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Why Donate? is available freely, there are no entrance fees. I have no intention of changing that. I don't believe in hiding art behind barriers of access restriction, I want my poems and photographs to be visible to the world, and not to a select few that would buy rare art books. The internet is a way of making art accessible to a greater audience, and the greatest reward for any artist is that his or her works be seen and appreciated.

Still, I have to pay for server costs, and I spend a great amount of time on making your stay worthwile by delivering new content.

So if you decide to thank me for my continuing contribution to the internet community, you can do so by making a small donation to help me keep the site running. Any amount is appreciated, thank you for your help!


You can donate by using the PayPal system:

The amount of money is set to 5 Euros, if you want to donate more, please make multiple donations. Thank you very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

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