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  phase 7: gnôsis kai zôê

Yoga - connection

Category 1: Connexions

Section Index

  1. The Examined Life
  2. Bereshit / In the Beginning
  3. Ecce Homo
  4. Sonnet I: If Now a Sonnet I'd Be Sure to Write
  5. Sonnet II: In Times of Plenty Do We Rarely See

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Phil John Kneis:
Yoga - connection (YOGA) - CONNEXIONS I:
Corvallis, January 25th, 2020 - P#729

maybe it's easier
to not look too closely
at life
in the short run
we all need our privacies
and private idiosyncrasies
and times and places
of unexamined
but later though,
at the end of our day,
at the end of our time of the day,
and at the end of time itself,
don't we wish we should have examined much closer
what was written this day in the book of our life
this day
this day of all days
do we know who we are?
do we know who we've been?
do we know who we'll be?
while none of our paths are the same
we'll all surely get to the end, someday
we better have an idea
of where we'll end up
we better make sure
we've done what we could
so that amongst all empty accomplishments
all egos, positions, achievements aside,
we will have held on
to the path
to the way
to the truth
to the search
to the meaning
that life carries within
from the beginning
through the explained
through chaos and order
in whole and in part
in words and in deeds
through search and choice
in knowledge and being :
we may only be here for short a time
and not be important in the greater scheme of things:
yet matter we still
and what we do, what we are,
it will survive
in memory
et in saecula saeculorum

January 25th/26th, 2020

Phil John Kneis:
Yoga - connection (YOGA) - CONNEXIONS II:
Corvallis, February 1st, 2020 - P#730

in the beginning
when YHWH began to create
we were nowhere near
our thoughts, our dreams, our desires,
nothing: and everything
just enfolded till the unfolding
and connections that were
are seen no more
once out of chaos, order became
when YHWH began to create
in the beginning

you may think this is true
you may simply see symbols
you may simply see faith:
there's nothing simple about faith
there's nothing simple about symbols
there's nothing simple about truth:

our lives are lived
without knowing
what came before
everything that became

our lives are lived
without knowing
what will come after
everything that has become

you may believe
that you know it all
yet there is no knowledge
outside bereshit:
there is no creation
outside the beginning
that we could know:

thus as we proceed
out of the garden of childhood
into the desert of life
we better quickly
make our peace
with whatever YHWH is:

for once you accept the mystery of life
you know that chaos lives inside you
just as order, its eternal other:

and that the path
is not yours:
you're just another wanderer
through time and space
so make it count

February 3rd, 2020

Phil John Kneis:
Yoga - connection (YOGA) - CONNEXIONS III:
Corvallis, February 2nd, 2020 - P#731

ecce homo
see the human
see the person
see the face
and see the light
that once was shining bright and strong
diminished so
by cruel a world
and crueler people
ain't we something,
ain't we grand:
we torture, maim, display, and kill
all those that see potential where there's none,
that tell us of a path not yet attempted,
tell us truths we have rejected,
us to higher purposes are pushing,
to an end not yet imagined,
an end obtainable but hard
end these stories all the same?
these tales of woe?
tales just all?
or truth?

the world is turning, spinning, hurtling but
through space, through time,
and times don't change;
while life, sometimes, more bearable becomes,
fortunes wax and wane for all
fortune's wheel is always turning
turning, turning in a widening gyre,
turns it all, sometimes to better, then to worse but
and the wheel can not be broken,
maybe weakened, slowed, arrested,
only fools believe in happy endings,
while nature knows just evolution,
physics knows of entropy,
and humans dream of immortality

see the humans
and take them seriously:
we're not gods
we are not angels
we're not perfect
we are quite fallible
we're no heroes always,
but sometimes, we can
and live up
to the hopes of those
who saw something in us
worth saving and worth dying for
but mainly, worth living for

February 3rd, 2020

Phil John Kneis:
Yoga - connection (YOGA) - CONNEXIONS IV:
Corvallis, April 3rd, 2019 - P#732

if now a sonnet I'd be sure to write
I'd think of ways to make this fit in time -
for sure, you might expect it here to rhyme -
and have this rhyme keep shining bright
appear it shall just like the morning light:
and sounds appear in pleasant flowing verse:
a change of form must surely now sound terse,
and indicate without a doubt a fight
once eight are done, the six begin to sound
quite strange a structure, may I here complain,
not sure I am that this should here be done
as I now feel by structure too much bound:
and yet, my protestations are in vain:
this, Petrarch's form, is done, and so, he won.

April 3rd, 2019 / March 26, 2020

Phil John Kneis:
Yoga - connection (YOGA) - CONNEXIONS V:
Corvallis, April 2nd, 2020 - P#733

in times of plenty do we rarely see
that all we have could somehow come to end
and once it does, how fast we work to mend
so that what plenty was will once more be
will once more see what hidden briefly was:
that lions like, we sleep as much as roar,
and fall we will as much as surely soar:
our hope is set in brevity of loss
for what else is there in the end but hope
as loss pervades, perverts, perturbs our life:
and darkness taunts the spirits far too much:
we need a way to live, to love, to cope;
while knowing clearly most of life is strife:
to heal, to hope, to live needs human touch

April 2nd, 2020

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