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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


Category 1: Exuberatio

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  1. Changing Skies
  2. Sunset
  3. Syllogy IV: Centum

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Phil John Kneis:
Berlin, May 26th, 1999 - P#101

The Sky once bright
But now its light
Is almost lost
And paths are crossed
When Dark meets Light
And fights its fight
And Light meets Dark -
A tiny spark
At first will stay
And make its way.

The stage is set,
The spark's been met
By others soon -
The silent moon
Sees stars appear,
First Venus, clear,
The planet near,
Then bright and sheer
From ages past
The light comes fast.

But all before
The sun just tore
The blue apart
Just then to start
His own descent -
The rays then bend,
The rays of light,
A final plight
And beauty's call -
And then, he'll fall.

The red and blue
Mix all anew
Each single dawn -
A silent moan,
A silent cry,
Time passing by -
And colors come,
They crawl, they run,
They meld, they go -
In time's own flow.

The stars now shine,
The thoughts of mine
To calmness point -
All efforts joined -
These names come true -
The world anew
To sleep is sent -
A silent Lent.

The night so dark
Holds inner spark,
Awaits the day,
The first light's ray
Is greeted soon -
The reign of moon
Is over here
To reappear
In hours then:
To start again.

May 31st, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Berlin, August 1st, 1999 - P#105

The songs of the crickets around me
The sky blue and red around me
The air cooling down around me
The meadow's own smell around me

The tree line in red in front of me
The clouds shining bright in front of me
The sun is now gone in front of me
The horizon still colored in front of me

The sounds of the road aside of me
The barking of dogs aside of me
The roofs of houses aside of me
Some people moving aside of me

An airplane passing above me
The red-white clouds all above me
The vision of stars soon above me
The notion of space then above me

The notion of work now behind me
The troubles of life all behind me
The noise of the city behind me
All lonely sadness behind me

The peace of this place now within me
The light of the sun stays within me
The greatness of life within me
The sun setting never within me

August 2nd, 1999

Phil John Kneis:

Eichwalde/Berlin/Gral-Müritz/Rotberg/Kirchdorf, May 18th - September 11th 1999 - P#100

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

- Revelations 21,1-4; King James Version




With all what's said been long now gone,
With all to come not touched the tongue,
With all once clear now left behind,
And all of that now sees us blind,
Denying knowledge far apart,
Denying questions far too hard,
All bridges gone and fire's prey,
With all now lost I had to say,
With times now calling, now anew
To recollect what once then flew
To mind to hook us up to them,
To see the place from which we stem -
The questions fiercely now demand
And forcefully they now command
While not the least they give a hand
But promising a promised land,
The quest is new as much as old,
I try to make it now unfold
What used to be enfolded then -
And will just be the same again.

And fake seems all now all around
And all to fake constructions bound,
No answers here, them far long gone,
And everyone just on the run,
Pretending otherwise, o dear,
And hiding just from primal fear:
They're fearing life and death the same -
They want their lives just eas'ly tame,
Not leaving ever homely frame
And still refusing all this game,
Relying on the concepts past,
Relying on what never last,
Just stumbling into every task -
And just sometimes shine through their mask -
But what are we afraid of so?
For they are us, and all we go,
We go and dwell on this our world -
The tides of life preferred not curled,
But safe and tidy all's supposed -
But cry when we get bloody-nosed.

So all falls down to simple choice,
Just stuffed we are from inner noise,
The choice then knowing to be made -
But answers to it, they just fade,
They fade away and are not caught -
The end result is almost naught -
We know that something needs be done -
We know that not in vain we've run,
But do we know? Or don't we doubt?
Instead of silence, we just shout
And cry our way throughout the times -
And being most of all just mimes,
Let all the noise outside flow in,
Let all the noise inside not dim,
We sink to vanity so fast
And nothing we create will last -
The choice is now to just go on?
When all we thought we would have won
Is falling quietly apart;
What stays is our pounding heart.


All ways are filled with choices all,
The pyramids of life so tall
Transcend to skies so vastly free
And all anxieties now flee,
The future now, its hands outstretched,
Whatever for we might have pledged,
Whatever matter once denied -
The tides of time will hear our plight,
The times of time just running, fast,
To get to action now at last -
No past, no present - future all,
The distances together fall
And all in one is flowing now,
The change is everybody's vow -
But time transcends to every part,
Connecting every single heart
And all in one retracting so -
And all that was some times ago
Will come together at no time
And joining all in the sublime.

