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continuation: 2002

Chronology 2001

up December 2001
12/31/2001Poem 17.2.8: Syllogy XV: Masquerade
12/31/2001Diary: Entry #92 - Two Thousand And One
12/31/2001Essay: De Civitate Populari, Parts 4-5
12/31/2001Essay: Katharsis, Parts 5-6 (final)
12/25/2001Pictures: Faces: 4: Mates
12/23/2001Essay: For Palestine - For Israel, Parts 6-8 (final)
12/20/2001Pictures: Passions: 1: Knopfler/Slankard
12/18/2001Movie Reviews #187: Ghosts of Mars
12/16/2001Pictures: Moments: 12: Hues 2
12/16/2001Essay: For Palestine - For Israel, Parts 4-5
12/15/2001Poem 18.1.2: Die
12/15/2001Essay: For Palestine - For Israel, Parts 1-3
12/14/2001Pictures: Moments: 11: Nightshades
12/08/2001Essay: De Civitate Populari, Part 3
12/06/2001Poem 18.1.1: How Do You Live
12/03/2001Poem 17.3.6: Hush Now
12/03/2001Poem 17.3.5: Unity
up November 2001
11/26/2001Poem 17.3.4: Downward Spiral
11/25/2001About: Awards: Awards page split up
11/25/2001Essay: De Civitate Populari, Part 2
11/24/2001links to added to review section (as part of an associate program)
11/24/2001Poem 17.3.3: Into the Void
11/24/2001Poem 17.3.2: Let It Rain
11/24/2001small layout refit: active/hovering link color changed from lime to light grey
11/23/2001Pictures: Moments: 10: Hues 1
11/22/2001Movie Reviews #186: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
11/21/2001small layout refit: scrollbar color customized
10/16/2001Essay: De Civitate Populari, Introduction and Part 1
10/09/2001Essay: Katharsis, Part 4
11/04/2001About: This Site: Introduction and Statement of Purpose (renewed)
11/04/2001Movie Reviews #185: Pearl Harbor
11/04/2001Movie Reviews #184: Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
11/04/2001Movie Reviews #183: Apocalypse Now
11/02/2001Poem 17.3.1: She's Fading Away
up October 2001
10/31/2001Diary: Entry #91 - And Death Just So Certain
10/28/2001Search service changed, now with Google
10/24/2001this site was awarded the DRH Honor Award 2001
10/24/2001Essay: Illig the Magician, Part 2
10/22/2001start page effectivity refit: smaller, more tightened page
10/22/2001Search page refit
10/22/2001Links pages refit: Google and Yahoo forms added
10/17/2001Essay: Illig the Magician, Part 1
10/11/2001Poem 17.1.1: Spiritworld - The Open Poem Project: Canto II / F#3 (Calvin Ashmore)
10/06/2001Pictures: Façades: Introduction
10/06/2001Pictures: Façades: 3: Glass
10/06/2001Pictures: Façades: 2: Night
10/06/2001Pictures: Façades: 1: Greys
10/02/2001Essay: Katharsis, Part 3
10/01/2001new entrance logo
up September 2001
09/30/2001Essay: Katharsis, Part 2
09/29/2001Movie Reviews #182: A.I. Artificial Intelligence
09/28/2001Essays: location bar hierarchy refit
09/28/2001Pictures: location bar hierarchy refit
09/28/2001Essays: Selected Bibliography: topical refit & additions
09/27/2001Poem 17.2.7: Reality Shock
09/27/2001Poem 17.2.6: Diminuendo
09/26/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History (proofread)
09/25/2001Pictures: Selections: Update
09/25/2001Start Page: Small Directory Refit
09/25/2001Poems: Syllogy Pre-Planning XIV-XX
09/24/2001Poem 17.2.5: Seems I Lost It
09/23/2001Poem 17.2.4: Twice
09/22/2001Poem 17.2.3: Once
09/22/2001General Copyright Statement (update)
09/21/2001Links: Search Engines (update)
09/20/2001Poem 17.2.2: Impulse
09/19/2001Poem 17.2.1: Sum
09/16/2001Pictures: Faces: Introduction
09/16/2001Pictures: Moments: Introduction
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Final Cut complete, down to 128 pictures (of 236)
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Final Cut: Earth, Sea, Spirit unchanged
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees: Final Cut, down to 43 pictures (of 105)
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Structures: Final Cut, down to 38 pictures (of 70)
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Skies: Final Cut, down to 12 pictures (of 16)
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Ice: Final Cut, down to 8 pictures (of 16)
09/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Death: Final Cut, down to 3 pictures (of 5)
09/12/2001Pictures: Moments: 9: Cloudscapes
09/11/2001Diary: Entry #90 - September 11: Attack on NYC
09/08/2001Poem 16.3.3: Peripety
09/05/2001Pictures: picture pages navigation refit
09/05/2001Pictures: Moments: 8: Roadview 4
09/05/2001Pictures: Moments: 7: Roadview 3
09/05/2001Pictures: Places: Levoca
