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continuation: 2019

Chronology 2018

up December 2018
12/31/2018Poem 23.5.28 Syllogy XLI: Tetralogy II.2 The Garden: 1.07-2.10
12/30/2018Poem 23.4.12 Syllogy XL: Sescengenti: Dis/Integration
12/29/2018new entrance picture
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.22 Syllogy XLII: The World Is Wrong
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.21 The Sea at Night
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.20 Hello and Goodbye
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.19 Happy Times
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.18 Saddest Distance
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.17 In Front of My House, 3:15 AM
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.16 Welcome Back
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.15 Auster-Tracing In New York
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.14 The City
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.13 Closed-Up Words
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.12 I Split My Self In Two
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.11 All Just Noise
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.10 I Meant To Say Something
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.09 Hotel
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.08 My Voice
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.07 Home, Again
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.06 Life As We Know It
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.05 Scream I Might Just
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.04 What We Can Do
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.03 Lord of Hosts
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.02 Strange Encounters
12/29/2018Poem 24.3.01 PoiÍtes Interruptus

continuation: 2017

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