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  phase 5: logoi kai erga

Vidyaa - learning, science

Category 5: Reality

Section Index

  1. Two Women on the Train
  2. Wish/Belief
  3. Dance No. 3
  4. Sleep II
  5. Touch
  6. 2:26 AM
  7. Sleep III
  8. Dance No. 4
  9. "4EVER"
  10. Broken Poem (1)
  11. Syllogy XXXIII: 365 (2)

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Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY I:
Berlin, December 27th, 2006 - P#355

one woman cried
another put on her make-up

December 27th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY II:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2006 - P#356

whoever ain't hoped
beyond the limits of modesty
beyond the limits of propriety
within the realm but
of a solid narcissism
that a singular fate
be more important
than that of a community of others:
that laws of nature be bent
by the will of a single one
what a conceit
that allows us to see
that which we want just
and not
what needs to be done
by ourselves

December 29th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY III:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2006 - P#357

a moment
of purest concentration
of finding consensus
and two become one
just for this moment alone:
a game quite so serious
and real:
that now, no borders may exist
and mind and body
see their unison now

December 29th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY IV:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2006 - P#358

to try to hold on to the lullaby
may prove futile:
and vain:
there may be no birds
waking you up
just the feeling inside
may suffice
what a bother
but still, jeez,
at least it is there,
at least, I still feel

December 29th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY V:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2006 - P#359

a meeting of minds
is the most fortunate thing
how it enlightens
the most mundane things!
yet, still,
contrary to what is believed
even Plato quite knew
what it's all about

December 29th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY VI:
2:26 AM
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2006 - P#360

others sleep
while I try to write
something of substance
something from life
that matters
right now
and quite deeply:
'tween looking for thoughts
and looking for sleep
something's gotta give
and maybe, for now,
the inspiration of night
is finite
and mortality now
's demanding her dues
and calls me
to sleep

December 29th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY VII:
Berlin, December 30th, 2006 - P#361

arise now
from the waking sleep
the march of the dead
and step of the automata:
and make,
the dream

December 30th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY VIII:
Berlin, December 30th, 2006 - P#362

there's this man
no hat,
just sorrows circling his head,
his sorrowful glance,
he lays on the dancers
passing him by
every time
he's there
dreaming of dancing -
a pitiful dreamer -
yet no one's there
to pick him up
who'd want to?

December 30th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY IX:
Berlin, December 30th, 2006 - P#363

a graffito on a wall
claiming, in a hope so desperate,
to stay
and stand the test of time:
a religious meme,
how cute

December 30th/31st, 2006

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY X:
Broken Poem, Commodore 64 (C64) logo
Jena, April 19th / Eichwalde Oct 3rd, 2007 - P#399

some poems are broken
are not what they're supposed to be
some poets are broken
are quite what they're assumed to be

and in their breaking up of the dividing line
of what is called reality
and what is called, well, not reality
so many shades
are waiting
to be explored
to be explained
to be contextualized and autopsied
but, first, and foremost,
to be seen
to be heard
to be known
(yet can we then know?)

after all knowledge
has fused all with ignorance
creating a nether-world
of maybes, hypotheses, theories and questions
(psychology, breakdown, poetology, combined here all)
all in a frame
of three six and five (sometimes six)
these are the days it happens
connecting dots
leading to -
- nowhere, most likely,
within the text
and continuities assumed
(or hoped for)
create they a world
an imaginary world
an imaginary community
of things that happened
places they have happened at
people they happened to
and it did happen!
at least to the news
(where was a news reporter when X happened)
what is reported -
what is seen -
what has happened
and all: in prose!
questions asked? maybe, depends,
what you imagine an audience as
(proud, critical, self-critical, dingbats, feely-nicey, leave me in peace)
market! to market!
ain't it so funny
but happen it did! happen it did!
calm down, dear fella,
and take a refreshing glass of
mint julep
and let us, in all luxuriousity,
unfold for you
the proud, heroic masternarrative
oh, geez,
it did happen.
really? If so
and HOW did it come to pass?
if not
why is it claimed to the contrary
but these are poems not
mere question-answer games
(sleeping bills break down coherent thoughts)
ha! ain't that not coherent?
time is the arrow
that stitches coherence together
out of incoherence
like beads on a string
time weaves the tapestry
of life
and pastes it
unto matter
and life
- so -
but, back again
to where this started
this detour academical -
the master narrative
all other narratives are slaves to it
(or id?)
(denial, too, can be a message
and "f*** you" is a call for action)

breaks this poem
breaks it the news
or: do the news break it?
maybe the news are the poem
and all coherence here must cease
and intentions here stay lost
and just presentations
and representations
reportings, no judgements
(well, some - I can't help it)
are what's going on

like poets break
under the weight of the world
in any letter and sign that they write
and as outsides come to be inside
seeing the world through our eyes

like poems break
by the weight pushed inside them
and the burden of so many
interpretative attacks impending

maybe a break
in what is happening
can mean a break
in what has happened
un-necessitate a break
for what will then never need to happen at all

so it's about politics?
what isn't
at all

October 3rd, 2007

Phil John Kneis:
Vidyaa - learning, science (VIDYAA) - REALITY XI:


Germany / United States / France / Italy / Croatia, Jan 1st, 2007 - Dec 31st, 2007 - P#365

Reading a newspaper is like reading a novel
whose author has abandoned any thought of a coherent plot.

--- Benedict Anderson. Imagined Communities. p. 33




W E E K   O N E

I. Monday, 1 Jan 2007

the butcher of Baghdad is buried and mourned
meanwhile, poor Paris skipped paying her drinks
by now, it's three thousand American troops who've deceased in Iraq
the Krauts now rule Europe's vingt-sept, plus Eight Great ones

II. Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007

an ice shelf breaks free in the Arctic of Canada
on global a scale, a Korean takes lead of all nations united
the madman from Tehran's once more full of angry radiation
and Washington silently hails the departure of Ford

III. Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007

methanous rain fills lakes on moon Titan
more education lets you live longer, statistically
a boy of fourteen just crossed the Atlantic alone on a sailboat
in Germany, there still is no winter in sight (slow news day today)

IV: Thursday, 4 Jan 2007

in Saxony, a mother poisons her eight-year old daughter
in Texas, a ten-year old hangs himself, mimicking Saddam's demise
in Libya, they plan to erect Saddam's statue
in Cambodia, they start a tribunal on the Khmer Rouge

V: Friday, 5 Jan 2007

the UN starts to discover Darfur after two hundred thousand already dead
a cartoon-hating submissive disciple calling for violence is sentenced in Britain
a bus in Sri Lanka went up in flames by a car bomb attack
and Britney wants to come back in style, what a relief

VI: Saturday, 6 Jan 2007

the US Congress gets a Second Life that is virtual
while Word for Windows reaches the age of eighteen
Marilyn Manson is being divorced by his stripping wife
and fat dogs can hope for treatment with pills, what a relief

VII: Sunday, 7 Jan 2007

a man returns a library book after 37 years
new stem cells are found in the fluid of the womb
in Assam, the rebels kill Indian workers
a Polish bishop resigns once his sins are revealed

W E E K   T W O

VIII: Monday, 8 Jan 2007

a strangest smell lies over Manhattan
while David Bowie's reaching sixty
Steven Hawking wants to see space
and Putin cuts Lukashenkov's line

IX: Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Bush wishes Ortega well
last year's been the warmest ever recorded
Apple's phone is finally shown
and tea's only healthy if consumed without milk

X: Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Britney and Paris lack style, it's official
"socialismo o muerte" cries the would-be king of Caracas
Depardieu looks for blissful delirium
to top it all off, there's been a scorpion on a plane (ain't that a movie...)

XI: Thursday, 11 Jan 2007

Leo DiCaprio ceases to smoke
while losing support, George Dubya cedes flaws
Mengistu gets life, dictated by prison
a state of emergency hits Bangla Desh

XII: Friday, 12 Jan 2007

Bavaria's boss is surrounded by foes
while health in Germany's being reformed
a stem cell bill passes the House
in thirteen years, millions of Chinamen won't find a woman

XIII: Saturday, 13 Jan 2007

in Thailand, a sugarcane truck gets robbed by an elephant mob
Somalia calls for emergency
the Earth opens wide in Sao Paolo
dianetical nuts set foot in Berlin

XIV: Sunday, 14 Jan 2007

Sarkozy gets a go to run
everyone's looking for peace in Somalia
rebels in Chad have captured a town
jihadis blame Quaida for fighting the Shiites

W E E K   T H R E E

XV: Monday, 15 Jan 2007

two more of Saddam's butchers killed
Gates wants the Persians be more constructive
Orbiter finds Pathfinder on Mars
and Libby's going to trial for lies on Iraq

XVI: Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Obama wants to be President
an ice storm hits the US
Russia sells weapons to Iran
Biermann is honored by Berlin

XVII: Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

an Abu Sayyaf leader is killed
Castro's health still ain't improved
a Congo general wants peace
Nepali rebels cede their weapons

XVIII: Thursday, 18 Jan 2007

a major storm hits North-Central Europe
Bavaria's boss will step down in September
a British Muslim yearns to drink blood of the infidels
the Chinese shot down a satellite last week

XIX: Friday, 19 Jan 2007

the world's oldest woman died at 115 years
an Armenian-born journalist is killed in Turkey
a Chachapoya town is found in the jungle
daydreaming is the natural state of the mind, it is found

XX: Saturday, 20 Jan 2007

Hillary wants to be President
Litvinenkov's killer's been spotted
a naked guy with an ax scares tenants in Saarbrücken
a warlord in Somalia surrenders his guns

XXI: Sunday, 21 Jan 2007

Al Sadr ends his boycott of politics in Iraq
a minor quake hits Turkish villages
ex-FEMA boss says White House played party politics with Katrina
Muslims are tired playing the villain on 24

W E E K   F O U R

XXII: Monday, 22 Jan 2007

the American economy pressures Bush on the environment
Winter starts to come to Europe
Serbia's voted less radical, still wants to keep Kosovo
Germany's EU commissioner pushes against the environment

XXIII: Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007

Guinea's president strikes against strikers
Israel's Katzav faces a rape charge
Norway's king hunts moose for fun
China fights against spitting cabbies

XXIV: Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007

Japanese fishers find an rare shark from the deep
Bush's speech quite disunites
Al-Sawahiri spits his wrath
Eva's been the snake goddess

XXV: Thursday, 25 Jan 2007

the US army now has a microwave gun
a KKK butcher gets thrown before court
new pictures of Paris exposed on the web
Iraq's VP calls US invasion idiotic

XXVI: Friday, 26 Jan 2007

Hamas and Fatah still fight to the death
in the drug war in Rio, youth are tortured and killed
Madrassa supporters threaten photographer
an Abu Ghraib colonel is charged in court-martial

XXVII: Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

the American government seeks drastic measures against global warming
tens of thousands protest more troops to Iraq
Michael Jackson returns to the US after a year of exile
a father forbids a school to show Al Gore's film about global warming

XXVIII: Sunday, 28 Jan 2007

Chemical Ali stands before court
a guy from Chicago now looks like Bruce Willis
a Colombian fisher thought dead has returned
Sinn Fein now supports North' Ireland's police

W E E K   F I V E

XXIX: Monday, 29 Jan 2007

a suicide bomber from Al Aqsa hits a bakery in Eilat
Libya chooses to spare nurses falsely accused
bird flu has been found in Hungary
a child molester gets 152 years in prison

XXX: Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007

Windows Vista hits the stores
a pair accused of adultery is stoned in Pakistan
a suicide bomber kills pilgrims in Iraq
Sinti and Roma ask for help at the UN

XXXI: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007

Philip Glass gets to be 70 today
Chavez gets to use more power
Lombardy gets to bury embryos
Berlusconi gets to apologize publicly to his wife


XXXII: Thursday, 1 Feb 2007

Hamas breaks the cease-fire with Fatah
France forbids smoking in public buildings
Karadzic may be in Russia
the US raises its minimum wage

XXXIII: Friday, 2 Feb 2007

a groundhog this day predicts early spring (so it goes)
a Florida village gets ate by the wind
US defense says, no plans for a war on Iran
a hundred die protesting fraudulent elections in Congo

XXXIV: Saturday, 3 Feb 2007

a suicide bomber murders more than a hundred in Baghdad
bird flu hits turkeys in Britain
severe rains flood Jakarta
Al-Sistani urges for religious peace