09/05/2001Pictures: Places: Kosice
09/04/2001Pictures: Voyages: 4: Magyarország: 9-10 (final)
09/03/2001Pictures: Voyages: 4: Magyarország: 2-8
09/03/2001Guest Book: minor refit / netiquette remark
09/02/2001Pictures: Voyages 4: Magyarország: 1
09/01/2001About: Site Statistics
09/01/2001The Elysian Site Award # 4: for The Domain of Calvin Ashmore
09/01/2001Essay: Katharsis, Introduction and Part 1
up August 2001
08/29/2001Pictures: Moments: 6: Industrial Still Life 1
08/27/2001Pictures: Finding a (New) Style: Introduction to Places 11 and Faces 1+2
08/27/2001Pictures: Faces: 3: Inmates
08/27/2001Pictures: Faces: 2: Wayfarers 1
08/27/2001Pictures: Faces: 1: Bazaar 1
08/26/2001Pictures: Moments: 5: Roadview 2
08/26/2001Pictures: Moments: 4: Roadview 1
08/25/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs (refit, additions)
08/25/2001Pictures: Photographs Topology (old complete list discontinued)
08/25/2001Pictures: Photograph Groups (old complete list discontinued)
08/25/2001Pictures: Photo Series Chronology (old complete list discontinued)
08/24/2001Pictures: Reflections on my Photographs: 2.2
08/20/2001Pictures: Places: Vienna 1-72
08/17/2001Pictures: structural redesign: numbering of groups and categories, file names systematized
08/16/2001Pictures: Reflections on my Photographs: 3.1
08/16/2001Pictures: Reflections on my Photographs: 2.1
08/16/2001Pictures: Reflections on my Photographs: 1.1-1.3
08/15/2001Pictures: Moments: 3: Fields 3
08/15/2001Pictures: Moments: 2: Fields 2
08/15/2001Pictures: Moments: 1: Fields 1
08/08/2001Poem 18.3.3: Figures of Night
08/05/2001Thanks and Acknowledgements (long version)
08/05/2001Pictures: Selections: refit / additions
08/05/2001Pictures: Voyages: navigation/layout refit (javascript/dynamic/indiv. photo pages)
08/03/2001Poem 18.3.2: Dreamable State
08/03/2001Pictures: Places: Potsdam 1-24
up July 2001
07/30/2001Poem 19.1.1: Streak
07/27/2001Diary: Entry #89 - Redefinition
07/26/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History, Part 5 (final)
07/25/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History, Part 4
07/25/2001style sheet: link size refit
07/25/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 8 reworked
07/25/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 7 reworked
07/25/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 6 reworked
07/22/2001Poem 13.2.3: Breakdown: PDF Version for Print
07/22/2001Poem 15.2.4: Broke Down: PDF Version for Print
07/21/2001Poem 16.1.5: Broken Down: PDF Version for Print
07/20/2001Poem 16.2.3: Sleepwalker: PDF Version for Print
07/20/2001Poem 14.3.3: Klimax: PDF Version for Print
07/20/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History, Part 3
07/19/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History, Part 2
07/18/2001Poem 18.3.1: Still
07/17/2001Movie Reviews #181: One Night at McCool's
07/17/2001Movie Reviews #180: Original Sin
07/14/2001Pictures: Elements (rest): navigation/layout refit (javascript/dynamic/indiv. photo pages)
07/10/2001Pictures: Places (rest): navigation/layout refit (javascript/dynamic/indiv. photo pages)
07/09/2001Pictures: Places: Berlin 21-58
07/09/2001Pictures: Places: Berlin: navigation/layout refig (javascript/dynamic/individual photo pages)
07/08/2001Poem 17.1.1: Spiritworld - The Open Poem Project: Canto I / F#2 (Phil John)
07/08/2001Poem 17.1.1: Spiritworld - The Open Poem Project: Prologue / F#1 (Phil John)
07/05/2001Poem 17.1.1: Spiritworld - The Open Poem Project started: Opening Remarks
07/01/2001Pictures: Places: Budapest 1-20
07/01/2001Pictures: Places: London 1-30
up June 2001
06/30/2001Essays: Law and Spirit, Part 1
06/30/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Prague 1-5
06/29/2001Pictures: Places: Berlin 1-20
06/28/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Lago di Garda 1-6
06/28/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Verona 1-2
06/28/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Innsbruck 1-2
06/27/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Baltic Sea 1-5
06/27/2001Pictures: Places: Miscellaneous: Giant Mountains 1-5
06/26/2001Pictures: Places: Alps 26-45
06/25/2001Pictures: Places: Alps 6-25
06/24/2001Pictures: Places: Alps 1-5
06/22/2001Pictures: Places: Milano 1-25
06/22/2001Poem 16.3.2: Close
06/21/2001Pictures: Places: Stockholm 1-10
06/21/2001Poem Groups: Introductions reworked for groups 2, 5 - 8, 11, 13-16
