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  phase 3: chaos kai nomos


Category 3: Declinatio

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Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, December 29th, 2000 - P#140

And into the silence
And into all peace
This sound now breaks in -
And everything calmed
Now shaken again
And everything distanced
Like cursed now it aching
And calmness so faking
This ploy cannot work -
And everything broke
And everything turned -
The sound of her voice
That voice
Just kills me inside
And makes me fall back
And into the dark
The thoughts almost bent

December 29th, 2000

Phil John Kneis:
Eichwalde, December 31st, 2000 - P#144

See the signs
And hear them talking -
See the world
And don't be fooled -
Many things amongst so hidden
Many things amongst obscured -
See the light behind the dark
See the dark in light so hidden
See the ways that lift you up -
See the ways that down you bring
See them waking, not asleep,
Wake, and make, and see it all
See - and make your sight to thought -
See - and let your heart now speak
See and know
Which path to go
Which sight to trust.

December 31st, 2000

Phil John Kneis:


The End

Eichwalde, December 31st, 2000 - P#145

Rated R





Waking state
So imperfect
Waking state
Illusion but
And nothing true
And all
Just images so small
All inverted
All perverted
All indicted
All incited
All by death's own grasp enticed -
All so shaken
All so stirred
All for nights once yearning, died,
Has come again
And haunted all -
And life forever stays a fall
A pity-hearted light-abuse
Nothing secret
All's just fuss
All pretentions gone awry -
And the end
They won't come by
Think so but
And make it silly -
Fucking lunatics they are -
Witchcraft everyday so cursing
But themselves, to dark have sworn:
Dark desires caught then here,
Dark infusions all too near,
Dark pretentions, postures, names -
And of course, they think they're God -
Might and knowledge think they have,
All so clear and clean a theft -
And in all ideology
All they are what not they see:
Blind such postures empty are
All but vanity so far
Think them mighty, think them strong
Think their deeds are past all wrong -
And their own epiphany
High a wagon, chorus clear -
Dance the dance of ages past
Burns the fire here at last
Fire's prey they just to be -
Fire's minions they'll stay -
And in all this wanna-be,
Nothing stays - and don't they see?


Big and small ones,
Old and new,
All together now to be -
Nothing here alone can see -
All those separating them
All whose self disjoint from all
All those faceth deepest fall -
Broken links they are but quite
Broken images don't load
Broken text that no one sees -
Nothing then of substance this
Not a singly ray of light
Not a single tiny bit -
All so twisted 'round and 'round
All just bound to pleasures all
All invalidated so
And just violating all -
Raping time and space and life
Tearing all apart which thrives,
All's a business, all's a field,
All to plough and educate,
All to force to other heights -
Nothing based upon what's life -
All against their nature seen -
Nature then destroyed again
Not just tiny little trees
Not just monkeys in the woods
Nature but a tendency
Nature's freedom to run free
Nature's law to shock it all
Nature's law to bind it all
Together so, in chaos all
And law and order
Are a joke.


Days gone by now empty seem
Days gone by just lonely all
Days gone by just lived in night
Days gone by in utter fright
No determination here -
Nothing stays, and all's just dark -
Nothing here a memory
All the thoughts of days gone by
Carried just by empty words
Empty places
Empty hearts -
All such days so cursed to seem
All such dwellings all too clean
All such places horror-filled
All in all, by horror billed -
Haunted places, haunted minds,
Haunted all from the inside
Loneliness to find just there -
Lone a yearning can't come near
Lone a thought needs company
Lone a yearning, place to be -
And in all oblivion,
Nothing here can see the sun
And no mirror will reflect
What the heart does so abject -
And the pulse so cold and still
And the face so pale and asking -
Nothing here
Nothing seen
Nothing answered
All's just stuff
All's just emptiness inside
Still material this place
Thus nirvana can't it be -
Emptiness as vanity
Vain such seeking
Vain such thought
Vain this all
And worth just nought?


An empty plate,
An empty table,
Tabula rasa
And nothing now seen
That comes from the past
And all has to start
Anew, again,
And all old has gone
All past stays back there
All past has to cede -
For that, it needs Closure,
And somehow, an end,
An end but so stark,
So stark in its wording
And calling for names -
And all now broke down
And broke is the fate?
What flight we may take,
The path stays the same
The faces won't leave,
The places are here,
The mind is the key -
And new things to be
From old are just built
And where we now go
Is linked to the place
From where we just came.
The end now comes near,
Its shadows approaching,
It's reach now encroaching
And feeling so cold
And feeling so dead
And feeling so new
And promising much -
So death is a slayer
And bridges shalt burn
And new are the songs
And new shalt they be
But this is the end.


And now, my friend,
Let's take a sight
And take a sigh -
For all things now past
Will locked be away
And sorrows so old
For new ones shalt cede -
The years now it took
The months through the seasons
And days filled by night
And nights lacking sleep
And hours gone by
And minutes so slow
And seconds so pounding -
This time now is gone
And not comes it back
But stays just inside
And hovers to haunt us
And somehow to guide us
And something to show -
But this is the end
There's no going back
And centuries past
Millennia formed
Will now have to end
And new ones to start -
And dreams sweetly dreamt
And nightmares so cursed
They all are the past
And passed we them have -
And all that's been done
And all that's been said
And all that's been wished for
Or hoped for or cursed -
Now time does its work
Destroys all the sights
Destroys all the sounds
A flash shall remain
And wrinkles and scars -
But this is the end
And end is a purpose
And ends are beginnings
And all starts anew
Or diff'rently, slightly,
And all now must fade
For new things to start
The old now must end.


December 31st, 2000

Endnotes for this Category

15.3.3. THE END:

[1] Praeludium: And now / Let us rise / Let us search / Through nights and days / Some truth / The one hidden in the words / The truth / The one from the beginning / The beginning / Let us probe / Let us explore / And now / The end / Remains / Cares and waits / For us / And so / This place and due to that / Let us search for knowledge / Let us find / Let us sing.
[Transliteration: nun te / anabômen / anazêtômen / nuktas hêmeras te / alêtheian ti / tên en tois logois kruptomenên / tên alêtheian / tênde ex archês / tên archên / exetazômen / peirômen / kai nun / to telos / menei / epimelomenon / hêmôn / oukoun / kata touto kai dia tauta / epistômetha / heuriskômen / epômen]
[2] Postludium: The end of the old / In the beginning of the new / Finding, / We will go further / And now / All / Has changed / And new will be / In the end.
[Transliteration: to tôn pantôn telos / têide tôn neôn archêi / heurêsantes men / probanoumen / kai nuni de / panta / metebalon / kai nea estai / tôi telôi]

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