XXXV: Sunday, 4 Feb 2007

Hamas and Fatah still fight to the death
last week, a thousand died in Iraq
a Taliban leader is killed by an air strike
three million Muslims pray for peace near Dhaka

W E E K   S I X

XXXVI: Monday, 5 Feb 2007

the late pope is said to have worked a miracle
Giuliani wants to be President
Merkel promotes a two-state solution (for Israel and Palestine)
there are clouds on Mars

XXXVII: Tuesday, 6 Feb 2007

the end of Potter has his writer depressed
Gates wants to pull out troops from Irag by the end of the year
creationist nutters set foot in Kenya, fighting Turkana boy
illegal logging in Indonesia threatens Orangutans

XXXVIII: Wednesday, 7 Feb 2007

dead lovers are found embraced for over 5000 years
Brits and Americans reject control over hedge funds
a child porn ring's found of over 2000 perverts
Hamas and Fatah talk over peace

XXXIX: Thursday, 8 Feb 2007

Anna Nicole Smith has died
Hamas and Fatah agree to peace (amongst themselves)
North Korea offers to freeze its nuclear program
Winter hits Western Europe now, finally

XL: Friday, 9 Feb 2007

Hamas still denies the existence of Israel
bird flu hits chickens in Turkey
a man saves his grandson from the grip of an Anaconda in Brazil
supporters want Al Gore to run for president

XLI: Saturday, 10 Feb 2007

Nasdaq fails to take over the London Stock Exchange
Putin revels in Cold War rhetoric
Obama fails to be seen as black
Harvard is set to name a woman its president

XLII: Sunday, 11 Feb 2007

Iran's envoy in Munich denies the Holocaust
the Russians deescalate their warring talks against the US
negotiations in North Korea might come to a halt
Portugal now allows for abortion

W E E K   S E V E N

XLIII: Monday, 12 Feb 2007

two Germans are kidnapped in Iraq, a mother with son
a minor quake shakes Portugal
a tentative deal's made with North Korea
Iran is accused of delivering weapons into Iraq

XLIV: Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007

a bill in Pakistan wants to strengthen women's rights
a college newspaper op-ed calls rape something "magical"
in industrialized countries, British children suffer the worst
Barbers in Pakistan are warned not to shave off beards

XLV: Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Maliki strengthens Baghdad security
Canada wants to leave Afghanistan if others refuse to help
the Serb parliament wants to keep Kosovo
Cleopatra's beauty is a mere myth

XLVI: Thursday, 15 Feb 2007

Cyprus wants parents have a third child
Qaida's El Masri got wounded in Iraq
Putin promotes Ivanov to Deputy Prime Minister
the trial on the bombers of Madrid now begins

XLVII: Friday, 16 Feb 2007

Mojahedin terrorists bomb a girls school in Iran
the co-inventor of the TV remote is dead
Turkmenistan has its first internet café
lakes are found beneath Antarctica's ice

XLVIII: Saturday, 17 Feb 2007

a four-legged duckling is born to an English farmer
Britney Spears had her head shaved clean
the UN are planning for the case of an asteroid crash
Bird flu hits Moscow

XLIX: Sunday, 18 Feb 2007

more than 50 killed by two car bombs in Baghdad
a bomb in McDonald's wounds 6 in St. Petersburg
Albanian elections are seen as test for moving to Europe
the Senate Majority leader calls Iraq war a bigger blunder than Viet Nam

W E E K   E I G H T

L: Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Al-Qaida restructures itself in Pakistan
Rice meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders
Armani wants to sell his fashion empire
Somalia eliminates freedom of speech

LI: Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007

Britney Spears checks herself into rehab
racism is on the rise in Europe, a study says
Mugabe threatens he won't step down
a Pakistani minister is killed by a fanatic, she didn't dress piously

LII: Wednesday, 21 Feb 2007

Italy's Prodi lost a vote and might resign
Iran will continue to pursue nuclear power
Brits and Danes will slowly pull out of Iraq
Britney Spears checks herself out of rehab

LIII: Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

UK forbids junk food ads for children on TV
Chimps have been seen to make spears to hunt monkeys
a German bishop spills his wrath against daycare
Britney Spears checks herself into rehab, again

LIV: Friday, 23 Feb 2007

the US military wants 24 to stop showing torture
a blogger gets jailed in Egypt for critical writings
Windows Vista excludes Firefox and Photoshop
the Democrats want to pull out if Iraq in a year

LV: Saturday, 24 Feb 2007

beavers return to the river of Bronx in New York
the State of Virginia profoundly regrets its slavery past and Indians conquered
Guinea's parliament ends the state of emergency
the king of Jordan asks Palestinians to stop the violence and recognize Israel

LVI: Sunday, 25 Feb 2007

four razzies hit the second Basic Instinct
Iran insists on its nuclear program, all brakes are off
a European probe makes a fly-by of Mars
and the Oscar goes to… Scorsese, oh, finally!

W E E K   N I N E

LVII: Monday, 26 Feb 2007

what happened in Bosnia was genocide, say the UN
however, Serbia is found not responsible (yet didn't prevent it either)
Iraq settles the question of how to share oil wealth
Al Sharpton must know if he's related to late Senator Thurmond

LVIII: Tuesday, 27 Feb 2007

a former German terrorist still pours out Stalinist propaganda
a Taliban tries to bomb Cheney, misses, kills others though
the Dow Jones plummets after Shanghai's market crashed
the Jesus-tombs "found" by James Cameron are hardly worth any comment

LIX: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Castro appears on TV, seemingly healed
San Diego's bishopric is bankrupt due to molesting charges
Chinese scientists are able to remote-control pigeons
Germany plans to send a probe mapping the moon


LX: Thursday, 1 Mar 2007

Arthur M. Schlesinger is dead
New York forbids use of the N-word (even the hip one)
the EU wants to pull out its troops from Bosnia
Pakistan catches a high-ranking Taliban

LXI: Friday, 2 Mar 2007

Mogadishu is rocked by bombs
a fat Chinese dies, having sat too long in front of the net
both Koreas want to resume their reunions
Afghanistan harvests more opium than ever

LXII: Saturday, Mar 3 2007

more partners might help blockading Iran
more violent fighting in the streets of Copenhagen
anti-Putin protests are broken up in Russia, violently
Airbus is cutting more and more jobs

LXIII: Sunday, 4 Mar 2007

women protesting discrimination in Iran are arrested
Pakistan successfully tests a short-ranged missile
Cherokees want to unenrol their black slave descendents
Mandaeans in Iraq are facing extinction

W E E K   T E N

LXIV: Monday, 5 Mar 2007

talks begin between North Korea and the US
Ghana celebrates its 50 years of independence
a moose brings down a helicopter, yet dies in the end (poor thing)
scientists in Berlin have built a machine that can read minds, just a little

LXV: Tuesday, 6 Mar 2007

the Israeli ambassador points out anti-Semitism of German bishops
the US concedes it is not perfect with regards to human rights
virtual pornography is now punishable by law
at least 90 Shiite pilgrims are killed by a suicider in Iraq

LXVI: Wednesday, 7 Mar 2007

Jordan's king wants the US pushing for peace
South Korea addresses the pressing question of robot ethics
alleged black magic sparks tribal violence in Vanuatu
aid to Darfur is prevented by Sudan

LXVII: Thursday, 8 Mar 2007

Dems want to abandon Iraq in 16 months
Norway's Nazi children sue for discrimination
less Germans now go traveling for the US
Michael Jackson says, people were out to get him

LXVIII: Friday, 9 Mar 2007

the Europeans agree to push renewable energy
the US and Brazil are looking for biofuels
Farrakhan says he has been evolving
South Park is praised for saying the N-word 40 times

LXIX: Saturday, 10 Mar 2007

negotiations have failed in the Kosovo
Bush wants to trade more with Uruguay
Chavez attacks US "domination"
non-married couples and gays demonstrate for more rights in Italy

LXX: Sunday, 11 Mar 2007

Chirac won't be running another time
Zimbabwe's opposition leader is being held captive
Bush is visiting Colombia
Olmert meets Abbas, they want to talk yet some more

W E E K   E L E V E N

LXXI: Monday, 12 Mar 2007

Uganda lawyers strike for a stronger judiciary
UN investigators smash Sudan for its murder and rapine in Darfur
Syria wants a dialog with the US on Middle East matters
Police brutally end the protest of thousands in China's province of Hunan

LXXII: Tuesday, 13 Mar 2007

South Africa calls for citizens' rights in Zimbabwe
Viacom's suing Google's YouTube
the home of Somalia's president has been attacked
Bush is planning immigration reforms

LXXIII: Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007

Morgan Tsvangirai goes on defying Mugabe
violence in Iraq has decreased dramatically
Gazprom's rule now extends to the Romans
Hamas and Fatah agree on forming a government

LXXIV: Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

Mugabe blames the opposition for his violent rule
new sanctions against Iran are put before the UN
Maoist rebels kill 50 policemen in India
Khalid Mohammed, of 9/11 infamy, admits to having beheaded Daniel Pearl

LXXV: Friday, 16 Mar 2007

Mugabe wants to expel critical diplomats
one hundred and fifty different species are dying each day
a film on the battle of Thermopylae has Persians worried 'bout public relations
Spanish winter strawberries are said to endanger the natural environment

LXXVI: Saturday, 17 Mar 2007

the African Union appeals to Mugabe to behave like a human
protest for and against the war in Iraq in US and Europe
lawyers protest in Pakistan over the ousting of a supreme judge
caves have been spotted on Mars

LXXVII: Sunday, 18 Mar 2007

Zimbabwe stops the opposition from leaving the country
Germany blames the US for blocking environmental progress
Israel worries about the new Palestinian government
political violence hits the South of Nepal

W E E K   T W E L V E

LXXVIII: Monday, 19 Mar 2007

coal miners are killed in Siberia
the US let Ahmadinejad travel to New York
the Taliban free their Italian hostage
Chavez wants his allies to form a unified party (here we go again)

LXXIX: Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007

the skywalk over Grand Canyon is opened by the Hualapai
Italy cracks down on the Camorra in Naples
Schwarzenegger calls Limbaugh irrelevant
genetically modified mosquitoes might help fight malaria

LXXX: Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

a German lawyer defends wife-beating with the Quran
a Saxon school bans Harry Potter, it's magic offends Christian parents
the UN deems German schools discriminatory towards minorities and disabled
arsonists light up a construction site for a mosque in Berlin

LXXXI: Thursday, 22 Mar 2007

an archbishop in Zimbabwe calls for resistance against Mugabe
explosions shatter Mozambique's capital
France opens its UFO archive for all kinds of nutters (and researchers)
Scotland Yard arrests suspects for the 2005 attacks in London

LXXXII: Friday, 23 Mar 2007

Iran captures 15 British sailors allegedly in its waters
the US house votes to pull out of Iraq by fall 2008
government troops regain Kinshasa after oppositional violence
Symantec says: Microsoft Windows is now the safest OS

LXXXIII: Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

the EU celebrates its 50th birthday
Iran says to UN: we don't care what you think
Sudan bars the UN humanitarian chief from visiting a refugee camp in Darfur
Mormons are pissed by the sight of angel Moron-i on a tee-shirt for coffee

LXXXIV: Sunday, 25 Mar 2007

Iran plans to play poker with the lives of its British hostages
Tamil Tigers attack a Sri Lankan airport
Jemenites attack a gas plant, someone said someone there tore up a Quran
Germany frees a former RAF terrorist

W E E K   T H I R T E E N

LXXXV: Monday, 26 Mar 2007

Catholics and Protestants agree to share power in Northern Ireland
the UN wants independence for Kosovo
Japan's prime minister makes an apology for enslaving women in World War II
Egyptians were given no choice but to vote for strengthening their government

LXXXVI: Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007

UK and Iran talk discreetly about the 15 sailors
Prodi wins the vote to keep Italian troops in Afghanistan
up to 600 may have died in the recent Congolese clashes
Burma's military junta reveals their new capital of Naypyidaw

LXXXVII: Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

Mugabe once again attacks the opposition
the US loses its technological leadership to Denmark and Sweden
mammal rise may not be linked to dinosaurs' demise
San Francisco intends to ban plastic grocery bags

