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general remarks:

When you open a book, there's quite a good chance for the text to be preceded by some acknowledgements, be they a simple dedication, some few lines or an entire chapter. That's not just a nice gesture, it's perhaps one of the most honest parts of the work.

It's about reminding yourself of where you come from, of who your friends and supporters are, it's about giving them some credit for what they have done for you, for the work at hand, however small, however seemingly insignificant.

There is no such thing as insignificant help. Each and every kind of help is needed. Some of it you don't even recognize, not because of it's smallness, but rather because of it being such a continuity that it could easily go unnoticed.

This web site is no different from any book in that respect. Thanks must be expressed, not out of any kind of external expressure, but because they are well deserved.

thanks and acknowledgements:

I mostly appreciate any kind of feedback to this site. Of course I like positive comments most, because they are flattering and cheer me up, helping me continue doing what I'm doing. Critical feedback may not be that welcome, on the superficial, narcissistic level of grading, but it may be even more productive in showing me what has to be improved. Polemical feedback shows me what a recycle bin is for.

Specifically, thanks go to Liz Anderson, a fellow poet with a huge talent. It's always nice to be talking with someone from the same field of interest, and poets are hard to find.

Thanks to Sascha for consulting me on juristical matters. Same holds true for Marek also, as well as helping me with some matters of technical equipment. I'm always frightened as to how helples I sometimes am when it comes to that.

Thanks go to Stefan for always being there when I need help with computers. I may have some experience with technology, could consider me well versed in that field even, but I'm a complete computer idiot compared to him - thus his advice is alway welcome. And needed. Especially when it comes to javascript and other complex matters, like designing templates for my picture pages.

Thanks go to Jörn for comments on everything, content and form, and most of all, for inspiring me to take my photography to more serious levels.

I also want to thank all my friends, student collegues and my sister for being there to talk about anything, or nothing, keeping up my mood, keeping me in the world. I'd also like to utter some appreciation to all my teachers and colleagues at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for furthering my academic interests.

And last but definitely never least, I'd like to thank my parents for constant support and assistance. If you're looking for the perfect parents, there aren't any better ones.

I'd rather refrain from addressing any spiritual entities, or the universe as such here. But for a close observer, it should be no secret that I'm a very spiritual person. Whatever sublime force is out there, above or beyond, thank you as well. And understand that I won't erect any monuments to the gods, for I'm proud to be a human being. And hoping to be true to that premise.

Thank you all, and take care.

August 5th, 2001

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