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continuation: 2001

Chronology 2000

up December 2000
12/31/2000Poem 15.3.3: The End
12/31/2000Poem 15.3.2: See
12/30/2000Poem Series: Ennealogy
12/30/2000Poem 11.3.3: Closure
12/30/2000Poem 11.2.2: Wait
12/30/2000Poem 13.3.2: White
12/29/2000Poem 15.3.1: That Voice
12/27/2000Poem 14.2.12: Broke Down
12/27/2000new entrance logo
12/27/2000Movie Reviews #162: Romeo + Juliet
12/27/2000Poem 15.1.3: Fuga
12/19/2000FAQts about this site
12/11/2000About category established
12/11/2000Diary entry #84 - Taking Places
12/11/2000Movie Reviews #161: X-Men
12/09/2000Movie Reviews #160: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
12/08/2000Movie Reviews #159: Road Trip
12/05/2000Movie Reviews #158: Charlie's Angels
12/05/2000Movie Reviews #157: The Cell
12/05/2000Movie Reviews #156: Scent of a Woman
12/05/2000Movie Reviews #155: The Kid
12/05/2000Reflections on My Poems: Building the Klimax, Part 1
up November 2000
11/26/2000Diary entry #83 - Electoral Mumbo-Jumbo
11/26/2000Jokes: Life Span
11/26/2000Refit: Quotes & Fun sub-section
11/22/2000Poem 15.2.3: All My Thoughts
11/21/2000Movie Reviews #154: In the Mouth of Madness
11/21/2000Movie Reviews #153: Hollow Man
11/20/2000Poem 15.2.2: Limbo
11/17/2000Movie Reviews #152: Hard Eight
11/16/2000Diary entry #82 - Limbo II: Personal
11/16/2000Diary entry #81 - Limbo I: Political
11/16/2000Diary restructuring: each year represented by one file
11/10/2000The Elysian Site Award # 5: for The Brunching Shuttlecocks
11/10/2000The Elysian Site Award # 4: for 24 FRAMES PER SECOND
11/06/2000Site Map - Page Structure
11/06/2000Site Map - Site Structure (graphical site map)
11/05/2000The Elysian Site Award # 3: for
11/04/2000Movie Reviews #151: Space Cowboys
up October 2000
10/30/2000substructure refit - "faces" directory split up according to site sections, style sheet restructuring, source code simplification, continuity refit (still Version 10.5)
10/27/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: Postscript
10/27/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: 5: Conclusion
10/27/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: 4: Strategical Aspects
10/26/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: 3: Political Aspects
10/25/2000Poem 15.2.1: How Can It Be
10/23/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: 2: Economic Aspects
10/21/2000Poem 14.2.11: Turning Me Crazy
10/21/2000continuity refit - section & essays headlines without graphical elements (Version 10.5)
10/21/2000Poems section: small refit - overview/introduction
10/19/2000Movie Reviews: summaries
10/19/2000Movie Reviews #150: Gone in Sixty Seconds
10/19/2000Movie Reviews #149: Dancer in the Dark
10/18/2000Poems: new logo for Broke Down
10/12/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: 1: Causes and Arguments
10/12/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Misc. Issues: Listserv Responses
10/10/2000Pictures: Elements: Structures* 10-18
10/09/2000Poems: new logo for Klimax
10/05/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Selected Bibliography
10/05/2000Diary entry #80 - Yugoslavian Elections, Pt. 2
10/02/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Lost Cause: Introduction
10/02/2000American Studies Papers, Page 17: Civil War Issues: Links
10/01/2000Movie Reviews #148: Escape From L.A.
10/01/2000Movie Reviews #147: Chicken Run
up September 2000
09/30/2000Diary entry #79 - Yugoslavian Elections
09/29/2000Movie Reviews #146: The Sixth Sense
09/28/2000Poems: new logos for Maskenball and Species Fallax
09/24/2000structural refit: global stylesheets for screen display and print, the latter - unsurprisingly - won't work with Netscape (Version 10.4)
09/24/2000Misc. Essays 11: UN Sanctions - Pointless Needles
09/23/2000History Papers, Page 6: India and the Emergency (Handout)
09/21/2000Selections from my Poems - Approaching my Poems
09/21/2000consistency refit: Forum section removed, TV Shows section fully integrated into Essays resp. Reviews sections, Tour repaired, Main/Navigation section refit, start page refit (Version 10.3)