LXXXVIII: Thursday, 29 Mar 2007

the US senate pushes for a pullout from Iraq
a schoolboy dies from binge drinking in Berlin
Turkey's restored a former Armenian church as a museum
Secretary Gates urges Congress to close Guantanamo

LXXXIX: Friday, 30 Mar 2007

Mugabe's party wants him to "run" once again
breastfeeding alone nutrition may cut babies' HIV infection risk
EU ministers pressure Iran on returning the British soldiers
Putin seeks no third term, despite campaigns to change the rules

XC: Saturday, 31 Mar 2007

protests in Kiev are torn between support for Yushchenko or Yanukovych
a French architect says inner ramps were used to build the pyramid of Cheops
Peru is urged to protect isolated Amazonian tribes from logging thugs
an Australian interned at Gitmo is returned home, must serve 9 more months


XCI: Sunday, 1 Apr 2007

Israel wants to talk with Arabs about their offer of peace
Maoists are sworn into Nepali government
a tsunami hits the Solomon islands
Russia bans all foreigners from working in retail

W E E K   F O U R T E E N

XCII: Monday, 2 Apr 2007

Paul Watzlawick has died
Yushchenko dissolves the Ukrainian parliament
the US Supreme Court pushes environmental policies
five AU peacekeepers are killed in Darfur

XCIII: Tuesday, 3 Apr 2007

Britney Spears made the list of "Most Foolish Americans" (Dubya is 4th)
protests in Ukraine turn against Yushchenko
Ivanov says: don't buy Estonian, they hate Soviet statues
fossils in China hint to a mating of Sapiens and Neanderthals

XCIV: Wednesday, 4 Apr 2007

Iran lets go his 15 hostages
the EU wants to scrap its tariffs on exports from former colonies
Daimler confirms its intentions to sell Chrysler
Pope Inquisition decries atheists and Western culture as "empty"

XCV: Thursday, 5 Apr 2007

a UN report documents changes in the climate already today
the Ugandan Constitutional Court rejects its adultery laws as sexist
conditions at camp Guantanamo are worsening, says AI
Eritrea outlaws female "circumcision" and makes it punishable by law

XCVI: Friday, 6 Apr 2007

Philippinos let themselves be crucified on Good Friday again
Alger Hiss, accused of Cold War espionage, was innocent
Saddam did not work with Al Qaida, Dick Cheney begs to differ though, still
the British sailors held in Iran had been forced to wrongly confess

XCVII: Saturday, 7 Apr 2007

two are still missing after a cruise ship sank near Santorini
China starts regulating its organ donor practices
a Mexican TV reporter is shot in Acapulco on the street
Disney lets gays have their wedding in Cinderella's Castle

XCVIII: Sunday, 8 Apr 2007

ETA says it wants peace and blames the man
Charles Simonyi blasts off into space
Newt Gingrich recommends that Gonzales step down
Al Sadr wants attacks to focus on the GIs, not the Iraqis

W E E K   F I F T E E N

XCIX: Monday, 9 Apr 2007

Iran claims it can produce nuclear fuel on a bigger scale now
Shiites in Najaf protest against American troops in Iraq
Sudan's war in Darfur spills over to Chad
an eloped white mouse stops a plane in Viet Nam

C: Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

four terrorists are killed in Casablanca, three blew themselves up
thirteen prisoners on hunger strike in Gitmo are force-fed
Chad admits its troops have been on Sudanese soil
the World Bank aids in saving the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan

CI: Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007

the atmosphere of gas giant HD 209458b contains water
al Qaeda undertakes bomb attacks in Algiers
Cannabis consumption increases the chances for schizophrenia
Ecuador warns that the Galapagos islands may be at risk

CII: Thursday, 12 Apr 2007

Kurt Vonnegut is dead
bombs hit Iraq's parliament in the assumedly safe zone
scientists find a clear genetic link to obesity
the Chinese PM urges Japan to admit its guilt in World War II

CIII: Friday, 13 Apr 2007

chickens are shown to be distant cousins of Tyrannosaurus Rex
Japan's PM wants to deploy Japanese troops more easily
Egypt rejects Amnesty's claim it's a center of torture
scientists push for more and sincere protection of oceans

CIV: Saturday, 14 Apr 2007

Moscow police break up am anti-Putin demonstration with violence
Daimler wants to keep parts of Chrysler still
teaching abstinence won't deter kids from sex (a study was needed for that)
a German governor defending a dead Nazi judge still won't back down

CV: Sunday, 15 Apr 2007

a Catholic archbishop calls for the fight against Mugabe
scientists with NASA and Stanford confirm Einstein's relativity
the US military starts using the Osprey
high blood pressure may be caused by the brain, scientists say

W E E K   S I X T E E N

CVI: Monday, 16 Apr 2007

33 die at a campus shooting in Virginia
Moqtada Al Sadr pulls his ministers from the Iraqi cabinet
Russia presses the UK to extradite an oppositional politician
Muslims groups press Philippine rebels and the government to stop the fighting

CVII: Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Islamists attack Nigerian police
a man in the Sudan who had sex with animals is forced to marry a goat
the mayor of Nagasaki has been shot dead (by the mob?)
protestors in Kyrgyzstan rally for new elections

CVIII: Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007

at least 160 died in car bomb attacks in Baghdad
Iran starts with the enrichment of uranium
Sudan abuses the UN logo for military aircraft and smuggling weapons
three employees in a Christian publishing house in Turkey were cut their throat

CIX: Thursday, 19 Apr 2007

NATO says, Russia shouldn't fear missile defense
Abbas says, the abducted BBC reporter is still alive
Police say, NBC should not have published the Virginian campus shooter's video
EU ministers say, incitement to racism is a crime (not holocaust denial though)

CX: Friday, 20 Apr 2007

McCain, for fun, sings "bomb, bomb Iran" while campaigning
the US increase their security in Germany
there is no purgatory, the Vatican says now officially
Abu Sayyaf decaptitate seven Christian hostages on Jolo

CXI: Saturday, 21 Apr 2007

Nigeria votes amidst protests and violence
Charles Simonyi safely returns back from space
the Taleban use a 12-year old boy to behead a man
Bhutan holds mock elections to practice democracy

CXII: Sunday, 22 Apr 2007

two major opposition candidates reject Nigeria's poll
Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal will run for French president
gunmen kill 23 Yazidis in Mosul
an Icelander saving Atlantic salmon received an environmental award

W E E K   S E V E N T E E N

CXIII: Monday, 23 Apr 2007

Boris Yeltzin is dead
The EU agrees on sanctions against Iran's nuclear program
India launches its first commercial rocket into space
Mel Brooks is freed from the Producers finally, after 2500 shows

CXIV: Tuesday, 24 Apr 2007

a man cuts off his penis in a London restaurant (it got reattached later)
China may surpass the US in its greenhouse gas emissions this year
rap label Def Jam's founder wants to clean lyrics of niggers, bitches and hos
Mexico City intends to vote to legalize abortion

CXV: Wednesday, 25 Apr 2007

an Earth-like planet is found 20.5 light years away
Nigeria's opposition want a new vote
Argentina cancels pardons for past junta leaders
minorities in China fail to benefit from its economic boom

CXVI: Thursday, 26 Apr 2007

the whole of Congress approves the pullout from Iraq
Russia wants to increase its conventional weapons arsenal
the EU parliament tells Polish leaders to stop their homophobia
a lesbian who just married has to flee from the police in Nigeria

CXVII: Friday, 27 Apr 2007

a senior US Army officer says, they repeated the mistakes of Viet Nam
Blair wants the EU to concern itself with more practical matters
the Euro is up to 1,36667 Dollars
the Saudis claim to have thwarted a major terror attack

CXVIII: Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

the Turkish government warns the army not to interfere in elections
more than 55 die in an attack in Karbala
Israel kills at least 3 Hamas fighters
the Peruvian president gets emergency powers to deal with drugs and crime

CXIX: Sunday, 29 Apr 2007

people rally to defend secularism in Turkey
Modbury in England forbids the use plastic grocery bags
a Dutch nut has finished building a replica of Noah's ark
US scientists succeed in simulating half of a mouse's brain on a computer

W E E K   E I G H T E E N

CXX: Monday, 30 Apr 2007

the US refuse the Russian offer to join forces regarding the Lunar base
the THC in cannabis is shown to contribute to psychosis and brain damage
British Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq
Al Qaeda tells Hamas to be more violent


CXXI: Tuesday, 1 May 2007

the US and the EU have started working towards a common market
Bush vetoes a Congressional bill for withdrawal from Iraq
the US want to give North Korea more time to disarm
Arctic ice is melting faster than projected

CXXII: Wednesday, 2 May 2007

more than half of Mars may contain ice
a gladiators' graveyard has been discovered in Ephesus
the International Criminal Court issues warrants for a Sudanese minister
an Australian senator says, "deliberately barren" women shan't govern

CXXIII: Thursday, 3 May 2007

pioneering astronaut Walter Schirra is dead
Israelis want PM Olmert to resign
the foreign ministers of the US and Syria are talking
a UN climate conference in Bangkok agrees something needs to be done

CXXIV: Friday, 4 May 2007

Iran bashes US policy in Iraq
the new mayor of Mogadishu forbids people to carry weapons on the streets
two journalists in Azerbaijan are jailed for allegedly insulting Islam
rumors say Microsoft approached Yahoo for takeover

CXXV: Saturday, 5 May 2007

a tornado destroys a small town in Kansas and kills 9
Paris Hilton has to go to jail for 45 days
Al Qaeda's Al Sawahiri regrets that the US want to pull out of Iraq
a Kenyan Boeing crashes in Cameroon with 114 passengers

CXXVI: Sunday, 6 May 2007

a calf of bovines has been born a hermaphrodite with six legs (2 days ago)
Sarkozy wins the French presidency
mass graves of more than 100 people are found in Colombia
grey whales in the Pacific are thinner than usual, a harbinger of news to come?

W E E K   N I N E T E E N

CXXVII: Monday, 7 May 2007

20'000 pose nude for an art project in Mexico, DF
Queen Elizabeth is received by President George
the German president refuses to pardon two RAF terrorists
an explosion blows a hole in a gas pipeline in the Ukraine

CXXVIII: Tuesday, 8 May 2007

East Timor has its first presidential election since independence
a radical nationalist is chosen as the speaker of the Serb parliament
China and Russia deny Amnesty's claims they would deliver weapons to Sudan
an MP in India gets life in prison for kidnapping a rival

CXXIX: Wednesday, 9 May 2007

the pope is visiting Brazil
electricity is rationed in Zimbabwe
Chad's beginning to demobilize their child soldiers
Bush announces to veto any new Iraq bill

CXXX: Thursday, 10 May 2007

Blair will retire June 27
indigenous Tasmanian remains will be returned to Australian Aboriginals
Bush will veto a bill making war spending dependent on progress reports
new Terminator films will have to do without the Governator

CXXXI: Friday, 11 May 2007

the pope finds the first holy person in Brazil
a lower-caste party wins elections in Uttar Pradesh
both Koreas work on a joint railroad link
new documents prove Japan used "comfort women" during the war

CXXXII: Saturday, 12 May 2007

James Doohan's ashes have been lost, beamed into the desert sand
gunfire by rivaling political groups hits the streets of Karachi
anti-gay protests hit the streets of Rome
Serbia wins the Euromerde song contest

CXXXIII: Sunday, 13 May 2007

Malietoa, the High Chief of Samoa has died
ruling parties win the election in Armenia, the opposition speaks of fraud
a cat survives on a 35-day sea trip from China without water or food
the Serb parliament speaker steps down as demanded by the ruling parties

W E E K   T W E N T Y

CXXXIV: Monday, 14 May 2007

Daimler divorces Chrysler
Fatah and Hamas agree to a new truce
Condoleezza Rice rejects talk of a new cold war
Rome's ruins are becoming more and more fragile

CXXXV: Tuesday, 15 May 2007

the hate-mongering evangelist Jerry Falwell is dead
Bush appoints Gen. Lute as a war czar
scientists find a ring of dark matter billions of light years away
the US government praises Wolfowitz and won't hear of firing him

CXXXVI: Wednesday, 16 May 2007

new violence breaks out between Hamas and Fatah
Prince Harry can't prove his manhood in Iraq due to threats
Sarkozy takes power in France
Wolfowitz refuses to step down on his own