In times we fall
In times we rise
In times' own guise
Enfolded all

The choice takes focus now on ways,
In which the matter fruit just lays,
The times and spirits do not count,
The thoughts to them now are not bound,
But matter is what solid seems -
In matter is but all that streams
And flows together in this all -
And binds in all to this our ball
Which Earth we've called and seldom leave -
And matter is what makes us grieve,
The substance not, the shapes we see -
The choice to make we always flee -
We dare not speak, we dare not hear -
We dare not grasp, we trust our fear -
We do not carefully select
Or even steadfastly neglect
To just believe in all we see -
Nor are we able, but we plea -
But aren't our troubles matter-made?
Is matter not what we debate?

In shapes we fall,
In shapes we rise,
In shapes' own guise
Enfolded all.

The game we play we did not grasp,
Nor do we now - but we do gasp
And whine and cry and shout and curse -
But all our panicking grows worse
The things which might just been so small -
The time we fear when all will fall
And when our life is on the move -
We still just seek to find a prove
When all we need is to believe!
But just instead, we are a thief -
We steal the world, steal from ourselves -
And all that into depth just delves
Is just what we see over edge -
We do not hear the truth's own pledge,
Nor do we listen to our call -
When we should run, we do just crawl,
The spirit hidden far behind,
The powers that are in our mijnd
We hide because of disbelief -
The choice now waiting to reprieve.

In words we fall
In words we rise
In words' own guise
Enfolded all.


When time now makes its entrance here,
When all the times we used to fear,
When all the times we once embraced,
When all the times the fate we faced -
When all of this comes down again,
When how the question phrased as "when"
Is pushing for an answer now,
But failing to inform just, how,
Then all the thoughts fall quite apart,
The past is hitting us too hard,
It shoves the pain right through again,
But now it is so clean and plain,
And clean and plain its face is set,
And clean and plain the times are met -
But all attire will, must go -
Then lies, deception will, must flow -
They'll flow away, but not just here -
Right here, right now, they see each fear,
They see each weakness, see each crime -
And stuck we are with murd'rous time.

In past we fall
In past we rise
In past's own guise
Enfolded all.


Now time is gone and time has left -
The moment now from time is cleft -
The moment now, the present here,
This moment where all hope and fear,
All joy and all that makes us cry,
When all of this we like, deny,
When all comes down to face us here -
The time seems gone, but life feels near -
The past is gone! The future, where!
No thoughts on what we cannot bear -
The flow of time is halted here,
And what we see is matter sheer -
And movement fixed, and thoughts so still -
They don't show now the mind's own will
But much more mirror heart-felt pain,
And much more show what we might gain
When not to thought but heart we bow -
Just eas'ly as the time might go,
As eas'ly moves this moment now -
And carrying a worthless vow.

In present fall
In present rise
In present's guise
Enfolded all.

The now is gone, is gone astray -
Is gone while moving on the way
That time dictates and time sets free -
And time is what the essence be.
What was, is gone in front of times,
What is, is inflexible rhyme,
But what to come, what not yet is,
What still just seems a silent hiss,
In time to come futurus est -
And all before put to the test,
Will it prevail or will it die?
Will die with no one passing by,
Will die of shame, will die of sloth -
Like insects nearing light, like moths,
The time to come is riddle-filled,
A time, on past adventures built,
A time we do not see intact -
Just pieces, fragments now erect -
But far too little do we know -
And even less we are to show.

In future fall,
In future rise,
In future's guise
Enfolded all.


The path not set, not yet this date,
The path yet free, just at this fate,
The time is never, place, not fixed -
The terms unknown and almost mixed,
Is Neverwhen and Neverwhere
And never this will matter bear -
This place, beginning and the end,
This time, when fate and fortune bend,
This place, in our times not seen,
This time, for us just empty scheme,
So worlds apart and times much more
If all begins at deepest core -
Where nothing yet is separate,
Where unity the final gate -
What comes from there will manifest,
Will need a body to invest,
Will need a mind then to perceive,
Will need a heart for joy and grief -
The ocean then a drop will be -
The drop returns with certainty.

The one is all
The all is one
What once was done
Returns for all.

So matter forms out of the void,
And mind is now what once was void,
And heart is made to fill the scheme -
And shape is come, will more but seem -
And mind and matter soon divide,
They not the same ways like to ride,
They thus concur and hinder each,
They flee from ancient, primal reach -
They come to life, and soon get lost,
Their senses soon try to accost,
But still, all's new and all seems bright -
No darkness here, just shining light -
No way to make it here alone,
No way to get for free a loan -
The things we get have to be paid,
Through all the problems we then wade,
They rise above us, do we hold?
Or do we rather like to fold?
What choice we have? Have it at all?
And time to nothingness will fall.

