so.

Moves to take so small will be,
Small and gently you'll them see
Making path just on their own -
Driving safe the dagger home.

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, October 12th, 1997 - P#76

Deep down the dreams
A shadow seems
To reach my mind
To see behind
What dark I thought.
He thinks me caught
And so do I,
Not knowing why,
I sink to tears
And tearful fears.

Deep down the shades
A shadow waits
To catch my life,
Cut with a knife
What's bright just out
Too weak my shout,
Again I fall,
Again the wall
I used to build
With blood is filled.

Deep down the times
I see the mimes
To walk all day
And mimes but stay,
Not move along,
Not being strong.
The masks tell: Fine!
Beyond the line
That marks their way
Afraid they stay.

Deep down the masks
And down the tasks
No cheerful thought
To have just walked
Aby is seemed.
And what is dreamed
Just dark so seems -
In all the dreams
I am to dream
Is that to seem?

Deep down the light
That shines us bright
The colors rise
And fear disguise -
Now hope to call.
If all would fall
And all apart,
That seemed too hard
That not to hope
Would bribe the scope.

Deep down the tears
And down the fears
The mind goes on
And will have won
When fear has died
And no one lied.
We are to wait,
It's not too late,
But hope saves all
From deadly fall.

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Santa Fe, August 6th, 1997 - P#72

Conclusions come and so comes sight
That all the things in our might
Are small and all from blood are born,
Are fragile and are simply worn
As masks and shapes all over all,
But when they finally will fall,
From life the bones the death reveal,
So that deep down we are to feel
That not a place on earth will stay
And ev'rything will go away,
And all the fire then will burn
And nothing will be seen in turn
And nothing like a proof will come.
The doubts arise, and not just some,
They doubt the light and pray to dark,
They doubt the rescue in the ark
And pray to fire, praise the sun,
Forgetting that we all are son
And daughter of creation then,
But fire walks where it just can.

So doubts arise and come to tell
That neither heaven, earth and hell
Are to exist in oldest link
And do not want the world to think
Of ifs and whens and all the ways
That might exist when there just stays
The will to see them though at all.
But when divided by this wall,
The fight of life is all that thrives
And takes well care of all those lives
That are supposed to serve them well,
The other ones would go to hell,
No hell of devils, not so far,
A hell of men that see no star
Nor light or sky or ways out there,
The truth they know from neverwhere,
They don't believe in life or thought,
They don't believe what others taught.
But those are not the dreams deep down,
They are the ways that us were shown.

The light and shadows fight this fight,
They battle days and all the night,
They adversaries themselves are
But all from darkness they stay far
But all the times annihilate
And all the times so agitate
And seem just easy to create,
Not stupidly just to debate,
But to just add another theme
To life that else would empty seem.
But for the dead and all expelled
The end result is not so felt,
Instead, through all the theory
The logic does present no key
But seems a cynic, bitter guide
That on the fire is to ride
And knows no right and sees no dark,
The truth for them is just too stark,
A word they no respect then spare
And light and darkness not compare.

So out of mind seem all the guys
That dare to take just no advise
From those who worship zero thought
And those whose all possess was bought
By paying all the fools with death,
The fools which said that no one hath
A right to lie or right to kill,
A right to rule the common will
Through hate and war and slavery,
Through blood and gas and nature's fee,
Through genocide and homicide,
By those which said they could decide
Who had to live and who to die,
When they would take an eye for eye
Or even more, or even less,
So that a man could never guess
What human justice feels alike,
By those who brutally would strike
Against all mind and all the good,
Against what they deny just would.

Small moves to make, great risks to take
Is all that sometimes is to wake
The conscience in those who know
But would deny this ever so,
Deny of fear, deny of guilt,
Deny because they never built
The world that but supposed they seem,
That to rebuild a sacred realm,
Not tyranny, not short to stay,
Where no one would so hard then pay
And beg for life and cry of fear,
Just where no man could selfish tear
The world and past of us apart.
This prospect seems not à la carte,
There is no way but work indeed,
There are no guides that us could lead
Except the words of all the times,
The words that see those tiny lines
That make the truth and make the space
And did create what now holds pace.

The fire burns deep down this all,
This all which is to truth to call.
That means the truth that knows no scheme,
The truth that just for all would seem,
A truth that knows no judge and hell,
A truth that finally would tell
Where lies the task and where the sense,
Where is the field and where the fence,
Who is the shepherd, who the stock,
Who makes the water out of rock.
This truth I feel and know inside,
Want to believe but always hide
The consequence in fear to seek,
Too shy and too afraid and weak.
The final words I cannot say,
This final time I feel the way
But could not tell nor think it here,
Too less my words to be I fear.
So now shalt be no looking back,
And all reflections fade to black.

(continuation: Transitions)

April 2th, 1999

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