CXXXVII: Thursday, 17 May 2007

the Moskovite patriarchy rejoins with orthodox Russians abroad
the new Scottish prime minister favors secession from the UK
the EU and Russia talk, relaxedly, about their problems
Bush ceases to support Wolfowitz, who may now resign in June

CXXXVIII: Friday, 18 May 2007

Merkel angers Putin by talking about human rights
the Polar oceans will retain less CO2 than initially projected
the founder of Doctors Without Borders joins Sarkozy's cabinet
13 die in an explosion at a historic mosque in Hyderabad

CXXXIX: Saturday, 19 May 2007

Blair visits his troops in Iraq
3 German soldiers, 5 Afghan civilians are killed in Kundus
fringe German leftists and the old Stalinists form a "new" party
pseudo-leftist Michael Moore has manufactured another film for Cannes

CXL: Sunday, 20 May 2007

a car bomb kills a woman in Beirut
Israel hits the house of a leader of the militant Hamas
Lebanese troops fight extremist refugees from Fatah Islam
more than sixty Kassam rockets from Gaza have hit Sderot in the last days

W E E K   T W E N T Y - O N E

CXLI: Monday, 21 May 2007

a BBC film on Sex Crimes and the Vatican creates a furor in Italian media
an exploding meteoroid may cooled down North America 13000 years ago
Democratic Governor Richardson of New Mexico is running for president
Sikhs prepare for a general strike in Punjab after an act of alleged blasphemy

CXLII: Tuesday, 22 May 2007

thousands of refugees flee from the fighting in Lebanon
Tarantino shows off his new film at Cannes
rainforest in Uganda is temporarily saved from a sugar cane plantation
6 die and 80 are wounded in a terrorist attack in Ankara

CXLIII: Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Naples continues to be piling up with garbage
Amnesty International sees a rising erosion of human rights, world-wide
12 men are found guilty for the murder of Djindjic in Serbia
Scientists find that Mars has been much wetter in the past

CXLIV: Thursday, 24 May 2007

Japan wants a global reduction of greenhouse gases by 50% by 2050
36 are killed in a mining accident in Siberia
McDonald's in the US wants to get rid of trans-fats
dolphins are found to have different accents

CXLV: Friday, 25 May 2007

Bush won't have nothing of Merkel's plans against global warming
the Ukrainian president takes charge of troops of the interior ministry
Al-Sadr demands that US troops leave Iraq
a test for the American missile defense system fails miserably

CXLVI: Saturday, 26 May 2007

thousands of Dalits are set to convert to Buddhism to escape persecution
Bishop Tutu says Anglicans should turn to real problems instead of gay priests
Al-Sadr says he wants to cooperate with the Sunnis against the Americans
Paul Newman says goodbye to acting after 50 years

CXLVII: Sunday, 27 May 2007

people rally in front of a critical TV station Chavez wants closed
the US and Iran will have their first formal talks in 27 years
Ukraine's president and prime minister have reached a compromise
Gays demonstrating for their rights are beaten in Moscow, the mayor rejoiced

W E E K   T W E N T Y - T W O

CXLVIII: Monday, 28 May 2007

the new creation museum near Cincinnati makes telling lies a fun activity
Humpbacks Delta and Dawn are on their way to the open seas again
the US army discovers an Al Qaeda prison site in Iraq with hints at torture
Iran says it wants to support the stabilization of Iraq (so they say)

CXLIX: Tuesday, 29 May 2007

scientists may have found an antibody for bird flu in humans
Sarkozy won't be stopping talks with Turkey about EU accession
Bush announces to toughen sanctions against the Sudan over Darfur
Russia successfully tests a new intercontinental ballistic missile

CL: Wednesday, 30 May 2007

a UN court is appointed to try the murder of Rafik Hariri (Syria protests)
great apes are increasingly threatened by the changing climate
India warns of growing HIV infections in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
a Malayan Sharia court denies the conversion of a former Muslim to Christianity

CLI: Thursday, 31 May 2007

General Mladic's aide Tolomir is arrested in Bosnia
the Blue Whale might become more populous (still at fractions of times all past)
the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter will open in Orlando in 2009
Bush claims to want a new climate-saving initiative


CLII: Friday, 1 Jun 2007

fighting intensifies around the refugee camp in Lebanon
public-sector workers are on strike in South Africa, demand better wages
Japan wants to kill more whales, threatens to walk from the IWC
Teletubby "Tinky Winky" mayn't be gay, Polish experts assure their government

CLIII: Saturday, 2 Jun 2007

a plot by four people to blow up JFK airport has been uncovered
rioters protesting the G8 summit in Rostock hurt 150 police
Putin sees himself as democrat and attacks the West for human rights abuses
Paris Hilton has to be in jail by Tuesday, and her record deal went kaput

CLIV: Sunday, 3 Jun 2007

Putin wants to point missiles at Europe if America builds her missile defense
Tamil rebels posing as police kill two Sri Lankan Red Cross volunteers
Australia's PM Howard promises an own scheme to cut CO2 emissions
UK's future PM Brown promises not to cut civil liberties when tough on terror

W E E K   T W E N T Y - T H R E E

CLV: Monday, 4 Jun 2007

a Roma girl in Romania suicides: her parents forced her to marry, leave school
debating Democrats demand that the troops be pulled from Iraq
the war crimes trial against butcher Charles Taylor starts in The Hague
astrophysicists discover the coldest Brown Dwarf star ever seen

CLVI: Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007

former White House aide Libby gets 30 months jail for perjury and obstruction
Bush criticizes Russia and China for a lack of democracy
ETA declares the cease-fire with Spain to be over by midnight
Columbia makes a gesture of goodwill by freeing 56 imprisoned rebels

CLVII: Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007

the G8 summit has begun
a man tries to board the papamobile, the pope is well, the man was insane
Oetzi the ice man died thru an arrow 5300 years ago, scientists conclude
the genetic basis for several diseases has been revealed

CLVIII: Thursday, 7 Jun 2007

a wheelchair driver gets picked up by a truck, drives 50 mph by accident
Putin offers to use Azerbaijan as a joint base for European missile defense
a new road bridge is opened between Liberia and Sierra Leone
the police evict hundreds of Tamils from Colombo (reasons of security)

CLIX: Friday, 8 Jun 2007

Paris Hilton has to return to jail after put to house arrest yesterday
Atlantis is set to fly to the space station to day
31 workers, enslaved for a year at a Chinese mill, are freed by the police
the UN chief condemns Ahmadinejad's recent threats against Israel

CLX: Saturday, 9 Jun 2007

700 people cycle nude in the UK to promote cycling (and nudity?)
heavy storms have killed 6 people in New South Wales
Turkey's allegedly shelled Kurdish parts in Northern Iraq
Bush calls for independence for Kosovo

CLXI: Sunday, 10 Jun 2007

Bush is at least loved in Albania
Sarkozy wins the parliamentary elections
Conservatives win in Belgium, too
Sao Paolo celebrates gay pride (more than 2000 gays killed in Brazil last year)

W E E K   T W E N T Y - F O U R

CLXII: Monday, 11 Jun 2007

philosopher Richard Rorty has died last Friday
media theorist Rudolf Arnheim has died last Saturday
US Attorney General Gonzales won't have the confidence of the Senate
a Virginia court grants an "unlawful" combatant habeas corpus (finally)

CLXIII: Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007

Hamas and Fatah are locked in a deadly civil war
Ehud Barak will lead Israel's Labour party
Sudan agrees to a hybrid AU/UN force in Darfur
Bush keeps pushing his immigration reform

CLXIV: Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007

Hamas continues to push Fatah out of Gaza
Shimon Peres is Israel's new President
the Shiite Golden Mosque in Samarra is bombed
anti-Syrian politician Walid Eido is killed by a car bomb in Beirut

CLXV: Thursday, 14 Jun 2007

Kurt Waldheim has died
Abbas cancels the coalition government after Hamas takes over Gaza
computer problems at the ISS force Atlantis to stay longer
former planet Pluto isn't even the biggest of the dwarf planets (Eris is bigger)

CLXVI: Friday, 15 Jun 2007

Abbas nominates a new Palestinian Prime Minister
Salman Rushdie's now a knight (the Mullahs have to call him Sir now)
Indonesia claims to have captured the chief of the Jemaah Islamiah
Russia warns NATO (again) it wants to increase conventional troops

CLXVII: Saturday, 16 Jun 2007

Fatah now conquers Hamas positions in the West Bank
North Korea claims to shut down its reactor if funds return
a new source for the Amazon may make it the longest river in the world
bird flu kills a man in Viet Nam

CLXVIII: Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

French winemaker-terrorists demand higher prices for wine
Poland threatens a veto on EU voting reform, wants higher share
the Iranian government is harassing critical professors and students
Hamas denounces the new Palestinian cabinet as illegal

W E E K   T W E N T Y - F I V E

CLXIX: Monday, 18 Jun 2007

US, EU and Israel resume aid to Palestinians (but not to Hamas)
a global ring of more than 700 pedophiles is smashed, 31 kids saved
a big oilfield is discovered offshore off Ghana
a Pakistani minister sees terror as appropriate reaction to Rushdie's knighthood

CLXX: Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007

Atlantis is on her way back home
the Vatican felt it necessary to issue Ten Commandments for better driving
Gordon Brown wants to sponsor the sciences in Britain
Nigeria's trade unions will undertake a general strike starting tomorrow

CLXXI: Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007

the EU constitution may be put to rest
Venezuelan oppositional TV may air out of Mexico
Abbas claims Hamas wanted to assassinate him
Iran's government plans to reintroduce stoning as capital punishment

CLXXII: Thursday, 21 Jun 2007

German pseudo-left Lafontaine has fans amongst the Neonazis
the EU starts their little reform summit amidst heightened agitation
Hillary's campaign associates the Clintons with the Sopranos, on video
Australia bans alcohol and porn for Aboriginals in Northern Territory

CLXXIII: Friday, 22 Jun 2007

Okinawans protest against planned distortions of history textbooks
People in Ivory Coast will be compensated for toxic waste disaster
North Korea is apparently ready to shut down their reactor
Pakistan is building a new nuclear reactor

CLXXIV: Saturday, 23 Jun 2007

the EU find their reform compromise after may a setback
45 people die from rain and flood in India
Hamid Karzai urges NATO to cause less civilian deaths in Afghanistan
Elwood from California is voted world's ugliest dog

CLXXV: Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Gordon Brown succeeds Tony Blair as Labour chief
six UN peacekeepers are been killed in Lebanon
more than 200 are killed by storms in Pakistan
Nigerian unions conclude their general strike

W E E K   T W E N T Y - S I X

CLXXVI: Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Bombs kill six Sunni Sheiks in Baghdad
Israel will free 250 jailed Fatah followers if they swear off violence
Mexico suspends 300 cops in a fight against corruption
Robert Zoellick is elected chief of the World Bank

CLXXVII: Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007

Russia wants to build new intercontinental missiles
Tony Blair may become a special envoy for the Middle East
Iran rations gas for private motorists (who ain't so happy)
Paris Hilton leaves jail (happily)

CLXXVIII: Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Gordon Brown is the new British Prime Minister
18 people die in a fight between police and thugs in Rio de Janeiro
Egyptologists identify a recently found mummy as Hatshepsut
Maoists incinerate a train station in West Bengal


Bush's immigration reform fails in the senate (it was too liberal)
Portugal says, if Turkey fulfills conditions, they may get into the EU
Egypt completely bans female genital mutilation
Scientists succeed in killing an HI virus with gene manipulation

CLXXX: Friday, 29 Jun 2007

two car bombs are defused in London
the US supreme court will admit Guantanamo appeals
Canadian natives protest poverty and social issues
Hundreds of thousands are hit by a cyclone in Pakistan

CLXXXI: Saturday, 30 Jun 2007

Rockets are fired at the plane of the Ivorian PM (they missed him)
Ugandan rebels sign a deal for peace
Apple's iPhone hits stores in the US
the Turkmen "president" gives himself a medal for his 50th birthday


CLXXXII: Sunday, 1 Jul 2007

Bush and Putin are meeting for talks
Hugo Chavez meets Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (quite the couple)
England enacts a public smoking ban (finally)
Israel releases funds to the Palestinian authority

W E E K   T W E N T Y - S E V E N

CLXXXIII: Monday, 2 Jul 2007

Bush commutes Libby and saves him from jail - but not from conviction
a bomb in Yemen kills 7 Spanish tourists and 2 locals
police have arrested the eighth man regarding the London bombing attempts
300 unpaid migrant workers on strike are beaten by armed men in China