09/20/2000Movie Reviews #145: Carrie
09/20/2000Movie Reviews #144: Boys Don't Cry
09/18/2000Pictures: Elements: Skies* 1-5
09/18/2000Pictures: Elements: Sea 1-13
09/18/2000Pictures: Elements: Death* 1-4
09/18/2000Poem 14.3.3: Klimax
09/18/2000Pictures: Elements: Ice* 6-7
09/18/2000Pictures: Elements: Trees* 7-30
09/17/2000Pictures: Elements: Structures* 2-9
09/16/2000Pictures: Elements: Structures* 1
09/16/2000Pictures: Elements: Trees* 1-6
09/16/2000Pictures: Elements: Ice* 1-5
09/16/2000Pictures section: navigation refit
09/14/2000Poems: new logos for Breakdown, Centum, Fuga, Requiem
09/13/2000Poem 15.1.2: Fake
09/12/2000redesign: section index pages (Version 10.2)
09/12/2000Movie Reviews #143: The Patriot
09/09/2000Poem 14.2.10: Lost
09/09/2000Poem 14.2.09: No Words Can Say
09/06/2000Poem Groups Reorganization: Group 4 cut down to 10 of originally 15 poems, Group 5 to 6 poems and 2 of 3 categories, Group 6 to 7 of originally 9 poems, Group 9 to 4 of 9 poems and 2 of 3 categories. All German-language groups are now closed.
09/05/2000Poem 15.1.1: Gone
09/02/2000About Myself updated / picture
09/01/2000Movie Reviews #142: Frequency
09/01/2000Movie Reviews #141: Friday the 13th
09/01/2000Movie Reviews #140: Gun Shy
up August 2000
08/31/2000Poem 14.1.6: Becoming
08/31/2000Poem 14.2.8: Don't Wanna Play Strong
08/31/2000Poem 14.2.7: Somebody Missing at my Side
08/31/2000Poem 14.2.6: Fallen
08/31/2000Poem 12.1.2: Pas Serieux
08/31/2000Movie Reviews #139: Boogie Nights
08/31/2000Movie Reviews #138: Romeo Must Die
08/30/2000Poem Phases: Poems Reorganization
up July 2000
07/30/2000The Elysian Site Award # 2: for
07/27/2000The Elysian Site Award # 1: for
07/27/2000The Elysian Site Award for Excellence on the Net estd.
07/27/2000Net & Computing section estd., Info section closed (Version 10.1)
07/27/2000American Studies Papers, Page 16: Crane. The Red Badge of Courage
07/25/2000Diary entry #78 - Time
07/15/2000Movie Reviews #137: Mission Impossible II
up June 2000
06/26/2000this site was awarded the Freak Award
06/23/2000Movie Reviews #136: Scream 3
06/17/2000Movie Reviews #135: Being John Malkovich
06/17/2000Movie Reviews #134: The General's Daughter
06/05/2000Remarks on HTML, page 2: Web Site Design & Style, pts. 4+5
06/02/2000Movie Reviews #134: Gladiator
up May 2000
05/25/2000Poem 14.3.2: Anticlimax
05/25/2000Movie Reviews #133: Snow Falling on Cedars
05/25/2000Movie Reviews #132: Man On The Moon
05/20/2000Poem 14.3.1: Boustrophêdón
05/20/2000Remarks on HTML, page 2: Web Site Design & Style, pt. 3
05/17/2000Movie Reviews #131: Mission to Mars
05/15/2000Movie Reviews #130: House on Haunted Hill
05/15/2000Movie Reviews #129: Bringing Out the Dead
05/13/2000Remarks on HTML, page 2: Web Site Design & Style, pt. 1-2
05/13/2000Remarks on HTML rearranged
05/11/2000Movie Reviews #128: Stigmata
05/04/2000American Studies Papers, Page 15: Oates. "Where Are you Going, Where Have You Been"
05/01/2000American Studies Papers, Page 14: The Scope of Culture
up April 2000
04/30/2000Poem 14.1.5: Rain So Dark
04/30/2000Poem 14.2.5: Decision!
04/30/2000Poem 14.2.4: Touch of Thought
04/30/2000Poem 14.2.3: Her Eyes So Bright
04/30/2000Poem 14.2.2: Killing Time
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #127: The Whole Nine Yards
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #126: Dogma
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #125: Bats
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #124: Gattaca
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #123: Galaxy Quest
04/30/2000Movie Reviews #122: Magnolia
04/30/2000complete redesign (version 10)
04/30/2000this site was awarded the Fort Bridger Red Hot Site Award
04/30/2000this site was awarded the Dude Award
04/30/2000this site was awarded the Texas Webman's Platinum Award
04/30/2000this site was awarded the Best Taste in Websites Award
04/07/2000this site was awarded Market-Tek Design Award
up March 2000
03/28/2000this site was awarded Eva's Award for Excellence
03/25/2000this site was awarded the Critical Mass Award
03/25/2000Diary entry #77 - The Pope's Mea Culpa
