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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


Category 2: Assumptions

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  1. Zero Thought
  2. Hell of Men
  3. Ennealogy V: Neverwhere

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Phil John Kneis:
Grand Canyon, August 4th, 1997 - P#71

Assumptions go and thoughts arrive
And form the speech and all derive
And show whatever is to say,
Whatever might just go away,
Whatever stays or comes and talks,
Whatever to strange places walks,
That all the deeds and actions so
Are measured well and soon can go.

Away to go, not to return,
No questioning, just time to learn,
No secret hole to loop just through
And flee all judgement eas'ly so,
No nice a fee is all to pay,
No neat some words are all to say,
Not cute, not fresh has one to be -
Just true of all is all to see.

The truth itself no mystery,
No hidden word, no lost a key,
Is simple, straight and clearly made,
Not piece of work, not to debate,
No web of lies can this destroy,
Just could they for some time annoy
And influence the people's thought -
But lies are zero, nil plus nought.

And all the lies that seem to thrive
Will once from all the truthful life
A revelation know and kill.
The web of dark to nowhere will
Just flee, survive or look for chance -
It is divided by the fence
Itself has built against the right,
But sun annihilates the night.

Ridiculous of all the things
The man quite seems who never thinks
Of all the times and places all
Upon his shadow used to fall,
But sense then did not come along
And rubbish all but told the tongue;
But now he asks and wonders why
The world and all the times go by.

The zero thought will live some days,
But will be trampled down on ways
That sapient beings shall proceed.
So all the false and shadows' breed
Has zero praise then at the end,
No matter how intelligent,
The thoughts are zero, have no worth,
When not to truth they once give birth.

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Dresden, February 6th, 1998 - P#82

On all the days we ask for more,
With all this pace we then explore
Surrounding places that we yearn
To find and then we want to learn
What drives to height and power us,
What counts no minus but just plus.

Away from all the places then
Away from what seemed like a plan,
Away these sounds and fears and heat,
Away this talk of good and weed -
Away the old, away the new,
Away, because we have no clue.

All pictures that might come to mind,
All terror that to hide behind,
All horror that to wait us there
Supposed and feared are everywhere -
We look for all these just out there
And think them being neverwhere.

O call it darkness, call it night,
Choose other words of easy fright,
Chose names and places all at once,
Place evil back to knives and guns,
Just blame the messenger once more,
Just now again ignore the core.

What do you see? Where do you hide?
Where do you flee this simple fright?
Is not the hell a hell of man?
A hell that we did make again?
A hell that we know best of all?
A hell that drives us towards fall?

What we create is what we are
And is not anyway afar
From thought and dream - do they exist?
Are we mere shadows in the mist
Of batt'ling times and forces then?
O, won't we fall aback again!

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 1997 - P#80

Among all times to see the signs,
Among all words between the lines,
Among all noise to find a sound,
Among all those the one to count
That would make change to our days
And that would lead us to those ways
That safe a passage would present
And not the rules of life so bend
And not us lie to, not annoy,
And not make cry us, not a toy, -
To find those clues behind the face
Of world among this deadly race
Of "yes" and "no" and "might" and "nope"
Will need more than a tiny rope
Or hints or science anyway -
If truth of all for us to stay,
We are to go to Neverwhere,
And once we are in Neverthere
We know that this is Nevertime -
And laugh as this is Neverwhine.

The hell with this! I'm telling nuts?
I'm telling what thru logic cuts
Like knives thru butter going thru?
And not you have the slightest clue?
But then I say: That's true, my friend!
Because I tell of promised land -
A promise we will get with faith,
With faith to not enjoy the wave
Of current trends or new affairs,
Of older ways that no one cares
About with right? The truth is now!
But does that fit or does that bow
The words I said in awful rhyme?
Yeah, does that fit the words of mine?
But Neverwhere means Neversure,
It means to never have a cure
For words like agony and rage,
So that we'll suddenly engage
In matters that seemed strange ago
But are today important though.

Is faith enough? And ever worth?
And how to tell to go how furth?
Or ever further? Far away?
Or are we now just here to stay,
To wait and wonder what will come,
To yearn for something that will stun
The minds of us forever soon -
To drift apart to dreaming gloom
And stay just there, not else to go
And not to think to do just so?
And what is just? And what shalt fail?
We humans know just right to nail
A man to cross just all the time,
It is just done and will not shine
To hearts and minds - forever then
Will men won't get to Neverwhen?
What do I say! What do I curse!
Ain't I just make it much more worse?
Ain't I ignoring everything?
And fly too high on poet's wing?

This Neverwhere we search and miss,
The earth we stand on we should kiss
Instead of wishing it away
And wishing we would ever stay
Alive on earth and not to leave
And not to go - just like a thief
We try to steal us time to live
And don't seem quite so willed to give
To Him a sign that we Him trust -
Too many things then do we must.
I know this, yes, I know this well,
The truth to people I want sell
But home alone I sit just still
And try to find a solid will
To do the things I am to do,
To write the words I have no clue
Before I make them up like now.
The letters stand just in a row
And look at me, I look at them
And wish we just had Neverthen.

It's monsters fighting monsters back,
It's sailing with a leaking crack,
It's singing with a drunken voice,
It's playing but with lacking toys,
It's searching but without a hint,
It's running just against the wind,
It's writing someone who can't read,
It's serving someone who can't lead -
It's leading without any aim,
It's like all effort is in vain -
It's crying, whining, howling so,
It's lamentation and we'll show
Just disrespect for truthful ways
And disrespect for truthfilled days.
The truth we hear and read and know,
But do our knees just ever bow?
Don't we pretend? Or don't think straight?
How long is mankind just to wait?
Until the day the earth drops dead?
To where have we the future lead?

The time is up! And so this place.
Are we just waiting and just gaze
Until then everything falls down?
Betraying all we once had vown?
But faith will show us how to thrive
And faith will show to get a life,
A life that moves to Neverwhere,
A place that we too much but care
Than to dismiss it, so we fear
That never we will get just near.
Say Neverwhere, say Neverwhen,
Say Neverfar, Say Neverthen -
One place it is creation means,
One place where all just right then seems,
One place we know of all the lands
And worlds and fictions without ends -
A place where all of us will go
And where we came some time ago,
The place creation knows her name -
The name of god is just the same.

(continuation: Fade to Black)

April 2th, 1999

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