CLXXXIV: Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007

a 1000 slave workers have been freed in Brazil
The AU summit sees divergent views on African unification
Charles Taylor appears at court at The Hagues for the first time
North Korea's Kim urges everyone to commit to nuclear disarmament

CLXXXV: Wednesday, 4 Jul 2007

Russia will host the Olympic games in 2014
Hamburg forbids smoking in public buildings
the UN will send 20.000 troops to Darfur
Bill Clinton criticizes Bush for leniency towards Libby

CLXXXVI: Thursday, 5 Jul 2007

scientists show that men speak as much as women
the rebels in a Pakistan mosque are set to surrender
Turkey's high court favors election reforms that would benefit the Islamists
a former Rwandan major is found guilty of murdering Belgian peacekeepers

CLXXXVII: Friday, 6 Jul 2007

in South Africa, a girl is born with four legs
in Somalia, 5 children die when playing with a land mine
in Colombia, thousands protest against kidnappings and civil wars
in India, a baby survives being buried alive by her grandfather

CLXXXVIII: Saturday, 7 Jul 2007

a suicide bomber kills 117 people in the market of Amerli in Northern Iraq
the US Navy investigates possible wrongdoing by Marines in Falluja in 2004
a Malaysian Hindu woman was forced to eat beef at a Muslim clinic
German pseudo-leftist Lafontaine applauds Chavez' closing of a TV station

CLXXXIX: Sunday, 8 Jul 2007

Moqtada Sadr's followers attack PM Maliki for supporting a "US agenda"
Israel's Foreign Minister Livni meets with Palestinian PM Fayyad
officials in Hunan province have violated the one-child-rule since 2000
London's terror attempts can be linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq

W E E K   T W E N T Y - E I G H T

CXC: Monday, 9 Jul 2007

the US army chief in Iraq warns that the conflict could go on for decades
the FARC leader is found guilty of kidnapping Americans
226 Guatemalan migrants are found in one truck in Mexico
Antidepressants are the number one prescription drug in the US

CXCI: Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007

the Red Mosque in Pakistan is stormed, the leader killed
Al-Qaeda "condemns" Rushdie's knighthood and threaten retaliation
the Libyan HIV trial ends with financial compensations
the Pope tells protestants, they are not really churches

CXCII: Wednesday, 11 Jul 2007

a man flies to his friend's wedding a year early
an almost complete baby mammoth is found frozen in Siberia
Hongkong vows to create democracy
the UK vows to fight against female genital mutilation

CXCIII: Thursday, 12 Jul 2007

a German bishop approves introducing creation myth into biology classes
Bush wants to go on in Iraq, believes in success
Liberia starts seizing the funds of former president Taylor
drinking tea may be better than drinking water

CXCIV: Friday, 13 Jul 2007

the US senate doubles the reward for Osama bin Laden to 50 Million Dollars
Turkey raises their troops to 200'000 along the Iraq/Kurdish border
Pygmy musicians are housed in a zoo in Brazzaville for a festival
GOP senators push Bush for a pull-out from Iraq

CXCV: Saturday, 14 Jul 2007

a baby is born in Poland with 1.2 blood alcohol (the mother was drunk)
a guy in DC went to rob a house, got offered wine, hugged them all, and left
North Korea says they've shut down their nuclear reactor
Russia suspends the pact to control and reduce conventional arms

CXCVI: Sunday, 15 Jul 2007

Taleban militants in Pakistan end their truce
66 people are arrested over child porn in Spain
Marines in Iraq were ordered to "crank up the violence level"
the AU and the UN talk in Libya about the future of Darfur

W E E K   T W E N T Y - N I N E

CXCVII: Monday, 16 Jul 2007

at least 80 die in terrorist attacks in Iraq
after problems in a nuclear plant, Vattenfall fires a leading executive
an Al Qaeda member is arrested in Poland, attacks are feared
the deputy head of Bertelsmann in Russia is found dead

CXCVIII: Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007

Russia punishes Estonia with cutting exports in coal, steal and oil in half
Serbia, supported by Russia, wants no further negotiations over Kosovo
Libya condemns the falsely accused Bulgarian nurses to life
an airbus in Sao Paolo slides into a gas station, 200 are dead

CXCIX: Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007

a transformer blast shakes up Manhattan, just steam, but 1 dead
a suicide bomber kills seven in North-West Pakistan
underground water is found in Darfur, which is hoped to bring peace
Florida resumes its practice of murdering people legally (i.e. death penalty)

CC: Thursday, 19 Jul 2007

Israel commences the release of 250 Palestinians
a Columbian drug baron is flown to the US to stand trial
the Darfur conflict is spilling over to the Central African Republic
women still get paid much less than men in the EU

CCI: Friday, 20 Jul 2007

the UN resolution over Kosovo has failed
Bush forbids torture (but insists on interning "unlawful combatants")
the ancient lake under Darfur is discovered to have dried up ages ago
the sixtieth moon of Saturn has been discovered

CCII: Saturday, 21 Jul 2007

Pratibha Patil is India's first female president
President Bush is back in power after having had ass surgery
dust storms on Mars threaten the roving probes
General Musharraf "respects" the court's reinstating the chief justice

CCIII: Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Erdogan's Islamist party wins the Turkish parliamentary elections
a new Israeli textbook acknowledges the Arab view of things
Pakistan rejects US raid, says, Bin Laden's not there
Chavez will kick out foreigners who publicly criticize him

W E E K   T H I R T Y

CCIV: Monday, 23 Jul 2007

the medics wrongly accused of transmitting HIV return to Bulgaria
the candidate for Belgian PM thinks the Marseillaise is the Belgian anthem
China postpones a pollution report and keeps quiet about statistics
the world may be losing the fight against aids, says a Bush aide

CCV: Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007

500 have died in a heat wave in Hungary
the iPhone may have been sold less than expected
a militant rocket kills 14 in Bannu in north-west Pakistan
the Russians are sending a sub to the north pole to stake a claim

CCVI: Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

the Arabian League officially talks with Israel for the first time
more than 50 soccer fans die in Baghdad through bombing fanatics
agreement with suicide attacks has fallen sharply amongst muslims
Kazakh doctors blame the health system for rise in HIV infections

CCVII: Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

Sarkozy wants to deliver nuclear and weapons technology to Libya
il maximo lider (or Führer) can not attend revolutionary celebrations this year
Libya protests the pardons of the falsely accused medics
hundreds of African migrant children in the Canaries are abused and beaten

CCVIII: Friday, 27 Jul 2007

US Congress approves a new anti-terror bill
Fatah wants to refrain from violence from now on
the UN warn about a rise of lynchings in Haiti
the UN probe into killings of mountain gorillas in DR Congo

CCIX: Saturday, 28 Jul 2007

a mechanical toe has been found on an Egyptian mummy
Liberia lifts its ban on mining diamonds
two TV choppers covering a car chase collide in Arizona
the US prepare a $20 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

CCX: Sunday, 29 Jul 2007

Ingmar Bergman is dead
China wants to create a big automotive enterprise
the number of severe hurricanes has doubled in the 20th century
the Lebanese army moves into a refugee camp to fight Islamists

W E E K   T H I R T Y - O N E

CCXI: Monday, 30 Jul 2007

Brown expresses his loyalty to Bush
two Korean hostages are found dead in Afghanistan
the US pushes Japan to apologize for whoring women in WWII
Ivory Coast officials burn weapons to hail the end of civil war

CCXII: Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007

Michelangelo Antonioni is dead
Rupert Murdoch buys the Dow Jones (and the WSJ)
cannabis is found more dangerous than tobacco (if consumed equally)
Mexico warns that the planned fence to the US disrupts the ecosystem


CCXIII: Wednesday, 1 Aug 2007

a bridge in Minneapolis crashes into the Mississippi, kills 7
Fisher Price recalls a million toys made in China with leaded paint
the Serb foreign minister thinks a compromise possible for Kosovo
an Australian Aboriginal legally stolen from as a child wins compensation

CCXIV: Thursday, 2 Aug 2007

a sheep born with seven legs in Australia has to be killed
too little sex may lead people to become workaholics
a night train in Congo crashes, kills 100
an Australian grand-grand-mother finishes her studies with 94 years

CCXV: Friday, 3 Aug 2007

a US marine gets 15 years for killing an Iraqi civilian
Bush announces a conference on climate change next month
abstinence programs don't work , Oxford scientists find
1800 Chinese officials confess to have been corrupt

CCXVI: Saturday, 4 Aug 2007

a US soldier gets 110 years for raping and murdering a girl in Iraq
LA citizens hold a massive anti-gang rally
the Phoenix probe lifts off on a nine-month voyage to Mars
the chief of Burundi's central bank is arrested for embezzlement

CCXVII: Sunday, 5 Aug 2007

three youth are killed execution-style in a New Jersey parking lot
fires threaten the city of Dubrovnik
Poland's government is facing new elections
"Bio"diesel plantations in Ethiopia are threatening an Elephant habitat

W E E K   T H I R T Y - T W O

CCXVIII: Monday, 6 Aug 2007

AI warns over human rights abuses in China during the Olympics (duh!)
Côte d'Ivoire's presidents wants elections, he says
the US is losing track of weapons it gave to Iraqi security forces
Spielberg may quit directing the Olympic games over China's Sudan policies

CCXIX: Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007

the Chinese river dolphin Baiji may now be extinct
Iraq pledges to fight Kurdish rebels after Turkish demands
the two Koreas are planning a summit later this month
the Israeli army forcibly removes "settlers" from Hebron

CCXX: Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007

Pakistani President Musharraf may consider declaring a state of emergency
a strong earthquake hits the Indonesian capital of Jakarta
Kenyan scientists finds a fish that fights Malaria by eating mosquito larvae
homo habilis and homo erectus may have coexisted simultaneously

CCXXI: Thursday, 9 Aug 2007

Ulrich Plenzdorf is dead
Gaddafi's son confirms the nurses and doctors had been tortured
protection of a bat species may delay the projected Elbe bridge in Dresden
Russian fighter planes fly to Guam to greet US fighters "visually"

CCXXII: Friday, 10 Aug 2007

50 die in clashes between army and Islamic militants in the Philippines
youth gangs burn homes in East Timor over appointment of a prime minister
a Danish mission prepares to claim the North pole
the Canadians plan two more arctic military bases, claiming the pole as theirs

CCXXIII: Saturday, 11 Aug 2007

proof is found that the GDR shot indiscriminately at its refugees
in Connecticut, a woman strangles a rabies-infected raccoon
a bomb kills the governor of Diwaniya province in Iraq
Putin wants to build a Russian missile defense near St. Petersburg

CCXXIV: Sunday, 12 Aug 2007

US and European stock exchanges are nervous about US credits
the AU says the Darfur force will be all-African
46 stolen children - snatched for adoption - found in Guatemala
an EU envoy suggests Kosovo partition

W E E K   T H I R T Y - T H R E E

CCXXV: Monday, 13 Aug 2007

Karl Rove steps down (ding, dong)
the Dow Jones opens friendly
a girl nearly ODs after seven espressos
Chinese factory boss kills himself, too much leaded paint in toys

CCXXVI: Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

the US, as well, send a research ship into the arctic
French police find ETA weapons in Biarritz
At least 200 die at an attack against the Yazidi sect near Mosul
Obama and Clinton push Bush to clarify his notions around draft

CCXXVII: Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007

the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta kills 6 people in Duisburg, Germany
the Baltic sea may be on the brink of ecological collapse
Vampire bats in Latin America have switched to domesticated livestock
Matt Damon says, James Bond is dated

CCXXVIII: Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

at least 437 die in an earthquake in Peru
the suicide rate amongst US troops is as high as 1980
more than 220 are killed in a flood in North Korea
Botswana pilots are angry they could be fired if they had AIDS

CCXXIX: Friday, 17 Aug 2007

the WHO warns Olympics travelers about pollution in Beijing
Uganda's "Ethics" minister rejects equal rights for gays
Scientists bash the EU for promoting "bio"fuels
Russia resumes long-range bomber patrols from Cold War times

CCXXX: Saturday, 18 Aug 2007

a hijacking attempt of a Turkish plane ends peacefully
Kazakhstan has held early parliamentary elections
South Africa won't put any pressure on Robert Mugabe
a German woman is kidnapped in Afghanistan before the eyes of her husband

