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  phase 2: peri ta horizomena


Category 3: Light

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  1. Dark Places
  2. Dona Nobis Requiem
  3. Ennealogy III: Light and Shadow

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Phil John Kneis:
Yellowstone, July 25th, 1997 - P#68

In darkness the shapes are so strange and so wrong,
The ways that we went once we go now along,
But cannot just see what at past times we knew,
But cannot just see that so old what seemed new.

Where light here has shown and thrown darkness away,
The innocent small ones are now easy prey
For creatures that born were in shadowed night,
For evils that nothing will fear but the light.

So anything darkens, and dark is the play
That all is surrounding and threating the way
That carries all hope but and always will stay,
But now has to hold us and we are to pay.

We won't pay with money the darkness to leave,
It would be quite useless just paying a thief -
Succeeding one time once, he then will return
And until he leaves all the bridges will burn.

You cannot outrun him, you cannot just flee,
He knows where you're staying and catches then thee,
Not stopping, not pausing, not granting a breath,
But never he ever will last after death.

So what is this darkness and whom will it take?
What times will it darken, what evils awake?
No answers exist to determine this fate -
You'll know it is coming just when it's too late.

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Grand Junction (I-III) / Rock Springs (IV-VI), 22nd July, 1997 - P#67

So deaf are the ears
And trembling with fears
The fools that we are
Are staring to far,
To far looking times
And go between mines,
The mines of the lies
That we should disguise.

But how to proceed
And how fellows lead
Without leading back,
Not lacking a lack
Of seeing the light?
The light can be bright
That blinded we fall,
See nothing at all.

The light can be warm
That this icy storm
That life may present
For us had an end,
And safe we would be,
Eventually see
What light will reveal
What once did appeal.

This light is the place
Where nothing but stays
The same or the old -
There nothing will hold
And nothing can hide,
The options are wide
In this giant shelf,
But not to oneself.

No need now for fear,
'Cause no one will tear
Yourself just apart.
It is your own heart,
Your soul and your mind
To look now behind
And judge all your past
And see what will last.

So all your own fate
Is passing the gate
That heaven will be.
You can't ever flee:
The Son is with all
And ready to fall
For us and to fight
The darkness with light.

April 2th, 1999

Phil John Kneis:
Denver (I-III) / Grand Junction (IV-VI), 20th & 21st July, 1997 - P#66

At last I check and search for new,
A final time to look for few
But extraordinary things
That stronger than the strongest links
Infinity for us provide
And on the times' reflections ride
And all the worlds connect at once
And which do equal day, year, month
And all this ways will they then show,
And all they do just is to vow
That all the times they will defy
Creation, life - they don't ask why.
To serve, protect what came to be,
To show, define what is to see,
What to ignore and what to kill,
What is to thrive and what then will
Just sink deep down, not to exist,
Erased from the eternal list
That counts all thought and love and fight
And knows the shadows and the light.

So all the world I used to flee
That I would once just eas'ly see
And understand therefore those things,
To travel almost like on wings
Of birds or even angels choir,
The lots of data simply store
There in my mind and not to fear
That later it could fiercely tear
Apart myself and all my dreams,
That those could vanish in the steams
Of future-less uncertainty,
That I could lose the fragile key
That leads to heights and shows me all. ---
That I could once just quickly fall,
Was nothing that I liked to see,
I used to let it walk with me,
The burning fire of the damned,
With anger going hand in hand
And not to see and not to hear
That I just failed the abyss near.

But when I watch the world outside
The outer limits open wide
And lead again the inner theme,
And ev'ry inch is now to seem
A special message crying out
And shout at me so clear and loud
That now at last I should move on
To realize that what seemed won
Was but a game and nothing real.
The world is moving like a wheel,
The same old move we always feel
And time just seems from us to steal
Goes on and on on different ways,
The wheel itself the same but stays
And carries all the creatures' lives
And so from nothing it derives
A sense that comes from all the days
That let the living know the ways
And see the light and get it, hence,
And know the final consequence.

What is the world, what is the time?
What truth is there that should now shine
Through all the gates and doorways past,
Through all the thoughts that were to last
Forever but weren't qualified
And all the days they tough denied
And quite ignored the lead behind
And quiet they silenced all the might
Creation showed and would present
And did just point right to the end
To demonstrate where life will cease
Then to exist and time would freeze.
To ask but for the why and when
Shall fruitless be and answer then
Nowhere to find in wordl'y might
But will appear just in the light
That all from pasts was to exist
And wrote this piece of endless list
That all would follow and expand
And lacks beginning and an end.

In dreams deep down I feel the place,
In dreams deep down I hear the pace,
In dreams deep down I see the light,
In dreams deep down I fight the night
That comes at days and tries to spread
And seems to be a deadly threat
That could deny all past success
And makes the worth of life so less
And all the danger would present
That all the rage should never end
Nor efforts help to reach a goal
Nor would exist a living soul
That once could triumph over it.
These thoughts the darkness eas'ly fit,
The truth to tell they would not dare
But lie and trait just ev'rywhere
And shadowed forms come to enslave
For all the times the world and cave
The dark ideas into all
To finally the death enroll.

The fire used to walk with me
That for the future not to see
The truth I able then should be
And not for doors would find a key
That not to open it would think -
So I would lose the oldest link
To all the things that were described
And all the words that were outwiped
By forces that would fear them still
And fear the Lord behind the will
That to ignore the darkness chose -
What then, if all that dark that rose
Shall come to have to go away?
Shall live just to must lose some day?
This day of wrath, this day of light
That is the day to judge the right
From liars all and end the play,
That will reveal the better way,
This play that will determine clear
Which side we're on, which voice we hear.

(continuation: Out of Mind)

April 2th, 1999

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