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Why write a diary on the internet? Well, it won't be a real diary, I wouldn't include too personal stuff in here. I wouldn't even do so in a real diary if I had one. To be true, I once started writing a diary but soon discovered that I'm much too lazy to keep up with such a daily routine. So because of this laziness, or better, because of this occasionality of interest in making an entry into my diary, do not expect me to maintain this as a daily routine. Less is more; writing under pressure may lead to a productive output; but there needs to be substance more than occurrence.

So basically I chose to do this diary thing because it allows me a much freer flow of thoughts, without the restrictions of a given topic like in an essay. It is a more open form, a less directed one. I will include into it some loose ends, some unfinished thoughts on various topics, sometimes related to the rest of what's included on this site, sometimes less or even not at all acquainted with it.

December 23rd, 1998

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