CCXXXI: Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

the woman kidnapped in Afghanistan has been freed by the police
Toys "R" Us recalls baby bibs made in China, too much lead
Hurricane Dean is hitting Jamaica
a leading Somali clan elder has been shot, endangering the peace

W E E K   T H I R T Y - F O U R

CCXXXII: Monday, 20 Aug 2007

Chavez changes the clock, Venezuelans get up 30 minutes earlier next year
the Shiite governor of Muthanna province in Iraq is killed
France wants to help out in Iraq
a young Australian camel kills a woman by wanting to mate with her

CCXXXIII: Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007

Endeavor has safely landed despite minor damage
Hurricane Dean has slowed down before reaching Yucatán
18 men are arrested in Nigeria under Sharia for wearing women's clothes at a party
Bloomberg said he won't be a candidate for the Presidency in 2008

CCXXXIV: Wednesday, 22 Aug 2007

Bush compares Iraq to Viet Nam, a pullout would create chaos
after violence between students and police, Bangla Desh imposes a curfew
Kenya's leader refuses to sign a bill limiting the press
after chasing Indian immigrants, the German village of Mügeln stays silent

CCXXXV: Thursday, 23 Aug 2007

resistance against al-Qaida grows amongst Iraqi Sunnis
a newspaper altered an image of Sarkozy to not show his love handles
scientist have found a way to create out-of-body experiences
Iran shuts down "Western-style" barber shops in Teheran

CCXXXVI: Friday, 24 Aug 2007

Nigeria rebuffs European criticism of their presidential election
Georgia shoots at a Russian plane entering its airspace
Noriega's extradition to France is not being stopped by a US judge
Storms and floods kill at least 25 in the American Midwest

CCXXXVII: Saturday, 25 Aug 2007

46 die in wildfires (laid by arsonists) in Greece
34 die in terrorist attacks in Hyderabad
Bollywood star Salman Khan is arrested for poaching
a curfew is exposed in Baghdad before a Shiite festival

CCXXXVIII: Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

the German government is pissed at Chinese spy programs on their computers
the fires in Greece now burn in Olympia
the AU once again urges for peace in Darfur
ASEAN and Japan agree on a preliminary free trade pact

W E E K   T H I R T Y - F I V E

CCXXXIX: Monday, 27 Aug 2007

Russia deems Putin innocent in the murder of Anna Politovskaya
a 17-year old sleepwalker in Germany falls 10 stories, continues to sleep
Justice Secretary Gonzales is quitting
the "Weekly World News" are at an end

CCXL: Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007

Islamist Abdullah Gül is elected Turkey's president (at the third try)
Shiites kill 50 other Shiites in Kerbala
the Taleban free 19 South Korean hostages
Yahoo! asks to dismiss a lawsuit deeming them complicit in Chinese dictatorship

CCXLI: Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007

Moqtada Sadr will freeze the activities of his Mehdi Army for half a year
2 Chinese miners have survived a collapsed pit by eating coal and drinking urine
scientists observe Einstein's spacetime-bending through a neutron star
an anti-gay Republican Senator is busted while probably soliciting gay sex (oops)

CCXLII: Thursday, 30 Aug 2007

the EU plans to protect its energy market against outside investors
8 die in a train crash near Rio de Janeiro
the Taleban free the remaining Korean hostages
Toys "R" Us recalls crayon boxes made in China, too much lead

CCXLIII: Friday, 31 Aug 2007

Fred Thomson is running for President
Chavez mediates between Colombia and "left"-wing rebels
Britain has designed a mission to investigate asteroid Apophis
Forbes calls Angela Merkel the most powerful woman


CCXLIV: Saturday, 1 Sep 2007

a deadly virus threatens dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean
Brighton has hosted the World Beard and Moustache Championships
former premier Benazir Bhutto vows to return to Pakistan soon
retired General Mike Jackson blames Rumsfeld for chaos in the Iraq post-war

CCXLV: Sunday, 2 Sep 2007

Schwarzenegger wants healthcare for all Californians
6980 couples kiss in Bosnian Tuzla, ignoring the local imam's rantings
North Korea announces to cancel their nuclear program
Pope Benedict speaks on protecting the environment in front of youths

W E E K   T H I R T Y - S I X

CCXLVI: Monday, 3 Sep 2007

the British leave Basra and return it to Iraqi forces
Bush visits Iraq unannounced, says a minor reduction of troops is possible
women value kissing more then men (duh!)
chocolate may beat kissing when it comes to happiness

CCXLVII: Tuesday, 4 Sep 2007

Steve Fossett goes missing flying over Nevada
Hurrican Felix is hitting Honduras
Chinese hackers have hit Pentagon computers back in June
Congolese Rebels have conquered Virunga National Park, threatening the Gorillas

CCXLVIII: Wednesday, 5 Sep 2007

German police catch three Islamic terrorists, 2 of them German converts
Luciano Pavarotti is unconscious, his kidneys have failed
Iranian "justice" kills 21 people publicly on the same day
160 Million years ago, 2 asteroids collided in space, which killed the dinosaurs

CCXLIX: Thursday, 6 Sep 2007

Luciano Pavarotti is dead
38 dead, more than 200 still missing in Nicaragua after Hurricane Felix
rebels and army in DR Congo agree to a cease-fire in the town of Sake
experts warn of a looming war between Ethiopia and Eritrea

CCL: Friday, 7 Sep 2007

Bin Laden (not Catholic) makes a home video, no threats this time, dear oracle
The San Diego Catholic Church pays 198 Million for Gomorrah with kids
The Pope (a Catholic too) honors Jews who died in Austria (Catholic too)
Islamic holy men (not Catholics) behead two women whose joy of life they hate

CCLI: Saturday, 8 Sep 2007

Bin Laden urges the US to convert to Islam (why is he killing Muslims then?
Foxy Brown goes to jail for violating her parole
German scientists develop a new artificial sphincter
President Bush confuses Australian soldiers for Austrians (while in Australia)

CCLII: Sunday, 9 Sep 2007

the US warns Eritrea to not to support terrorism
Pakistan's ex-PM Sharif is caught and deported
a top drug lord is arrested in Columbia
robber attacks blind guy, who turns out a Judo world champion in Marburg

W E E K   T H I R T Y - S E V E N

CCLIII: Monday, 10 Sep 2007

Sarkozy wants finance markets and hedge funds to be more ethical
Chinese teachers warn children against the dangers of financial speculation
beer in Germany may become drastically more expensive
the German social democrats battle over reform programs

CCLIV: Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007

Democrats are not impressed about Bush's report on Iraq
EU commissioners acknowledge Britain can keep their weights and measures
a murderer in Tennessee wants to get the electrical chair
Gray Whale populations decline despite moratorium

CCLV: Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

Japan starts their Lunar mission with the Selene/Kaguya probe
a major Ebola outbreak hits the DR Congo
Colombia does not want Chavez to be talking to Farc "rebels"
Japanese PM Abe is planning to resign

CCLVI: Thursday, 13 Sep 2007

United Nations adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
hurricane Humberto has slowed down, leaving destruction
an attack on a Pakistani unit leaves 15 dead in Lahore
consumer groups in Italy protest the rising prices for food

CCLVII: Friday, 14 Sep 2007

German Cardinal Meisner calls non-Christian culture "degenerate"
Cult leader Warren Jeffs is indicted for rape of a minor
British fighters have to push Russian bombers out of their airspace
the US sees religion endangered in Germany (Hubbard's and Jehova's nutters)

CCLVIII: Saturday, 15 Sep 2007

Al Sadr's group retreats from the Shiite government
the Northwest passage in the Canadian Arctic is free from ice
Sarkozy criticizes the European Central Bank for bad crisis management
Greenspan says Bush failed economically (duh!)

CCLIX: Sunday, 16 Sep 2007

Friends of Jesus want his trial reexamined in Kenya
Serbia does not want to join NATO
China protests about Merkel wanting to meet the Dalai Lama
Women in Saudi Arabia want to drive

W E E K   T H I R T Y - E I G H T

CCLX: Monday, 17 Sep 2007

Microsoft loses against the EU and needs become more transparent
Bush nominates Mukasey as Justice Secretary
Kouchner warns about war if Iran continues to reach for the bomb
the Sopranos win 3 Emmys, including Best Drama, Spader's Best Actor

CCLXI: Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007

the US Fed is lowering their interest rates
Shanghai evacuates 1.6 million from an impending typhoon
Zimbabwe's opposition dares not oppose constitutional amendments
Musharraf wants to resign as army chief if reelected (he promises)

CCLXII: Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007

Russia alleges NATO has too many weapons in Europe
Erdogan wants to allow the head scarf at Turkish universities
Israel recognizes Hamaz-controlled Gaza as enemy territory
the Pope won't meet with Condoleezza Rice

CCLXIII: Thursday, 20 Sep 2007

Bin Laden wants to fight Pakistan now, too
the US Secretary of Agriculture quits
the US wants to push for a Palestinian state (they say)
US soldiers catch an Iranian soldier in Iraq

CCLXIV: Friday, 21 Sep 2007

a shootout at Delaware State university hurts 2 students
a KKK boy in Louisiana drives around with a hangman's noose
severe floods continue to hit central Africa
Chile will extradite Fujimori to have him face humanitarian charges

CCLXV: Saturday, 22 Sep 2007

a mercenary from Blackwater is suspected to smuggle weapons into Iraq
Ahmadinejad wants to meet families of 9/11 victims
Dhaka garment workers protest for better pay despite told not to
Burma's opposition leader greets protesting monks

CCLXVI: Sunday, 23 Sep 2007

after a festival, rioting youths battle the police in Hamburg
2 Italian soldiers are abducted in Afghanistan
4000 refugees reach a UN post after fleeing DR Congo's rebels
Merkel drive's China's national-socialists crazy by meeting the Dalai Lama

W E E K   T H I R T Y - N I N E

CCLXVII: Monday, 24 Sep 2007

Norway feels threatened by Russian incursions
China cancels on the German Foreign Minister (still mad 'bout Tibet)
France's PM says the state is bankrupt (what else is new)
Burma's military is threatening the protesting Monks

CCLXVIII: Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007

the Burma junta has declared curfew in Mandalay and Rangoon
Merkel wants a permanent seat for Germany at the Security Council
Rwanda is sub-Saharan Africa's most improved nation, governance-wise
Yasuo Fukuda is Japan's new PM

CCLXIX: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007

Mugabe wants nationalist control of "foreign" businesses in Zimbabwe
Kenya's Anglican church won't agree to gay bishops
the G8 and the UN call out against violence in Burma
experts warn of an ecological nightmare at China's Three Gorges Dam

CCLXX: Thursday, 27 Sep 2007

Burma attacks Buddhist monasteries, kills monks
an Anti-Semitic book of conspiracies becomes a best-seller in China
the Bavarian Justice Minister wants to punish blasphemy with 1-3 years
lonely people get sick more often

CCLXXI: Friday, 28 Sep 2007

Bush says climate reduction goals should be national (he wants to pollute)
Togo is desperately asking for help after serious flooding
the permanent 5 and Germany wait with Iran sanctions (gotta make money)
thousands protest in Tbilisi against the Georgian president

CCLXXII: Saturday, 29 Sep 2007

100 mountain climbers have been saved by the army in the Himalayas
Erwin Huber is the new head of Bavaria's CSU party
Brazil grants asylum to 2 Cuban sportsmen, and sends 2 back "home"
12 tourists are hurt in a bomb blast in the Maldives

CCLXXIII: Sunday, 30 Sep 2007

Germany once again is soccer world champion (the women team won)
Tymoshenko and Yushchenko may win the Ukrainian election
David Letterman has fun with poor Paris Hilton in his show
Lois Maxwell is dead


W E E K   F O U R T Y

CCLXXIV: Monday, 1 Oct 2007

Putin thinks of being a candidate for Russian PM
Kasparov's party members are being harassed when trying to register
Iran offers help to the US in Iraq (yet calls CIA and US troops terrorists)
Britney Spears loses custody of her kids due to her drug problems

CCLXXV: Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007

the South Korean leader crosses the border to the North on foot
women groups in Turkey expose the new constitution draft as patriarchal
an Illinois school forbids hugging in its building
Mafia boss Scalavino has been caught in Palermo