03/24/2000Movie Reviews #121: The Haunting (1963)
03/23/2000Movie Reviews #120: The Mask of Zorro
03/23/2000Movie Reviews #119: The Mummy
03/23/2000Music Reviews: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Musical)
03/22/2000Movie Reviews #118: The Cider House Rules
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #12: Star Trek VI (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #11: Star Trek V (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #10: Star Trek IV (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #9: Star Trek III (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #8: Star Trek II (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #7: Star Trek I (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #117: Lake Placid
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #116: Bicentennial Man
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #6: Alien Resurrection (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #5: Alien3 (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #4: Aliens (reworked)
03/15/2000Movie Reviews #3: Alien (reworked)
03/14/2000New Layout (V 9.2, cont.) - links highlighted when mouse hovers over it (for IE only)
03/14/2000Movie Reviews #115: Any Given Sunday
03/13/2000Movie Reviews #114: Vampires
03/13/2000Movie Reviews #113: Prince of Darkness
03/13/2000Movie Reviews #112: Assault on Precinct 13
03/12/2000Movie Reviews: sorted by director
03/10/2000Movie Reviews #111: Lola rennt
03/10/2000Poem 11.2.3: Sublimity
03/08/2000Essays: refit: new logos
03/05/2000General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 10-12 (final)
03/01/2000Lit Reviews refit
03/01/2000General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 9
up February 2000
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #110: Three Kings
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #109: Star Wars Episode VI
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #108: Star Wars Episode V
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #107: Star Wars Episode IV
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #106: Grand Canyon
02/27/2000Movie Reviews #105: Mixed Nuts
02/23/2000Movie Reviews #104: The Beach
02/23/2000Movie Reviews #103: The Talented Mr. Ripley
02/23/2000Movie Reviews #102: Out Of Sight
02/23/2000Misc. Essays #10: Drug Use and Responsibility
02/23/2000American Studies Papers, Page 03: Post-Structuralism (English Translation)
02/18/2000American Studies Papers, Page 13: El Español en los EE.UU.
02/18/2000Movie Reviews #101: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
02/15/2000Movie Reviews #100: American Beauty
02/15/2000Movie Reviews #99: The Green Mile
02/15/2000Movie Reviews #98: The Rapture
02/15/2000Movie Reviews #97: End of Days
02/07/2000General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pts. 7+8
02/05/2000General Discussion: Webs of Deception, Interlude
02/05/2000Episode Guide: Angel
02/05/2000New Layout (cont.) TV Shows Index
02/05/2000Pictures - pt. 4: Europe completed (10 pages added)
02/03/2000General Discussion: Webs of Deception, pt. 6
02/03/2000Diary entry #76 - Chechnya
02/03/2000Diary entry #75 - Haider and Austria
02/01/2000Review pages - links updated/added

up January 2000
01/31/2000Poem 11.2.1: In All My Dreams
01/31/2000Poem 13.3.3: Requiem
01/30/2000New Layout (cont.) new background graphic
01/26/2000Diary entry #74 - The Krenz Case
01/26/2000Diary entry #73 - The Pinochet Case
01/26/2000Diary entry #72 - Kohl and the Issue of Integrity
01/22/2000HTML tutorials reworked
01/19/2000American Studies Papers, Page 12: Native Americans
01/11/2000Diary entry #71 - Twenty-Four
01/11/2000Diary entry #70 - Two Thousand
01/10/2000New Layout (cont.) start page refit
01/08/2000New Layout (cont.) page navigations simplified
01/04/2000sideshow pictures Extraterrestrial Life
01/04/2000History Papers, Page 5: Antiquity/Environment (Handout)


continuation: 1999

* photograph numeration in Elements has changed with the Final Cut of 09/15/01

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