06/20/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs: Voyages: S 21-40
06/20/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs: Voyages: Index split up
06/20/2001Pictures: Group introductions
06/19/2001Poem 16.2.3: Sleepwalker
06/14/2001Pictures: Elements: Category introductions
06/13/2001Refit - color scheme for individual sections (Version 10.7)
06/13/2001Pictures: Voyages: Voyages III - Trinacria
06/10/2001Pictures: Photographs Groups listing split up
06/10/2001Pictures: Photographs Topology split up
06/10/2001Pictures: Photographs Chronology split up
06/10/2001Pictures: Voyages: Voyages II - The South-West
06/07/2001Papers: Cultural Studies: The Gentleman's a Killer. Introducing Bond. (Abstract)
06/06/2001"Quick Selections" and "Current Projects" added to the index sidebars for
Essays & Papers, Poems and Pictures
06/02/2001Pictures: Elements: Spirit 1-4
06/02/2001Pictures: Elements: Earth 1-7
06/02/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 106
up May 2001
05/26/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs: Places: S 4-9 (Kaprun)
05/26/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs: Elements: S 18
05/24/2001Site Search updated / integrated into the About & Help section
05/21/2001Movie Reviews #179: The Mummy Returns
05/20/2001Episode Guide: Farscape
05/20/2001Reviews: TV Shows: Farscape
05/20/2001Reviews: TV Shows: Crusade
05/20/2001Reviews: TV Shows: Angel
05/20/2001Reviews: TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (updated)
05/19/2001Pictures: Places: Kaprun 1-45
05/16/2001Poem Phases navigation refit (entry pages), poems entrance refit
05/11/2001Poem Syllogies established (I-XI)
05/02/2001Poem 16.1.5: Broken Down
up April 2001
04/29/2001Poem 16.3.1: Near and Far
04/29/2001Poem Stats Reworked
04/29/2001Poem List by Languages: Latin & Greek added
04/21/2001Net Issues section renamed Net & Computing
04/18/2001Pictures: Selections from my Photographs:
Elements S 1-17, S 19, Places S 1-3, Voyages S 1-20)
04/17/2001Pictures: Voyages I entrance refit
04/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Skies* 13-16
04/15/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 105
04/14/2001About Myself: Pictures 1-4
04/13/2001Pictures: Places: Dresden 1-20
04/13/2001Pictures: Group "Places" established
04/12/ Mobile Edition
04/10/2001new start logo / Redesign complete: Version 10.6
04/09/2001this site was awarded the Golden Web Award 2001/2002
04/07/2001Poem 16.2.2: Sleepcatcher
04/06/2001Pictures: Voyages I: 5: West Coast
04/06/2001Pictures: Voyages I: 4: The Rockies
04/05/2001Diary: Entry #88 - About the Redesign (V 10.6) / Site Census #2
04/05/2001Introduction to my Photographs
04/05/2001Essays & Papers: General Introduction & Foreword
04/04/2001Tour refit: old tour structure removed and replaced by Tour Pane system
04/04/2001Feedback page refit: Copyright Information and Technical Remarks moved to separate files
04/04/2001Site Map refit: Indexes removed, Page Structure moved to a separate file
04/04/2001About & Help section enlarged & refit (navigation pages, Webrings, Awards included
04/04/2001index page refit Net & Computing, Reviews, Poems, Pictures
04/03/2001Diary Chronology consistency refit
04/03/2001Diary section refit: index page redesign
up March 2001
03/31/2001Essay: Illig's Invented History, Part 1
03/25/2001Chronology refit: main chronology overview page created
03/25/2001List of Essays by Topic
03/25/2001Essays Chronology
03/25/2001Essays & Papers section complete refit and restructuring: Essays and Study Papers merged, navigation by topical indices
03/24/2001Poem 16.2.1: Dreamcatcher
03/20/2001Movie Reviews #178: Enemy at the Gates
03/17/2001Music Reviews: Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP
03/16/2001Pictures: Voyages I: 3: Yellowstone
03/16/2001Pictures: Voyages I: 2: From CA to WY
03/09/2001Pictures: Photograph Groups
03/09/2001Pictures: Photographs Topology
03/09/2001Pictures: Photographs Chronology
03/04/2001Pictures: "Travel Impressions" renamed "Voyages"
03/04/2001Music Reviews: structural redesign
03/04/2001Lit Reviews: structural redesign
03/01/2001Poems: Broke Down moved from 14.2.12 to 15.2.4
up February 2001
02/28/2001several essay projects cancelled (Star Trek - A Philosophy, Twin Peaks - Dreamscapes, Buffy - Dark Forces, On Early Edition, Borderlines
02/28/2001TV Show Reviews: structural redesign, cont.