CCLXXVI: Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007

Holland may not want to protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the US any more
North Korea agrees to shut down reactors, but wants to keep nukes
Bush is so compassionate as to veto a law bringing healthcare to poor kids
more than 3000 workers are trapped in a South African gold mine

CCLXXVII: Thursday, 5 Oct 2007

a gay peacock tries to mate with a blue car in Bridgwater, England
former Justice Secretary Gonzales actively condoned torture of suspects
an unknown tribe is seen near Peru's Amazon (Indians keep dying still)
all 3200 South African miners have been rescued after 35 hours

CCLXXVIII: Friday, 5 Oct 2007

Bush defends Gonzales, says, the US doesn't torture (all's in the definition)
Ahmadinejad wants to "relocate" Israel to Alaska or Canada
Maoists and ruling parties delay elections in Nepal
(ain't it strange how CNN's more banal than BBC and German news)

CCLXXIX: Saturday, 6 Oct 2007

protesters riot against a right-wing party in Switzerland
a document once lost shows the Knights Templars are heretics to the Vatican
Gordon Brown doesn't seek new elections now (he's polling badly)
Musharraf is elected president, the opposition boycotted the vote

CCLXXX: Sunday, 7 Oct 2007

about thousand people remember Anna Politkovskaya in Moscow
protestant countries have higher occupation rates than others
a town in Darfur controlled by the Sudanese army has been burned down
Sri Lanka says they've sunk the last sea-worthy Tamil Tiger ship (killing 12)

W E E K   F O U R T Y - O N E

CCLXXXI: Monday, 8 Oct 2007

more women in Afghanistan choose suicide over being colonized by men
a German-Iranian soccer player refuses to play in Israel
2 days of fighting at the Pakistan border kill 45 soldiers and 130 militant fighters
People in Hong Kong demonstrate for democracy

CCLXXXII: Tuesday, 9 Oct 2007

Burma's opposition party wants no preconditions when talking with the junta
Turkey warns the US not to recognize the Turkish genocide of Armenians
Turkey wants to cross into Iraq to kill Kurds
Human Rights watch warns of rampant governmental corruption in Nigeria

CCLXXXIII: Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

a 14-year old shoots teachers and students in Cleveland, hurts 5, kills himself
it may not be possible to keep global warming under 2% rise
Poland prevents an EU-wide anti-death penalty day to push against abortion
(Ex-)Pres. Carter says the US is torturing prisoners under Bush, despite denials

CCLXXXIV: Thursday, 11 Oct 2007

Turkey recalls ambassador after US recognition of the genocide of Armenians
the UN criticize Burma for its anti-democratic violence
Hamas says they're ready for reconciliation with Fatah
the pope is approached by more than 130 Muslim scholars for dialog

CCLXXXV: Friday, 12 Oct 2007

Al Gore and the UN Climate Change Panel get the Nobel Peace Price
in resisting US missile defense, the Russians may cancel nuclear disarmament
the Netherlands want to ban Magic Mushrooms
the French police catch 132 pedophiles and their materials all over France

CCLXXXVI: Saturday, 13 Oct 2007

Elephants invade a village in India in the search of their young
the former military chief in Iraq, Sanchez, terms the war a nightmare
a Catholic prelate who admitted he's gay has been suspended by the Church
lack of genetic diversity dooms Tasmanian Devils to extinction

CCLXXXVII: Sunday, 14 Oct 2007

Gorbachev defends Putin, says, Perestroika went too fast
Howard asks for new elections in Australia
the Labour Party under Brown is losing points, quickly
the Russian secret service warns of a suicide attack on Putin in Iran

W E E K   F O U R T Y - T W O

CCLXXXVIII: Monday, 15 Oct 2007

the US want a Palestinian State "now," says Rice
the Burma junta now is hunting comedians, too
Tymoshenko and Yushchenko will form a common Ukrainian government
Iraq warns Turkey not to invade the Kurdish part

CCLXXXIX: Tuesday, 16 Oct 2007

Bush meets with the Dalai Lama (the Chinese occupiers of Tibet are pissed)
marine piracy is rising, especially in Indonesia
Putin invites Ahmadinejad to Moscow after supporting him
Burma says there's no reason to change matters

CCXC: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

Bush pulls the big gun: warns of World War III, with Iran
the Turkish parliament backs a possible invasion of Iraq
Burmese authorities release three leading dissidents
Al Gore denies, again, that he would run for President

CCXCI: Thursday, 18 Oct 2007

in Bavaria, a calf is born with six legs
in Rio de Janeiro, a police raid in a poor ghetto kills 12
in Iran, 9 are executed in one single day
in Russia, Putin speaks of modernizing his nuclear arsenal

CCXCII: Friday, 19 Oct 2007

the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is still hunted towards extinction
Benazir Bhutto has been greeted with an assassination attempt, 130 died
the EU agrees to a reform treaty
CO2 may remain in the atmosphere a thousand years

CCXCIII: Saturday, 20 Oct 2007

right-wing extremism is on the rise in Eastern Europe and Russia
German youth attack an African-American in West Berlin
Gorbachev has founded a new social-democratic party in Russia
Burma lifts curfews in Rangoon and Mandalay

CCXCIV: Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

one Kaczynski twin in Poland is down, Tusk wins the election
the right-wing extremists get 29 percent of the vote in Switzerland
the US army kills 49 "criminals" in Iraq (including women and children)
the Pope criticizes religious violence

W E E K   F O U R T Y - T H R E E

CCXCV: Monday, 22 Oct 2007

Microsoft bows to all EU anti-monopoly rulings
the Kyrgyzstan president dissolves parliament and wants new elections
China's CP decides on a new leadership, continues to mock the people
Congolese warlord Katanga appears before the International Criminal Court

CCXCVI: Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007

Iraq agrees to fight the PKK too
Californian fires are affecting 500'000 people now
the referendum for constitutional reform in Kyrgyzstan was botched
Qaddafi likens the Darfur war to a fight over a camel

CCXCVII: Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007

climate change may bring forth the sixth extinction
NATO agrees to send a few more soldiers to Afghanistan
a Berlin historian recognizes Oskar Lafontain as a "national socialist"
China launches its first lunar probe

CCXCVIII: Thursday, 25 Oct 2007

Sarkozy details a plan for an ecologically friendlier France
Shuttle Discovery has successfully arrived at the International Space Station
Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung Kyi meets with the authorities
some Neanderthals may have had red hair

CCXCIX: Friday, 26 Oct 2007

Putin likens the Missile Defense situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis
Turkey rejects Iraq's offer to deal with the PKK in Iraq
Burma's junta frees 70 detainees
Berlusconi is cleared from corruption charges

CCC: Saturday, 27 Oct 2007

Putin announces to monitor human rights in Europe
Ethiopian troops fight against insurgents in Mogadishu
American forces will hand over control of Karbala to local troops
a new living module is added to the International Space Station

CCCI: Sunday, 28 Oct 2007

a firm had children work as slaves making clothes for Gap in India
Russia rejects three parties from taking part in the upcoming vote
Iraq warns Turkey against an invasion
leading Muslim scholars write to the pope and others with an offer of peace

W E E K   F O U R T Y - F O U R

CCCII: Monday, 29 Oct 2007

German actress Evelyn Hamann is dead
former first lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wins Argentinean elections
103 children from Chad acquired by Arche de Zoé may not have been orphans
Leftist Samuel Moreno has been elected as the mayor of Bogotá

CCCIII: Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007

Russia forbids Lufthansa from having cargo flights go through their airspace
the dam near Mosul might break any time, Iraqi bureaucrats remain calm
the pope demands that pharmacies be able to refuse handing out abortion pills
Putin speaks at a memorial service honoring victims of Stalin's regime

CCCIV: Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007

Daniel Craig will be James Bond at least four more times
Bush's image adviser Karen Hughes will leave him by the end of the year
the main suspect behind the Madrid bombings may go free for lack of proof
Putin reduces the number of election observers drastically


CCCV: Thursday, 1 Nov 2007

Chimpanzee Washoe has died
100 US mayors meet in Seattle on climate topics
Cinnamon's the first cat whose genome has been decoded
Chrysler, bought by hell hound Cerberus, will cut 10'000 more jobs

CCCVI: Friday, 2 Nov 2007

heavy floods hit Mexico's state of Tabasco
the Venezuelan national assembly strengthens Chavez' powers
the US declares the PKK an enemy to appease the Curds
50'000 people demonstrate against Georgian president Saakashvili

CCCVII: Saturday, 3 Nov 2007

Chancellor Merkel visits Afghanistan, unexpectedly
Musharraf declares state of emergency, atrociously, yet somewhat expectedly
astronauts have repaired the new ISS solar panel
Iraq's PM Maliki promises to arrest PKK leaders

CCCVIII: Sunday, 4 Nov 2007

Musharraf announces to delay parliamentary elections
7 out of 17 child kidnappers from L'Arche de Zoe go free towards France
the PKK release 8 Turkish soldiers held hostage
the mummy of Tut-Ankh-Amun has been laid open

W E E K   F O U R T Y - F I V E

CCCIX: Monday, 5 Nov 2007

Pakistan's PM Aziz is confident elections will be held on schedule
Somali pirates release a Taiwanese ship and its crew taken half a year ago
Ireland is skeptical about the EU reform treaty, just a quarter approve
Hollywood's Writers Guild is starting their strike

CCCX: Tuesday, 6 Nov 2007

at least 40 are killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, schoolchildren too
Turkey ponders revising the prohibition of criticizing "Turkishness"
the US Congress scorns Yahoo for cooperating with the Chinese regime
a ship is found near Mauretania with 45 dead Senegalese en route to Europe

CCCXI: Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007

Sarkozy and Bush join to fight Iran, at least rhetorically,
an 18-year old runs amuck in a Finland school, kills 8 (and himself)
the Georgian President declares a state of emergency
Burma rejects UN mediation (why should they not? 'nuff dictators there)

CCCXII: Thursday, 8 Nov 2007

the Georgian president promises new presidential elections
Chavez speaks with rebels from the Colombian Farc
California sues the Federal Government support her stricter emission laws
Musharraf promises elections in February, and to quit as army chief

CCCXIII: Friday, 9 Nov 2007

6 are arrested for dumping radioactive waste in the Congo river
Schwarzenegger seeks to end the writers' strike
Heavy storms and floods hit England, Holland and Germany
Benazir Bhutto's house arrest has been lifted after one day

CCCXIV: Saturday, 10 Nov 2007

Norman Mailer has died
Bush and Merkel vow to use diplomacy opposite Iran
Wednesday's oil spill in San Francisco may threaten wildlife for years
Kate Moss takes the British opposition leader for a plumber

CCCXV: Sunday, 11 Nov 2007

Musharraf announces (free?) elections in January
a Russian tanker breaks in the Black Sea in a storm, leaks oil now
police attack thousands of democratic protesters in Kuala Lumpur
the weak dollar profits the US trade deficit, cheapening exports

W E E K   F O U R T Y - S I X

CCCXVI: Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Pakistan faces suspension from the Commonwealth
Italy's hooligans are the new terrorists, assumedly
a ten-year-old suicide bomber kills 6 tribal elders in Iraq
a 4000 year old temple is found in Peru

CCCXVII: Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007

German Vice Chancellor Müntefering steps down for personal reasons
a European court orders mainstream Czech schools to accept Roma students
a UN envoy sees things improved in Burma
Steven Colbert is rejected by South Carolina's Democrats for the primaries

CCCXVIII: Wednesday, 14 Nov 2007

Chile is hit by a 7.7 quake
a man in India marries his dog, felt being punished after stoning 2 others
an insurgent leader in Somalia calls for attacks on AU forces
former pilots and officials call to reinvestigate Project Blue Book's UFO files

CCCXIX: Thursday, 15 Nov 2007

a powerful cyclone hits Bangla Desh
the Philippines have reached an agreement with separatists
German cars are the heaviest polluters in Europe
the UK's Foreign Secretary wants the EU to include Russia, and others

CCCXX: Friday, 16 Nov 2007

the Cyclone in Bangla Desh has killed more than 600
the UN's climate council warns of abrupt, drastic climate changes, man-made
a sect in Russia (39 people) waits for doomsday (next May) in an earthen hole
Russia prevents the OESC from observing their upcoming elections

