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  phase 6: zêtesis kai hairesis

Samsara - continuous movement

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  1. Transiences
  2. Insistences
  3. Negations
  4. Turnaround

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This group's theme is existence in transformation.

September 6th, 2015

Contents Listing in Reverse Chronological Order:

Group 24: Samsara   ·   Samsara - continuous movement
75 of n English poems, 2014-...

# Y.#Group Category Title DateLength
up Category 24.4 - Turnaround
70329.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 8 I Have a History in the World 01/08/1988
70229.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 7 Unlimited Love 01/08/19194
70129.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 6 World-Life-World 01/08/19164
70029.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 5 S43: Septingenti: Fear Not 12/29/18537
69929.04G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 4 Crossroads 01/08/19110
69829.03G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 3 Living Alone 01/08/19106
69729.02G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 2 Alone for a Night 01/08/19275
69629.01G24 Samsara Samsara     C4 Turnaround 1 Dialling Phone Nmbrs of Dead People 01/08/19204
up Category 24.3 - Negations
69528.11G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 22 S42: The World Is Wrong 12/29/18321
69428.10G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 21 The Sea at Night12/12/18138
69328.09G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 20 Hello and Goodbye12/16/1810
69228.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 19 Happy Times11/14/18132
69128.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 18 Saddest Distance08/11/1841
69028.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 17 In Front of My House, 3:15 AM07/18/1862
68928.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 16 Welcome Back03/27/18216
68828.04G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 15 Auster-Tracing In New York03/27/18124
68728.03G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 14 The City03/27/1883
68628.02G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 13 Closed-Up Words01/10/18179
68528.01G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 12 I Split My Self In Two01/25/1826
68427.11G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 11 All Just Noise09/08/17437
68327.10G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 10 I Meant To Say Something09/08/1767
68227.09G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 9 Hotel09/03/1762
68127.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 8 My Voice09/03/1756
68027.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 7 Home, Again09/03/1777
67927.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 6 Life As We Know It09/02/1722
67827.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 5 Scream I Might Just08/03/1751
67727.04G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 4 What We Can Do07/08/1773
67627.03G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 3 Lord of Hosts03/26/1724
67527.02G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 2 Strange Encounters01/07/1711
67427.01G24 Samsara Samsara     C3 Negations 1 Poiêtes Interruptus01/01/17330
up Category 24.2 - Insistences
67326.21G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 21 Here I Am11/20/1647
67226.20G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 20 Human Tree09/05/1617
67126.19G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 19 Friendships in Retrospect08/30/16198
67026.18G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 18 Friendships in Age08/28/1642
66926.17G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 17 Countervoices08/28/1639
66826.16G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 16 The Wall08/28/16126
66726.15G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 15 "Oxford"08/28/1650
66626.14G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 14 Portwenn Isaac08/28/1629
66526.13G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 13 Selfie Psychology08/28/16111
66426.12G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 12 Stonehenge Anthropology08/28/1633
66326.11G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 11 London Statues08/28/1650
66226.10G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 10 Jesus is a Zombie Now07/26/1664
66126.09G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 9 U & I07/26/1697
66026.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 8 Partial Artist07/08/16143
65926.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 7 Grandfather07/07/1697
65826.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 6 Not Alone in the Night06/08/1665
65726.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 5 A Book of Family06/01/16124
65626.04G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 4 Undeniable05/09/16304
65526.03G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 3 Air-Dried Age Tilapia Fr. Salton Sea03/20/1649
65426.02G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 2 I Know03/09/1685
65326.01G24 Samsara Samsara     C2 Insistences 1 I Used to Be Able to Function01/27/1648
up Category 24.1 - Transiences
65225.20G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 24 In the Darkness But12/28/1566
65125.19G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 23 Nightfall10/10/1577
65025.18G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 22 Ghosts09/20/1542
64925.17G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 21 The Little Things09/01/1531
64825.16G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 20 It's All Just Temporary09/01/1551
64725.15G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 19 You Just Go On08/15/15131
64625.14G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 18 Lingering Feeling08/07/1529
64525.13G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 17 They're Watching Me07/12/1564
64425.12G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 16 The Preferred State06/17/1545
64325.11G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 15 When You Age06/03/1583
64225.10G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 14 Just Stop05/10/15159
64125.09G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 13 End Life Crisis04/18/15225
64025.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 12 Everything Changes04/12/1540
63925.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 11 Poetry Vampire04/12/15244
63825.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 10 An Ordinary Life (2)03/15/1516
63725.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 9 An Ordinary Life (1)03/11/1564
63625.04G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 8 Creature Of The Night03/10/1541
63525.03G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 7 Former Artist03/10/1556
63425.02G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 6 The World's Without End03/01/15266
63325.01G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 5 Moving Along01/01/1589
63224.08G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 4 It Haunts Me07/26/1421
63124.07G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 3 Normal 07/26/1477
63024.06G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 2 How Can I Leave This Place 07/26/1446
62924.05G24 Samsara Samsara     C1 Transiences 1 Mehow 07/26/1428

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