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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


Category 2: Words

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  1. In All My Dreams
  2. Wait
  3. Ennealogy VIII: Sublimity

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Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, January 27th, 2000 - P#115

'N'all mine histories I urge you,
'N'all my dreams it is I search you,
'N'all my fantasies then merge you,
'N'all my mysteries then verge you

All these dreams I have within me,
All the obstacles that win me,
All the darkness that wants spin me,
All the vanity wants pin me,

T'all the loneliness evade I,
T'all the mysteries then fade I,
T'all the hopes that used to trade I,
T'all this nothingness that made I:

All these mysteries awake now,
All the nothingness is fake now,
All the emptiness will shake now,
All my sanity at stake now.

Dreams deep down are what I find here,
Dreams deep down are what me blind here,
Dreams deep down that now unwind here -
Dreams deep down the eye of mind here.

Histories it are that share we,
All the fantasies that dare we,
All the terror then aware we,
Just the present then for care we.

'N'all the histories that urge we,
'N'all the dreams that once have searched we,
'N'all the fantasies that merged we -
'N'all these mysteries that urged we

Inner darkness has no hold here,
Inner plight has just to fold here -
Warmth has waken what was cold here:
'N'all these histories that told here.

No more dreams of if and ever,
No more shall this dream end ever,
No more then this fate bend ever,
No more then this could stand ever!

'N'all my dreams now torn apart now,
'N'all mine hopes more end than start now,
'N'all this madness' dangling heart now,
'N'all this all all fate discard now!

All the histories I told you,
All the stories I unfold you,
All the promises that hold you,
All the vastness that enfold you:

All now gone and not returns it,
All so gone, my heart adjourns it,
All, all vanished for what yearns it -
All the desp'rateness now learns it.

January 27th / 31st, 2000

Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, December 30th, 2000 - P#142

Deeds undone now claim to be,
New creations light to see,
New intentions to create -
New inventions to be made.

And unwanted rest now seems,
And in all, no work redeems,
Nothing here can stop the hype -
Pluck they want what seems so ripe.

And in all this deepest storm
Flurries now enough to form -
One word just to stop this fate -
Take a breath, and simply, wait!

December 30th, 2000

Phil John Kneis:
Bansin, February 12th, 2000 - P#116

The light so strong out here it hurts,
The sky up here so full of birds,
The majesty of open dreams,
The grandness of what all here seems,
The broken dreams have gone away,
The mysteries however stay -
The mysteries of all sublime,
The mysteries which here to shine -
The broken promises have gone -
The broken future last too long -
The days now all among us stay,
The days so filled in broken way,
The dreams apart, have shattered all,
Have shattered all through horrid fall
And broken all from what was great
For greatness came again too late -
The promises of life seem tame,
Seem tame against eternal flame -
Seem broken all in broken time,
Seem broken here through all sublime.

Cry out all broken dreams all now,
Cry out all dreams in silent vow -
Cry out all promises to keep,
Cry out all weaknesses and weep:
The sun out there so strong it hurts,
The sun out there all dark averts,
The sun, however, has to cease -
Must cease to night, no use t'appease -
The shadows cast already here,
Their beauty ridicules our fear,
Their patterns change and friendly seem,
Although we'd know it's just a dream:
The changing skies to silence lead,
The changing skies at once but cede -
To outright darkness, blink and blank -
To raving fear, all hopes just sank -
The fear of darkness, fear so dear -
The fear however not so near -
The fear remote, away just right
And sparing us from direct plight.

In dearest terror light is seen -
In dearest terror mind so keen -
In dearest terror fear maintained,
A dangling fear, through mind sustained -
How can this be, how can this hold?
How can one ever this behold?
Behold sublime - behold with awe -
With awe here standing, cannot draw,
Just petrified, no way to blow,
No way to fear just simply show:
The beauty, strange as it may be,
Has paralyzed all sense to flee -
Beholds, itself, as victims us -
Beholds us who we can't discuss -
All words have fled, all words must go -
All words destroy just would this show -
All words can't grasp, can't take their hold,
All words too young, this sight too old,
No human mind can here survive -
But still to it we do then strive.

Now fall away all dreams deep down,
All questioning can only frown,
All asking void and has no aim,
All 'xasperation here in vain,
All human worrying must fail,
All smallness wrong on every trail,
A mind so small can't stand this here,
A mind so small and filled with fear -
A mind so small that can't just pause,
A mind so small it needs a cause,
A mind so small it can't just see,
A mind so small it can't just be -
No consciousness can here succeed,
All consciousness here must retreat -
The moment has no place nor time,
The moment lives just in sublime,
The moment all the thoughts repels,
The moment not a story tells,
The moment not to grasp by thought
For thought too small, in matter caught.

So strong the light that hurt it can,
So still the night it dwarfs all men,
So high the mountain, high above,
So deep the dale and peaks so rough,
A human just a single spark -
A spark, however, might-filled, stark
The scrapers high, the sky to reach,
And heaven even, so they teach,
The city lights in darkness shine,
The roads so filled with hurried time,
The power surges into all,
The limit will but never fall,
A hill, an ocean, sky, now space,
The universe will be the place,
No limits set - all limits vain,
Infinity just plain an aim -
Uncountable the pain involved,
Uncountable the problems solved,
Prometheus' gift we multiplied,
Pandora yet is not defied.

The flight so high, its speed so great,
No time to simply sit and wait,
No time to pause, no time to sleep,
No time, no will to dreams so deep,
No space enough, no use to spare,
The flight to question we not dare,
The majesty of life - unseen,
The grandness of it all - too keen?
The trees then fade to build just stuff -
No suffering then seems enough,
And terror t'horror is reduced,
And awe unknown, so strange, infused,
The myst'ry gone, the grand abhorred,
Suspicious all of strangest sort,
In high this flight, we flee the truth,
All worries hardly are to soothe,
In high this flight, all dreams turn dark,
In all this flight, gets lost the spark?
And hope subsided - size too stark,
Sublimity gets lost in dark.

(continuation: Closure)

February 12th / March 10th, 2000

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