02/27/2001TV Show Reviews: structural redesign
02/22/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 101-104
02/22/2001Pictures: Elements: Structures* 48-70
02/17/2001Movie Reviews #177: Vertical Limit
02/12/2001Movie Reviews #176: The Legend of Bagger Vance
02/06/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 75-100
02/06/2001Pictures: Elements: Structures* 32-47
02/06/2001Pictures: Elements: Structures: index page split up
02/06/2001Pictures: Elements: Death* 5
02/05/2001Movie Reviews #175: Bedazzled
02/05/2001Movie Reviews #174: Bounce
02/05/2001Movie Reviews #173: In Dreams
02/05/2001Movie Reviews #172: The Family Man
up January 2001
01/31/2001Poem 16.1.4: Shut It Off
01/28/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 61-74
01/28/2001Pictures: Elements: Structures* 19-31
01/28/2001Pictures: Elements: Skies* 11-12
01/28/2001Pictures: Elements: Ice* 16
01/28/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees: index page split up
01/27/2001Pictures: Voyages I: 1: SFO 1-40
01/25/2001Movie Reviews #171: American Psycho
01/25/2001Reflections on My Poems: Building the Klimax, Part 3
01/25/2001Poem Lists: larger key poems highlighted
01/22/2001Movie Reviews #170: The 6th Day
01/21/2001Poem 16.1.3: Trapped in Time
01/20/2001Diary: Entry #87 - Transition of Power
01/20/2001Chronology: small continuity refit
01/20/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 5 reworked
01/20/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 4 reworked
01/20/2001Movie Reviews #169: The Skulls
01/18/2001Movie Reviews #168: South Park
01/17/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 3 reworked
01/17/2001Poem 16.1.2: So Now Then
01/15/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 2 reworked
01/15/2001Essays and Papers: General Discussion: Page 1 reworked
01/15/2001Movie Reviews #167: Cast Away
01/15/2001Reflections on My Poems: Building the Klimax, Part 2
01/12/2001Movie Reviews - Ratings (reworked and updated)
01/11/2001Diary: Entry #86 - Twenty-Five
01/08/2001Diary: Entry #85 - Net Birthday
01/08/2001About: Myself: Favorites transferred to separate file
01/08/2001About: Myself: Revised
01/08/2001About: This Site: Old introductions transferred to separate file
01/08/2001About: This Site: New Site Introduction
01/08/2001start page refit: simplified, end credits trimmed
01/07/2001Movie Reviews #166: Urban Legends
01/07/2001Movie Reviews #165: Unbreakable
01/07/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 56-60
01/07/2001Pictures: Elements: Ice* 11-15
01/04/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 46-55
01/04/2001Pictures: Elements: Ice* 9-10
01/03/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 35-45
01/03/2001Pictures: Elements: Ice* 8
01/03/2001Movie Reviews #164: Titus
01/02/2001Movie Reviews #163: What Lies Beneath
01/02/2001start page refit: newest photo added
01/02/2001Pictures: Elements: Trees* 31-34
01/02/2001Pictures: Elements: Skies* 6-10
01/01/2001Poem 16.1.1: The Beginning

continuation: 2000

* photograph numeration in Elements has changed with the Final Cut of 09/15/01

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