Arisen all,
And seen the light,
We all must fight,
And all will fall.

This life we have is bound to time -
Both time and matter are here prime,
In time and matter truth is lain -
In time and matter truth is slain,
In time and matter deeds are done,
In time and matter deeds are gone,
In time and matter stories told
Which then to sudden truth enfold -
A truth which is but emptiness,
A truth disjoined from truthfulness -
But all is life and all will be -
And all is there for us to see -
A tapestry of life unfolds
That all amongst temptation holds
To take it all and look not back,
To satisfy what ancient lack
Intended just to steal from us -
But ev'ry little tiny fuzz
Will go away, will never stay -
Collapse on our final day.

And life is all
Around us here
In hope and fear
This life will fall.

Away this life, this life of pain!
Of sufferings which seemed in vain,
Of endless quarrel, conflict, fight -
Of dreams of what possessed we might,
Good thoughts that led to action not,
Of action leading darkest plot,
Of injustice around all here,
Of evil plain and us so near,
Of all which darkness us present -
And all which forced us all to bend.
Away this life, this life of joy!
Away this sweet, endearing ploy!
Away with all its pleasure, might,
Away the joys of day and night,
Away the sounds and tastes and smells -
Away the ringing of the bells,
Away what we had loved and cared -
Away all endless pleasures shared,
Away this all, this life of time -
The final ladder we now climb.

To death leads all
We used to know
In final blow
But death will fall.

And now, what we endured these days,
And all we gone through these ways,
All this leads back to primal cause,
The once so powerful white horse
Now dies itself - yeah, death will die -
No more her coldest fingers try
To gain her prey, to gain a man -
Nor woman, child, whatever then -
Her grasp then fails, her glance will break -
And way to all which follows make.
Once death succeeds, she fails at last -
Her reach and so her death is cast -
A threshold, nothing more she is -
And after that, with caring kiss
She lets us go - and no more fear,
No more the trouble once so near
Can harm again once we have passed -
We'll join the link which ever last,
We'll reach the place we once would leave -
And peace again we will retrieve.

Resurges all
From time's own siege
And deadly reach
Itself will fall.

The path was set, so was this time,
Was set by us in the sublime -
Returned we have, will join the cause,
The cause is all, is without flaws -
In unity the souls unite -
In unity the souls shine bright -
The souls that are at place just here,
From causal scheme arisen clear -
And no more death, and no more fear,
No shattered hopes, no single tear -
The end to suffering, to pain -
The end to what would be in vain -
All that was void, resurges here -
All saddest thought rejoices sheer -
In trinity we now are one
With father, spirit and the son -
No separate identities,
And void to vanity now flees -
The thought will manifest once more,
Reborn to probe creation's core.

United all
What was severed
Reborn what feared
All thorns but fall.


So all is filled on all our ways,
Is filled in all the endless days
With everything that lacks a sense -
While vanity might be quite dense,
And vanity is all we see -
For vanity we want it be.
In vanity we cling to stay,
In vanity we seek our play,
For vanity we long and yearn -
But vanity from us will turn,
It won't present us any clue,
It will just play the same old cue,
A cue created to just please -
And consciènce just to appease.
In vanity the stars collide,
In vanity all earthly might
Will have no future, have no right,
Will lead a never ending fight -
A fight that leads to vanity,
Just killing ev'rything we see.

What seems to fall
Is on its rise
And otherwise
Will risen fall.

And nothing then in nothing holds,
And nothing nothingness enfolds -
Where nothing nothing holds by name -
And nothing never stays the same;
So nothing not a substance is.
So nothing not is the abyss -
And nothing not will tear apart,
And nothing never break the heart -
The heart of light which shines through all -
The heart of darkness but will fall.
So everything seems counterposed
And everything just so opposed
And everything off harmony
And everything afraid to see
That not two hearts are fighting here,
That not two souls against just steer -
That but one soul, one mind, one heart -
That but one single, grateful part
Contains all facets innermost,
is not to anything opposed.

In dark we fall
In light we rise
But just disguise
Like truth is all.