CCCXXI: Saturday, 17 Nov 2007

the death toll in Bangla Desh grows beyond 2000
UN-chief Ban Ki-Moon pushes to reduce climate-killing gases
a former guerilla may be winning the Kosovan elections
Japan is starting a huge whaling program

CCCXXII: Sunday, 18 Nov 2007

Mugabe warns of British invasion
Desmond Tutu calls the (Anglican) church "extraordinarily homophobic"
US envoy Negroponte tells Musharraf to clean up his act
at least 63 die in an Ukrainian coal mine explosion

W E E K   F O U R T Y - S E V E N

CCCXXIII: Monday, 19 Nov 2007

the US wants Pakistani tribes fight al Quaeda
New Zealand's glaciers are shrinking dramatically
the US prison system is called a "costly failure", not reducing crime
the EU warns Kosovo not to declare independence unilaterally

CCCXXIV: Tuesday, 20 Nov 20007

Sarkozy wants to push through reforms despite strikes
scientists succeed in transforming skin cells to have stem cell potential
the Lupercal cave may have been found under the Palatine in Rome
the Dalai Lama may pick his successor to prevent Chinese interference

CCCXXV: Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007

Sudan wants to "disarm" a Darfur refugee camp
Ahmadinejad is criticized by a daily close to the Ayatollahs (had to happen)
as Freddie and Fanny struggle, recession fears hit the US
Earth's moon may have been formed from dust after an asteroid collision

CCCXXVI: Thursday, 22 Nov 2007

one in six New Yorkers suffers from starvation, especially in Bronx and Brooklyn
the Commonwealth suspends Pakistan's membership
Atomic Radiation may be much less dangerous as originally thought
Cocaine use has risen in Europe

CCCXXVII: Friday, 23 Nov 2007

New York's murder rate is the lowest ever recorded (500 this year)
Lebanon, again, failed to find a new president, almost in emergency
pro-civil rights protesters are harassed in Uganda in front of the Queen
the rate of new HIV/AIDS cases in Europe has doubled since '99

CCCXXVIII: Saturday, 24 Nov 2007

a 15-year old girl was imprisoned with men in Brazil, raped daily for weeks
Russia imprisons oppositional politician Garry Kasparov
Labor's victory in Australia ousts PM Howard
sexual terrorism continues in the "Democratic" Republic of Congo

CCCXXIX: Sunday, 25 Nov 2007

Saudi Arabia still wants to punish a raped woman with prison and 90 lashes
yet more oppositional protesters are arrested in Russia
Pakistani troops start an offensive against Taliban in Swat Valley
police disperse Indians in Malaysia protesting for reparations from the UK

W E E K   F O U R T Y - E I G H T

CCCXXX: Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Musharraf plans to resign as army chief "in days"
Bin Laden is said to address the Europeans "soon"
Bush is hoping for his Mideast conference to succeed
the Wiesenthal Center is hoping to catch remaining Nazi criminals

CCCXXXI: Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007

the East African Union agrees on a new trade deal with the EU
Kenyan Muslims deny they would establish Sharia laws if elected
without any trace, Steve Fossett's family wants to declare him dead
the Orthodox church in Cyprus orders its priests to pray for rain

CCCXXXII: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2007

Musharraf has quit the army
the Chinese warship Shenzhen is welcomed in Tokyo's harbor
Kosovo independence talks end in failure - Russia blocks (see Chechnya)
NASA is preparing a manned Mars mission within the next decades

CCCXXXIII: Thursday, 29 Nov 2007

a British teacher is sentenced in the Sudan for naming a teddy Mohammed
police in Texas sue for discrimination for not being allowed to wear beards
Musharraf intends to end emergency rule on December 16
the Dalai Lama wishes the Tibetan people to help find a successor

CCCXXXIV: Friday, 30 Nov 2007

Brazilian president Lula visits a favela for the first time
57 die in a plane crash in South-West Turkey
Facebook has to bow to user demands outraged by its contempt for privacy
four stolen gorillas are returned to a Malaysian sanctuary after 5 years


CCCXXXV: Saturday, 1 Dec 2007

Chavez threatens to stop the flow of oil to the US
the Turks open fire on the PKK in Iraq
Ethiopia and Eritrea still cannot agree on a border
Iran maintains its "natural right" to enrich Uranium

CCCXXXVI: Sunday, 2 Dec 2007

Putin cheats once again and wins another parliament
the Venezuelan referendum is done - Chavez claims he "won" (surprisedly)
a pro-democracy candidate is voted into Hong Kong's legislature
Lebanon approves their army chief as a presidential candidate

W E E K   F O U R T Y - N I N E

CCCXXXVII: Monday, 3 Dec 2007

Chavez has lost
US intelligence services say, Iran is not really a threat
Carl Rove advises Obama on how to beat Clinton
Sarkozy says, French colonial rule in Algeria was "profoundly unjust"

CCCXXXVIII: Tuesday, 4 Dec 2007

the school teacher, pardoned by Sudan, is home safe in Britan
Bush maintains Iran could still build nukes
the Somali government stops food aid for their own people
4 Bangladeshi professors are jailed for inciting protests

CCCXXXIX: Wednesday, 5 Dec 2007

a club in Devon bans a 77 year old for farting
a mother in Schleswig-Holstein seems to have killed her five children
a gunman kills 8 plus himself in a shopping mall in Nebraska
the US Supreme Court is deciding on habeas corpus for Guantanamo inmates

CCCXL: Thursday, 6 Dec 2007

Quebec agrees to make the Innuit Nunavik region partially autonomous
Yushchenko nominates Tymoshenko as Ukrainian PM
Pakistan regains control over Taliban-controlled towns in the Swat district
the British Trade/Development minister demands emission goals for all nations

CCCXLI: Friday, 7 Dec 2007

composer Karlheinz Stockhausen is dead
4 of 5 British Guantanamo inmates will be released
the CIA admits to have destroyed video evidence of torture in interviews
105 miners die in an explosion in China's Shanxi province

CCCXLII: Saturday, 8 Dec 2007

a Californian diocese secedes from the Episcopal church over gay bishops
at a meeting between AU and EU, Merkel condemns Mugabe
Oprah Winfrey is campaigning for Barack Obama
Bird flu may be transmittable human to human

CCCXLIII: Sunday, 9 Dec 2007

Brown wants to head over Basra to the Iraqis in 2 weeks time
Mugabe defends his (mis)government, criticizes "colonial powers"
Israel maintains to build settlements near Jerusalem
Neo-Nazis disrupt Christmas festivities in a village in Saxony

W E E K   F I F T Y

CCCXLIV: Monday, 10 Dec 2007

Putin nominates Deputy PM Medvedev as candidate for his succession
Sarkozy receives Gaddafi with highest honors, no one understands
Gore asks China and the US to help fight climate change
disappointmented with Turkish reforms, the EU is doubting accession

CCCXLV: Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007

Voyager 2 has passed Termination Shock and is leaving the solar system
10 UN employees (and others) are killed by a bomb in Algiers
Cuba announces to sign to UN human rights agreements
a railway now connects North and South Korea

CCCXLVI: Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

singer Ike Turner has died
writer Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's
right-winger Blocher has been voted out of the Swiss government
ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is trying to heal wounds in the ANC

CCCXLVII: Thursday, 13 Dec 2007

Floyd Red Crow Westerman has died
the PM of Solomon Islands is fired through a vote of no-confidence
"thieves" cut off the leg of a holy man in Andra Pradesh, hoping for good luck
the EU signs a treaty aimed at salvaging parts of their failed constitution

CCCXLVIII: Friday, 14 Dec 2007

New Jersey is the 14th US state to abolish the death penalty
the Bali summit on climate change won't agree on specific cuts
the EU will continue to support and sustain Kosovo, even after independence
Serbia is pissed

CCCXLIX: Saturday, 15 Dec 2007

the UK prepares for handing Basra over to Iraq
Musharraf lifts emergency rule
Morales, with a draft constitution, wants to give Indians more rights
Belgians hit the streets, want a new government to finally form

CCCL: Sunday, 16 Dec 2007

Turkey hits PKK targets in Iraq with American approval
the sarcophagus of King Herod the Great is found, empty
Russia expels critical journalist Natalia Morar for reporting on corruption
Hryhoriy Nestor dies at 116 years of age at home in Stary Yarychev, Ukraine

W E E K   F I F T Y - O N E

CCCLI: Monday, 17 Dec 2007

Putin wants to become head of government under President Medvedev
Pamela Anderson will get her third divorce
Miss Belgium can only speak French - of course, "the" Flemish must hate her!
a new possum and a new giant rat are found in Papua

CCCLII: Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007

Jacob Zuma replaces Thabo Mbeki as head of the ANC
Castro says he might retire (but don't raise your hopes)
DR Congo wants to talk with the rebel leaders
Serbs rally against Kosovan independence

CCCLIII: Wednesday, 19 Dec 2007

there may yet be another planet in the solar system still unknown
Lee Myung-Bak is the new Korean President (South Korea that is)
Time Magazine makes Putin Man of the Year (yet a dangerous one)
Mars may have an active glacier

CCCLIV: Thursday, 20 Dec 2007

Coke ads in Russia featuring Orthodox churches are decried as "satanic"
China and India undertake joint military maneuvers for the first time
the main Kyrgyz opposition party is cheated out of parliamentary seats
remains are found of a historic small deer that may be the ancestor to whales

CCCLV: Friday, 21 Dec 2007

Europe extends its Schengen zone by 9 countries
Japan stops hunting humpback whales for 1-2 years (only them)
the US won't support a UN seat for Taiwan (suddenly democracy is wrong?)
an asteroid might collide with Mars end of next January

CCCLVI: Saturday, 22 Dec 2007

Serbia won't associate with EU and NATO if Kosovo becomes independent
rebel and government troops start disarming in Côte d'Ivoire
an avalanche kills at least 16 in Tajikistan
Tony Blair converts to the Roman Church

CCCLVII: Sunday, 23 Dec 2007

the party of former PM Thaksin wins the elections in Thailand
Nepal agrees to abolish its monarchy after 240 years
the Hindu-Nationalist party BJP wins election in Gujarat
Uzbek mock-elections end, no danger for president Kamirov in sight

W E E K   F I F T Y - T W O

CCCLVIII: Monday, 24 Dec 2007

138 Islamic scholars send Christmas greetings to the world
a Nigerian court issues arrest warrants for Pfizer staff for illegal drug trials
12.000 are investigated in Germany for interest in child pornography
Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson dies at 82 years of age

CCCLIX: Tuesday, 25 Dec 2007

Kirgizstan claims to be the ideal base for Santa Claus
Egypt wants royalties for each life-size replica of its monuments
Russia conducts a second test within one week for new intercontinental missiles
Castro is said to be well enough to be a "candidate" in upcoming "elections"

CCCLX: Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007

8 members of Arche de Zoé are convicted of kidnapping in Chad
the Serb parliament vows to condemn Kosovan independence
more than 40 die in a pipeline explosion in Lagos
Buddhist monks in Cambodia are marching to support the Khmer Rouge trials

CCCLXI: Thursday, 27 Dec 2007

Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated
Brandenburg's children believe the GDR was paradise
more than 120 die in landslides in Indonesia
Olmert and Abbas speak over Jewish settlements (and peace)

CCCLXII: Friday, 28 Dec 2007

Chavez starts his mission to rescue hostages from the Farc
new corruption charges are brought up against ANC's Jacob Zuma
opposition leader Odinga is heading Kenyan polls
Ethiopia withdraws from a key town in central Somalia

CCCLXIII: Saturday, 29 Dec 2007

riots are haunting Kenya during its close election
Iraq's interior minister says, 75% of Al Qaeda are destroyed there
the leader of Senegal's Mouride brotherhood has died
China is said to allow direct elections of Hong Kong's leader by 2017

CCCLXIV: Sunday, 30 Dec 2007

Bhutto's political heritage will be taken up by her widower and her son
Kenyan opposition leader Odinga contests the alleged victory of president Kibaki
North Korea may not be entirely forthcoming regarding its nuclear program
the Maoists return to Nepal's government

W E E K   O N E

CCCLXV: Monday, 31 Dec 2007

the UN takes over the Darfur peacekeeping force
at least 100 die in protest against election manipulation in Kenya
Pakistan's election commission delays a decision on when to take the vote
Nonja, oldest known Orang Utan, dies in the Zoo of Miami at 55 years of age

December 31st, 2007

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