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continuation: 2014

Chronology 2013

up December 2013
12/09/2013Poem 23.24 Where I Am Now
up November 2013
11/09/2013Poem 23.23 Ever Never More
11/03/2013Poem 23.22 This Is Never Going To Happen To Me
11/03/2013Poem 23.21 For Reals
11/03/2013Poem 23.2 Good Night to All
11/03/2013Poem 23.19 All Life Is a Dream
11/03/2013Poem 23.18 An Emptiness In/Significant
11/03/2013Poem 23.17 Life Review
11/03/2013Poem 23.16 I Do Not Want To Be Normal
11/03/2013Poem 23.15 What Ever Is Happening Now
11/03/2013Poem 23.14 Choice of Art
11/03/2013Poem 23.13 Roads to Inspiration
11/03/2013Poem 23.12 Veritability
11/03/2013Poem 23.11 Loosen
11/03/2013Poem 23.1 I Need to Believe
11/03/2013Poem 23.09 Dead Websites
11/03/2013Poem 23.08 Things Are Breaking Down, My Dear
11/03/2013Poem 23.07 What Do I Want to Say
11/03/2013Poem 23.06 Only a Memory
11/03/2013Poem 23.05 If You Think
11/03/2013Poem 23.04 There's a Road
11/03/2013Poem 23.03 What There Is
11/03/2013Poem 23.02 To See Another World
11/03/2013Poem 23.01 And Then
11/03/2013Poem 22.11 The Big Escape
11/03/2013Poem 22.1 When I See You
11/03/2013Poem 22.09 Tempus Vixit
11/03/2013Poem 22.08 Happiness Kills Poetry
11/03/2013Poem 22.07 Life Before You
11/03/2013Poem 22.06 Looking at the World Now
11/03/2013Poem 22.05 Perfect Happiness
11/03/2013Poem 22.04 Where Now Am I
11/03/2013Poem 22.02 Christian Country
11/03/2013Poem 21.46 Strange
11/03/2013Poem 21.45 Nowhere is Somewhere
11/03/2013Poem 21.44 I Was Looking For A Poem To Describe What Love Is
11/03/2013Poem 21.43 You Are Not Alone
11/03/2013Poem 21.42 I'm Here
11/03/2013Poem 21.41 A Tale of Two Towns
11/03/2013Poem 21.38 Madness, Mostly
11/03/2013Poem 21.36 Family

continuation: 2012

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