And diff'rence there to none will fall,
And diff'rence be sublime in all -
And all to one together fall,
And all is one and one is all -
No other meaning there applied,
There is no separated might -
There is to us, as we are here,
As we are filled with hope and fear,
And disconnected, as we are,
The mind still fixed and not ajar,
The thoughts just circling 'round themselves -
For explanations, we use elves -
The elves of sciènce, elves of wit,
The elves from everywhere we bid,
Not call them elves, but sometimes, gods -
And in concordance all the nods
We might receive betray once more -
The golden calf stands us before -
Just vanity it represents -
Rejoice has home just in the tent.

Connected all
But do we know?
Or just don't show?
Or want we fall?


No dreams to fall - no dreams to rise,
All we can see is tight disguise.
Is there a sea in front of me
Or ain't electrons what I see?
Electrons circling with some urge
Around a core, but on the verge
Of joining other cores nearby -
Molecules so in tightest tie -
And H2O they form just here -
And all seems stable just, so clear -
A joke it is! And greatest game -
The molecules just seem so tame,
But deep inside their deepest soul
The deepest tie will get just shoal -
Beyond the core, the quarks appear,
But fade we in, what once seemed clear,
Will shown the chaos deep inside
And order shows its decent might -
But where the borders lie, who knows?
So what it is which there us shows?

Illusions fall
Illusions rise
Remain disguise
In none, in all.

And all seems like a distant dream,
But not a dream supposed to seem -
And dreams will fall, and dreams will rise -
Illusion so the dreams comprise,
But dreams not come from nowhere then -
A dream a dreamer from should stem -
So is it us who dream the dream?
Is separation just a scheme;
And me, and you, and those out there
Are separated not so fair
But much more past of this grand play -
All not just stations on the way
But parts of us, we parts of them -
And all together themselves stem
From same a place, the dream's own source -
That is not weak, nor great a force -
No earthly matters there apply -
The scheme of matter there goes by.
How hard we try to see just through -
The sooner we won't have no clue.

In dreams we fall
In dreams we rise
Of hidden site
Permeates through all.

So we seem caught within a dream,
A flight of dreams in endless stream -
But every dream will end one time,
Will yield to thoughts much more sublime -
So when from dreams we will awake,
And what then comes won't be a fake,
There won't be asking won't be fear -
Nor will the thought of fear be near ----
There is a sense of it to feel,
A sense illusions cannot steal - - -
We all do know what's right or wrong,
We all do know we aren't so strong,
We all do see the world out there,
We all do know that we should care,
We all do see our neighbor well,
We all do know what is to tell,
We all do feel the truth inside,
We all prefer not dark but light -
So won't we lose to inner call
And won't to darkness ever fall.

Awake will all
To final size
But who denies
Too soon will fall.


In pictures past the world we see,
In pictures past the world we flee,
From pictures past the life will flow,
From pictures past compelled to go -
In time all energy collides,
And on the times' reflections rides
And through the times the matter folds
And in itself the truth still holds -
But nothing eas'ly to accept -
The dust of times is lain and swept -
And life flows through, infecting all,
With all its traces to recall,
It flows through time on matter's path -
And deep inside the truth it hath,
The truth connects each smallest part
Just like a thread from end to start -
A dream come true, a dream of life -
This dream from which we all derive,
A dream once started in no place -
And in no time were set the ways.

So all connected, all in one -
And all so beautifully done -
And all is good, and good is all -
No matter whether large or small -
But what a picture this then is?
Where is this heavenlièst bliss?
Is not this picture more sublime?
Is not this picture one we rhyme?
What do we see of this one place?
And what we see though never stays -
The larger picture we not see,
The grand perspective us to flee -
In all the mysteries we feel,
We still construct us something real.
And what's not known then will be guessed -
And we remain the world's own guest.
But deep inside this harmony
There's still a break we need to see -
A break that once will help us rise -
Now, light and darkness play in guise.

The darkness holds its victims tight,
For us to prosper we must fight
And just aim high and don't let go,
And never let the darkness flow
Inside of us with poison full -
With strong an arm it must, wants pull
Us in its realm and fear-filled space -
And not it's us to set the pace,
And not it's us to rule the race,
All we can do - for impact brace
'Cause when it hits, it will hit hard
And hit all each and ev'ry part:
And those who try ignore its grasp
Too soon will breathe their final gasp -
Yeah, soon will fall who do not see,
Yeah, soon will fall who truth want flee,
The truth will kill them from within,
The truth will find their inner sin,
Expose it, show it, make it known,
And make, what's hidden, all too shown.

December 31st, 1999

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