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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


Category 1: Xynthesis

the open poem project
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  1. Syllogy XIV: Spiritworld: The Open Poem Project

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Phil John Kneis et alii:

the open poem project

started July 5th, 2001 - P#157




N'all the dreams that brought us here,
N'all the dreams and hopes and wishes,
N'all the places long so yearned for,
In the thoughts that wanted life -
All adjourned what change would bring,
All adjourned what truth would carry,
End the lies and break the masks,
End the falsest works of madness -
End the structures that are void -
End the fear and angst and burden,
Paving way for new a world
And new an asking,
New a question -
New a unity of all,
Spirit-world and voices equal
Voices joining in the choir,
Voices telling us their tale -
Spirit now may speak this voice,
Speak the truth that long so hidden,
Speak what thoughts not dared to surface,
Dared not think of op'ning up -
All's in shadow greyest matter,
Shadows now then leave and see -
Plain the field, and all so open -
Join the chorus of the voices,
Let this world not be of stones,
Not be of death, of nothing - no,
Let this be of words a world, of worlds now uttered all in one -
One a world, and one a fate -
One a history of all,
What's divided, let it heal,
Let the dreams now
Speak just out,
A place to make. [1]



A place to build
And place to bear -
Place and time and worlds colliding
All in flow
And constant making
All construction site and camp
Nothing fixed, nor should it be
All the words
Are constant laborers for truth
Constant quest
They're all now on
Constant effort
To create. [2]


And did they dance.
They did move, did they indeed. In deed. Doing, dancing, dying.

Drumbeats, heartbeats, beating, beating inside, inside my head.
Pow pow pow pow
Laa daaaa....

I can feel the flute pass over me, it soothes, and then it vanishes, and returns.
It passes over and inside me.
Like a weapon, like a needle, like a drug, the music--

and his eyes roll back and he smiles
a smile of joy? no... a smile of anguish, have you felt such a smile?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
For I am the one falling, i

am flying so fast that I am falling, for I don't know how to slow down.
did they dance.
But he was alone, dancing on own, begging to be thrown,
and flung to the floor, pinned down, and

they did dance.
for they were alone, dancing on their own,
spinning and gliding to the throbbings of their temples
the temples of Dionysus. Where the wine flowed,
and they danced in the midst of it.

can't you let go already?
can't you let go?
can't you let?
can't you?
more peaceful times...
more peaceful, times I
times I could let go.

he danced alone, listening to the flute as it bled, as he bled from it's
sharp and clean wound.
He could release to that, but nothing more.
He could release, if he tried,
he doesn't know how to stop holding on,
he can't release

Laa daaaa....
He could, though, as it pounded faster into him.
He could, though, if he just stopped thinking,
He could, though, if he just stopped forcing,
He could, though, if he stopped beating,
He could, though, if his head stopped pounding,
He could, though, if he screamed,
He could, though, if he cried,
He could, though, if he came,
Laa daaaa!!!!

Why won't he let himself?
For he just can't let go.
It would be so easy to let go
he can't let himself go
it should be so easy to let go
he won't let himself go
it might be simpler to let go
he can't stand to see himself go
but wouldn't it feel better to let go
he always praised letting go
yet he just won't himself let go

What are you doing, you fool?
Doesn't it hurt not to scream?
Doesn't it hurt to keep it all inside? Doesn't it feel like a thousand claws are in your chest reaching out to grasp the air from which they are so held back from that you ache and want to die, and want to scream, and want to cry, and want to release everything that has welled up inside you until your head reels back and your body vanishes in a burst of light, as pure luminance, pure sharpness, pure expression, emotion, desire, and light pour from you, without control, without any of that control which you use without any relent to hold back, so that you will reveal your truest form and not need to worry anymore, for you will have let go

So much...
The flute tears through me once more, and I feel something like pleasure,
something like pain. Something like release.

And did they dance
Though he was alone
dancing with the world
and the world never knew a thing

laa daaaa....[3]

to be continued - you're invited to send an e-mail to contribute

Endnotes for this Category

17.1.1. SPIRITWORLD: Notes, Fragment Numbers and Contributors

[1] FRAGMENT #1 (Prologue), written by: Phil John Kneis, 07/08/01, Eichwalde / Germany
[2] FRAGMENT #2 (Canto I), written by: Phil John Kneis, 07/08/01, Eichwalde / Germany
[3] FRAGMENT #3 (Canto II), written by: Calvin Ashmore, 10/09/01, USA

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